Johann sebastian bach – an exciting biography for children

Johann Sebastian Bach – A cute, cool and even exciting biography for children. A book with 176 pages of reading fun for kids, parents and grandparents. For reading, reading aloud and listening. P.


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The Biography about Johann Sebastian Bach for children should be a strong building block in the project "Brook over brook" become. Because there is no correct, detailed biography about the star composer from Eisenach in Thuringia for children: exciting, easy going, easy to read, modern and with the aim of simply not stifling an initial interest in classical music in information and musicology that is too dry.

Two little baroque angels, Balthasar and Vitus, are best friends forever. Balthasar has learned how to tell stories in a particularly exciting way. And Vitus plays music. He can do this on multiple instruments. Balthasar now tells Vitus the story of the court composer in 17 chapters and 176 pages. How he stole a notebook from his brother, but was caught. How he walked from Thuringia to Lüneburg and why. About the enormity he caused in Arnstadt. What a fire of 400 houses and stables in Mühlhausen meant for his career. Why Bach was in prison for four weeks and why he almost didn’t marry his Maria Barbara. Why four weeks vacation and only came back after twelve weeks and why he had to pull out his sword at night against his own students.

In a casual change, the two angels either have fun with each other or Vitus listens to his very best friend Balthasar. Children and parents are two weeks in the life of the two baroque angels with them, in which readers or small listeners (. reading aloud) learn more about the life of the two baroque angels, but also about the life of the composer from Thuringia. This explains why Johann Sebastian finally left Köthen and his friend in pain, who Anna Magdalena was, whether Bach really had 20 children and that he had a very difficult time in Leipzig before he even received the highest honors from even two famous kings.

The composer Johann Sebastian Bach has recently become "our life". We, that is my wife Renate and I, Peter Bach. Peter Bach Jr. more precisely, because my father is also called Peter.

About 3 years ago we became interested in the work, life and above all the genealogy of Bach. But everything was difficult to understand. It took us a long time to find access to the individual areas. And because everything about JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH was so difficult to understand for me, I came up with the idea of ​​presenting Bach’s magnificent work and, above all, his life in a more modern, easy-to-understand, more relaxed and amusing way. The project "Brook over brook" originated.

The goal is simple, Bach dreamlike Bring music closer to more people. Homepages, books and all sorts of exciting things lead to this in the project "Brook over brook" about the fun of getting to know the master of composition.

At first, Bach fans were the target group because on "Brook over brook" there is so much to discover about the Thomaskantor. But then it turned out that every school child in Germany, in the USA and in other countries on the classical composer "comes over". So children and adolescents became the second and much bigger and more exciting "target group", who come into contact with classical music for the first time at school or by playing an instrument.

Third, this book is after all an ideal gift from parents or grandparents as well as godparents to children, because it’s about an exciting story "by the way" brings the life and thus the work and music of Johann Sebastian Bach closer.

I ask for support of my project because I have the book, which already exists electronically and also as an audio book, in its most beautiful form, namely as Book printed on paper, in offset printing and thread binding alone.

If others get into the matter around Johann Sebastian Bach as hard as I do, then this book – if it is created with your help – is the opposite: it is modern, entertaining, exciting and even funny, very funny – not absolutely what one suspects in a biography – especially not in one about Johann Sebastian Bach.

With the support for the creation of this book on paper as a high-quality print, my special concern to help the exceptional musician to attract even more attention all over the world is also greatly supported.

Alone can’t manage to pay the printing costs.

When I reach the funding limit, I leave the book that Already finished today and proofread is high quality printing. In offset printing, especially because of the colors of the illustrations and the pictures. With a thread binding it is also stable and the whole book looks very, very high quality. Inside and outside.

1. Stretch goal

If we all achieve the goal of € 5,000 together, we would like to have the book printed in high-quality offset printing and with thread binding.

2. Stretch goal

Should you all be so enthusiastic about our project that we can collectively exceed the € 5,000, then I would like to use the amount above to have the entire biography for children printed in English and then also as a book on paper. The first goal is to produce an audio book in English. Of course, it must first be translated and carefully corrected.

3. Stretch goal

And if a really large number of supporters join our joint mission to make JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH even better known, then we trust ourselves to a French, a Spanish, a Chinese and a Japanese version. But . – step by step. Dreaming – however – we are already doing that today.

First of all, it’s me: Peter Bach Jr., the author of the biography. And then it is my wife Renate Bach who has definitely had a lot more work with the layout. Officially, however, it is already Renate who is No. 1, because later it is "Publisher / Editor".

Behind the whole project "Brook over brook" however, there are many other artists, musicians, painters and family researchers as well as Bach fans who help me abroad with translations help. Everyone is together a circle of about 40 enthusiasts.

And while we’re at it: the whole Bache family of musicians, as it was called earlier, is enthusiastic and keeps its fingers crossed and helps to pass it on.


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