Jonas rother

Because fire art is simply more!

Hello, my name is Jonas Rother. I am a fire artist & artist.
I am the artist behind the art performance company “Fire Arts & Modern Circus ”.
In addition to my own shows, I work as a freelance circus teacher.

If I "play with fire", I take the viewer into the world of flames and share my fascination with fire with the audience.
Every performance is a new and interesting challenge, because as a fire artist I am "Tamer of fire" – a partner full of power, who sometimes seems to have his own will.

With "Fire arts & Modern circus" experience professional show acts.
As a holder of a bachelor’s degree in "Circus and Performance Art" I have in-depth artistry skills that set me apart from many other artists in terms of quality.

Therefore I am your qualified partner for the finest fire art.

Professional performance training

In 1996 I started with artistry in the Knalltüte children’s cellar and in 2001 I became a member of the Lower Saxony youth circus "Circ’A Holix".

After graduating from high school, I completed my voluntary social year for culture (FSJ-K) in the CircO – Network for circus arts from 2007 to 2008.

From 2008 to 2012 I have at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art, a professional circus school and university branch of the "Fontys Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten" educated.

There is the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship as an artist. The combination of a demanding circus school with an art college degree is a relatively new and internationally recognized qualification for artists.

Training at the "Acapa" included extensive, specific training in my main discipline "(Fire) rod manipulation" et al with world-famous professional artists.

Furthermore, the training offered a wide-ranging art and stage art apprenticeship with various practical and theoretical elements (such as dance, drama, acrobatics, music and performance analysis, anatomy, art history, stage technology, rigging and security), which are essential for a modern artist.

After this four-year training period, I am now the proud owner of a Bachelor’s degree in "Circus and Performance Art".

Trainer and circus teacher

Since completing my training at the circus school, I have been working as a circus educator in the Hanover region alongside my shows.

I am in AGs within the all-day offer at schools and also at fixed children’s and youth circus groups

My permanently supervised offers include work at:

  • "Circus pop bag", Celle (more.)
  • "CircO – Network for circus arts", Hanover (more.)
  • "Kritzpritzknuckelmuckeldü" (JohnnyB.), Burgdorf (more.)

I also give individual workshops .

The spectrum ranges from offers for children and adolescents to projects with adults or People with Disability up to multiplier training.


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