Jobs – we want you!

Jobs - we want you!

Jobs – We want YOU!

Internship – Education – Studies

Whether dental assistant, dental hygienist, health economist, prevention manager – We are the right contact for all your career aspirations!

The health industry is the largest industry in Baden-Württemberg with almost 600,000 employees. Due to the demographic development, it is also a guarantee for jobs in the coming years and thus a piece of future security.

To continue training professionally and to collect as many references as possible today is a must for a financially and ideally successful future.

Secure your workplace! Get started with us and take advantage of our advantage for your career! With us you can expect a diverse and very interesting area of ​​responsibility.

We are a modern, agile, dynamically run company that never stops and is one of the leading practices of systemic, holistic and environmental dentistry.

We are always in dialogue with our customers, patients and partners, society and the people in our environment, and we like to involve them, while at the same time appreciating their diversity.

Our aim is to be a fair and long-term reliable employer. As an educational partner of the Oskar Walcker School – Ludwigsburg, University of Witten-Herdecke – Witten, German University for Prevention and Health Management – Saarbrücken and the Apollon University of Health Economics – Bremen, we can achieve the outstanding achievements with enthusiastic employees.

We encourage and demand performance orientation and commitment and expect our employees to be proactive and willing to serve. In this way, we are constantly finding new, better opportunities for successful and efficient patient and customer care.

We maintain the open and trusting dialogue. Our culture is characterized by appreciative cooperation based on transparency and trust, short decision-making paths through a flat hierarchy and a relaxed working atmosphere combined with friendly interaction and fun at work.

In our strategic alignment are the highest professional quality, competent and comprehensive care of customers and patients and a creative personnel development in close correlation.

We distinguish ourselves through

  • Modern furnished workplaces
  • Structured training concepts
  • Very good working atmosphere
  • Varied tasks in biological, interdisciplinary, holistic, aesthetic dentistry as well as periodontics, implantology and environmental dentistry
  • Regular targeted employee appraisals with employee satisfaction surveys
  • Active co-creation of our practice processes by the employees in the context of the continuous improvement of the processes – CIP
  • Qualification and further education through subject-related and inter-professional continuing education and training in the context of continuous professional development – CPD
  • Talent promotion and development opportunities
  • Performance-based remuneration
  • Workplace Health Promotion
  • Concepts for the reconciliation of work and private life
  • Flexible working hours and part-time working models
  • We consistently pursue the goal of integration, interdisciplinarity and cooperation

Are you looking for a study place or apprenticeship? Then you should absolutely apply with us. We are happy to accompany you on your way to a successful future!

The choice of vocational training is one of the most important decisions in life. The question "What should I become?" employs young people and their family. Everybody wishes to be happy in the chosen profession in the long term, to be able to use his talents in the best possible way, to gain recognition and at the same time to be financially independent.

In addition to the questions "What can I do and what do I want?" However, there are other aspects to consider. One of them is "Which industry has a future and which occupations are in demand in the long term??".

Experts agree that the healthcare industry is the industry with the highest growth potential, it is very versatile and future-oriented. It offers excellent career opportunities and career opportunities.

Through our cooperation partners, we can offer the ideal training path for everyone. Whether teaching or studying, the modular system makes several forms possible in our practice.

As a teaching company the German University for Prevention and Health Management, the University of Witten-Herdecke and the Apollon University of Health Economics We can substantiate the scientifically sound and user-oriented contents of the study through a direct transfer of knowledge into practice and optimally prepare you for any future management task.

The degree program creates standards for the qualification of executives in the field of prevention and health management, thus contributing to the further development of the industry.

We attach particular importance to a high-quality education, which prepares you both professionally and personally optimally for a successful start in professional life and supports you in your further development.

Due to the state recognition and the accreditation of the degree courses, numerous career and future perspectives open up outside the health industry.

  • looking for a varied and creative activity
  • want to enter a future-proof industry
  • have a good education
  • have a quick understanding
  • have a high service orientation
  • are responsible, efficient and disciplined
  • are outgoing, communicative and able to work in a team
  • are an organizational talent and
  • have a friendly and accommodating appearance
  • enjoy the careful handling of people
  • have a high commitment and
  • would like a training as a dental assistant
  • a further education to the ZMP, ZMF, DH, ZMV, PM or
  • a dual degree course
  • Bachelor and Master Health Management
  • Bachelor and Master Health Economics
  • Master prevention and health management
  • Sensitive and professional handling of customers, patients and cooperation partners
  • Co-design, organization and implementation of customer and patient care
  • Co-design, planning and adherence to quality guidelines and quality standards
  • Support of customer and patient acquisition and retention
  • Organization and support of materials and merchandise management

Training as a dental assistant

ZFA: One of the most popular training occupations in women. The ZFA ranks 7th in the TOP 10 of the most sought-after apprenticeships, reports the Statistical Yearbook 2011/2012 of the German Dental Association.

Particularly pleasing: the declining number of unemployed at the ZFA-s and the fact that the prevention (prophylaxis) is also in the promotion of advanced training in the price.

  • The regular training period is 3 years
  • Prerequisite secondary school certificate
  • Shortening to 2 years possible
    • if you already have a completed vocational education in a health profession
      • Medical / – Specialist / -r
      • Pharmaceutical-Commercial Assistant
      • Veterinary assistant
      • Nurse
      • Nurse
      • Physical Therapist / -in
      • ATM / -in
      • MTA
      • PTA
      • Speech therapist / -in
      • Dental technician / -in
      • or if there is a high school diploma or other university entrance qualification
      • Shortening to 2.5 years possible
        • through very good learning during the apprenticeship
        • 1-2 days per week school lessons
        • Dual studies – studying next to work

          You already have a completed vocational training as a ZFA?

          They know what makes a perfect service, recognize the wishes of others in advance, have a knack for a loving and empathetic approach to people, solve small problems in a jiffy, love your job and are highly motivated to continue to learn and develop your skills fully?

          Then the following vacancies are currently available for you (part-time):

          • Dental Assistant / -r
          • Dental Hygienist / -in
          • Dental technician / -in
          • -in medical practitioner /
          • Health Consultant / -in
          • -in dietitian /
          • Beautician
          • Spa Therapist / -in

          We have a lot to do! You should be there! We look forward to you!

          Social responsibility – CRS

          Our holistic dentistry practice is guided by the TQM and EFQM aspects. This is another reason why sustainability and social responsibility are very important to us. Through donations and personal commitment, we support, inter alia, national and international relief organizations, kindergartens and schools, political and political representations.

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