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There is great potential in your child too. But how can it be awakened? Together we will find out! Our personalized offers show you and your child the path to learning success. The most important ingredient: the joy of learning.

Education activist Jürgen Möller has been involved in learning for 15 years. He has already inspired more than 100,000 parents at his lectures and seminars. He lives near Cologne with his wife Johanna and his two daughters.

Learning Analysis *

€ 99 (VAT included)
* Participants in the learning training
can be found free of charge in the
parent’s area

Our vision To rekindle the desire to learn

Why does the subject of school dominate everyday life in almost all families? Because children and parents are left alone with the topic of learning. We want to change that!

Imagine that your child taps into new learning material independently and with great motivation. That it has a sense of achievement and is happy about the new knowledge. Achieving this is easier than you think. Because learning can be learned. And you have to, because nobody has achieved great achievements without training.

This is exactly what we developed our offers for. For strong children, happy school days and a harmonious family life.

Jürgen Möller teacher. Learning coach. Education activist.

The topic of “learning to learn” has been at the center of my pedagogical work for 15 years. As a teacher, I have gained practical experience in a wide variety of schools, as a speaker I have already reached over 100,000 parents, and as a learning expert I have been working on the right strategies.

What drives me: the big goal that every child likes to learn – and so can get the best out of himself

Learning training from Jürgen Möller Get to know our offer – individually tailored to your child

Learning training rethought:
Our personalized training concept ranges from learning analysis to video training to parenting seminars. All offers can be booked individually or in combination. Easy to implement and with real results!

learning analysis

Fill out the questionnaire and receive a personal analysis – with individual strength analysis and personally tailored tips.

parents seminars

The master class for parents: An interactive live event that will change your view of your child and school forever.

The learning training is really great. Aaron has always been able to learn well, but the great tips and techniques he is learning every week now really make him a learning professional :)
Since we often learn together, it is also exciting for me to get all the background information in the parent videos. All around recommendable! Sophia K., mother of Aaron from Rostock

One cannot imagine what Jürgen Möller developed here. At first I thought, it can’t hurt to get a few learning tips. But what came out of input is simply awesome. I’m already looking forward to the seminar. Ramona P., mother of Leon from Wahlitz

I happened to be at a lecture by Mr. Möller and had such a great evening that I definitely wanted to know more. If all teachers were like that, everyday life would definitely be easier for us! The video training, like the lecture, is an absolute asset for us. Ive F., mother of Joelle from Magdeburg

I’m a huge fan. What can I say, Jürgen’s work is important, inspiring and sustainable. The evaluation really amazed me. So many great tips that also make Charlotte really fun. Highly Recommended. Thanks a lot! Kristine M., mother of Charlotte from Marburg

I can really recommend Jürgen Möller and his offers to all parents. In my practice I use Jürgen’s learning training to accompany personal appointments with my students. This enables us to concentrate on the problems while learning the important techniques and methods in the learning training at home. Jens Kühn, learning coach from Berlin



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