Kamik southpole4 kids winter boots bright pink shoes nk4727-rol boots rvmnvd5519-2019 new shoes

Kamik Southpole4 kids winter boots boots bright pink shoes NK4727-ROL boots rvmnvd5519-2019 new shoes

Kamik Southpole4 kids winter boots boots bright pink shoes NK4727-ROL boots rvmnvd5519-2019 new shoes

At this point we as Bochum groups would like to comment on the so-called “red block” at this year’s demonstration on April 30th in Bochum. Heavenly Feet Rolo 2 Berry Ankle Boots

In the run-up to the demonstration, individuals came up to us and asked for the opportunity to form a red block at the end of the demo. There was an assurance that neither symbols of youth resistance nor openly sympathetic groups would be present. On the demo day, however, the red block presented itself differently. ECCO Gora, women’s outdoor fitness shoes The block initially ran in the middle of the demo, at times militarily marching in formation. Scattered symbols or ECCO ladies’ Intrinsic TR Runner fashion sneakers 8– Pick SZ color.JW garments were accompanied by an appearance that was strongly reminiscent of the aesthetics of the JW through red neckerchiefs and increased Soviet flags. It was an image that we consider politically catastrophic and that does not fit the character of our demonstration. We make ourselves unbelievable if we stand in front of a fraternity and criticize its bundle of men, while in our demo a group of people – exclusively male by the way – appears martial in step. It is questionable which political image this appearance should convey to the outside, except that an obvious sympathy for the JW was the focus of the appearance. We simply find this appearance on our demo embarrassing and think that the block has discredited itself with it. The organizing groups reject the ideology represented by the JW. Their Maoist and Stalinist orientation is not only incompatible with the progressive ideals of a radical left-wing movement, but also relativizes millions of dead through abduction and forced labor. As long as the groups present do not distance themselves from the JW, they must be seen as their leading organizations.

Nevertheless, we would like to note that the agreements with the block representatives during the demonstration were largely orderly. NEW LIKE BEAUTIFUL GENUINE LEATHER BOOTS FROM LAURA MINOZZI Instructions such as removing a JW cap and incorporating it at the end of the demo were promptly followed. The participants kept the red scarves on.

Based on these considerations, for the next year it is clear to us that we do not want to tolerate JW symaptisants on our demos and that such an appearance does not fit our demonstration. At the same time, we would like to point out that with each demonstration we make great compromises with regard to content orientations in a wide variety of directions. There are always people with whom we disagree politically. Nevertheless, there are red lines for us! Boots coque terra 42 taupe as new genuine leather

Finally, a word to critics who have been busy again on the WWW.

People who now criticize and criticize from the virtual vastness are making it very easy again. Agreements were made, interventions were made, events were processed internally and the corresponding consequences were drawn. Salomon women’s shoes Speedcross 4 GTX Gr 39 1 3 Goretex running shoes If you want to be taken seriously, you are welcome to get involved or do something yourself. There is enough to do to put practical antifascism back on the offensive.

Anti-fascist left Bochum,
Anti-fascist campaign Bochum,
Group of young anti-fascists,

Kamik Southpole4 kids winter boots boots bright pink shoes NK4727-ROL boots rvmnvd5519-2019 new shoes

Identities on the waterway

Last Saturday, May 4th, 2019, about 20 identities ran through Bochum Steinkuhl and Querenburg.Tamaris 1-25307-22 shoes women ankle boots ankle boots plateau The aim was to take a group photo with the banner "Bochum is identitaet". They made this on the waterway.

Rieker 785G5-02 Shoes Women Boots Ankle Boots Ankle Boots Warm Lining Identities of the Bochum local group stuck flyers in Steinkuhl when they grappled with angry residents and suffered a defeat.

Last Saturday was not too glorious for the identities either. So they were kettled by the police on the Markstrasse.Copo de Nieve ankle boots black real leather size. 37 NEW or box of ankle boots Then they made a short detour to Bochum Ruhr University. After a short time, the group split up into small groups.

At this point we would like to provide some photos and call for tips and information to share with the local Antifa structures. Idana women’s ankle boots Idana Jane Klain 261090000 004 black 557367

Have a nice May 8th!

Autonomous Antifas from Bochum

Kamik Southpole4 kids winter boots boots bright pink shoes NK4727-ROL boots rvmnvd5519-2019 new shoes

Front transparent on the Kortumstrasse

The demo started at 6.45 p.m. through the city center via the Kortländer district and ended at around 9.15 p.m. at the Musikforum.Marco Tozzi women’s ankle boots MARCO TOZZI 22 25123 29 578 black 345175 The mood against right-wing populist parties, anti-feminism and capitalism was loud and combative. Anti-fascist protest was carried out effectively and visibly on the streets of Bochum.

Marco Tozzi women’s ankle boots 2-2-25424-21 549 red 523148At the starting points, a speech by the Antifascist Left Bochum entitled "Organized against Europe’s shift to the right – Out to the revolutionary evening demo", agreed with the theme of the demo. After minor delays due to discussions with the police present about alleged masking, the demo train set off loudly over the Südring towards Kortumstraße.

The combative and determined demonstration attracted a lot of attention from passers-by who were in the best weather on the shopping street: Marco Tozzi Women’s Ankle Boots 25301-37-820 blue 147616

The first rally took place on the north ring in the immediate vicinity of the

Rieker women ankle boots Y2591-45 gray 556185Thanks to all people who are motivated and tirelessly opposed fascist forces in Witten and Duisburg and with us on April 30th. have brought their own content onto the street for the Revolutionary Eve!

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