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Judo Suits in the Martial Arts Shop

Characteristic for the martial art Judo are the white suits with the different coloured belts, which reflect the level of practice or experience. If you want to practice judo seriously and permanently, you should buy a suit in good quality and with an equally good fit.

Here you can find out how large the selection of judo suits is and what you should look out for when choosing and buying them.

The judo suit fulfils several tasks in this martial art. On the one hand it stands for a centuries-old tradition – and traditions play an important role in all Far Eastern martial arts. On the other hand, the judo suit also fulfils purely practical functions. One such function is, for example, the maximum freedom of movement, which is made possible by the special cut of trousers and jacket. The material also serves a practical purpose – the (usually quite thick) cotton protects the body from injuries and absorbs the sweat produced during training or fighting. However, there are now also judo suits made of a mixed fabric, consisting of cotton and a certain amount of elastane. These are especially suitable for beginners, as the fighter or his opponent can also make mistakes without this having serious consequences. The fabric is extremely stretchable due to the proportion of elastane and is therefore very comfortable to wear.

Buy judo suits at kwon.de

In the Onlineshop of kwon.de you find a large selection of Judo suits in different sizes, colors and fabric designs. Here is a short overview:

Judo suit Economy

The entry level judo suit from KWON. Made of light but robust cotton fabric, the Economy Judo Suit is perfect for beginners and all those who only want to do judo as a recreational sport from time to time.

Classic Judo Suit

The classic judo suit made of medium-weight cotton is available from KWON in numerous different sizes, designs and colours. It is also suitable for ambitious Jodukas who demand a lot from their equipment. Due to multiple quilting at the knees, shoulders and chest area, this judo suit also survives hard fights.

Children-Judo Suits

Especially for children KWON offers judo suits in the right sizes. These suits are not only tailored to children in the sizes, they also take into account the anatomical conditions of children, which sometimes differ significantly from those of adults.

Laced waistband or elastic waistband?

The pants of the judo suit have to endure a lot. Nevertheless the fighter should have enough freedom of movement and a comfortable seat. This can only be achieved if the trousers have a well thought-out waistband. In most judo suits this waistband is either in the form of a lacing (a drawstring is worked into the trousers and can be tied at the front), or the trousers has a simple stretch or elastic waistband, so it holds without further lacings, buttons, etc..

But which type of trousers should you prefer?

Judo trousers with stretch or elastic waistband are generally better suited for training, while laced waistband trousers are more suitable for tough competition. In the meantime there are (among other things here at KWON) also trousers with a combined lacing and stretching waistband, which surely represents the most mature solution.

Regulations for judo suits

There are actually rules as to how a judo suit must be made. For competitions on a European or worldwide level, the respective rules of the European Federation (EJU) or the World Federation (IJF) specify exactly which suits may be worn.

In addition, there are also mandatory requirements for the numbers of the backs in the fights. They must have a uniform design. Therefore, a supplier for these back numbers has established itself as standard within the last few years. This is the company Mybacknumber, which can be found at the web address mybacknumber.com. Here you can order the corresponding shirt numbers, there is also the possibility to have sponsors imprinted, which can lead to price reductions. However, there are also corresponding regulations and guidelines for these advertising imprints. They can be viewed in the so-called “Judogi-Control”, which is created by the IJF.

Conclusion: The judo suit is not just a piece of clothing!

It has been in use for many hundreds of years and has hardly changed – the Judo suit, also called Judogi. It stands for the original in this sport, and yet it is so practical. With his optimally cut trousers and jackets, the accurate workmanship and the robust fabrics, he ensures that the Jodoka is always optimally dressed both in training and in combat. In the online shop of kwon.de judo enthusiasts will find a large selection of high-quality judo suits in different sizes and colors, for beginners and professionals. Have a look right now!



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