Karel gott family: wife ivana and his children

For wedding day

Karel Gotts family was unusual: he had a wife 37 years younger and four children – the golden voice of Prague did not lead a conservative life. You can find out more about his loved ones here.

He was called "The Golden Voice of Prague", and especially the Germans know him for his title song for "Maya the Bee". We have had his voice in our ears for decades, but what do we know about Karel Gotts family? Did you know that Karel Gotts wife Ivana was 37 years younger than him?

Las Vegas wedding

Karel Gott and wife Ivana married on January 7th, 2008 in "Sin City" Las Vegas. The city of sin is known for flash weddings in small chapels – a rather unusual wedding for the singer, who was more associated with traditions. But Karel Gott held the youth – it was not for nothing that he cooperated with the German scandal rapper Bushido.

together Diced

Karel Gotts family was a patchwork family. The singer already had two daughters from previous relationships. Karel Gotts wife Ivana gave him two more princesses. The first two children Dominika and Lucie have grown up. Karel Gott, daughter Charlotte, daughter Nelly and wife Ivana live together in a white Prague villa.

Rumors from the tabloid press

In the Czech celebrity news you could once read that the singer had already shared the bed with over 3,000 women. Although he confesses that he still likes to see women behind and to have been a little Casanova, this number is completely exaggerated. In an interview with the picture, he said:

"This is nonsense! I also had to sing in between. Even if we tenors have an erotic effect on women – there weren’t that many. ”

Such gossip news was of course a burden for Karel Gotts wife Ivana – just, where two children need their father.

Father for the first time?

Karel Gott wanted to do everything right this time with daughter Charlotte and daughter Nelly. He said of his grown-up children:

“I’m trying to be a father for the first time and not just a friend. My big daughters never called me dad either. "

Karel Gotts daughter Charlotte was born in 2006, Nelly in 2008. By the way: Karel Gotts daughter Charlotte has unusual first names: Charlotte means “Karel” in Czech. The little singer Ella Fitzgerald owes her middle name "Ella" – this singer admires mother Ivana.

In 2019 Karel Gott fell ill with leukemia. He had successfully fought some form of lymph gland cancer a few years earlier. But the cancer returned. Karel Gott died on October 1st with his family in his villa in Prague Age of 80 years.

Hundreds of thousands of people paid his last respects at the funeral service for the deceased Karel Gott in Prague.


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