Karlas chaosecke: january 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Was planned.

. a nice breakfast with lovely bloggers here!
since it has been snowing almost continuously since Thursday. Anja and I decided to cancel, o (((
In retrospect a wise decision >There is no more spreading salt, so it is only roughly cleared. so it’s pretty slippery here.

So. walking today.

was also planned. that this be >winter quarters " have found. grins .

but as long as these funny gentlemen are still being built in front of our house.
may the two fellows stay in our living room;; o))

I really don’t like the snow anymore >mushy and this afternoon we even had a really blue sky; o)) And the children have been playing in the snow all day !
Tobogganing is le >Plaster not; o ((

I wish you a great weekend
best regards

Friday January 29, 2010

Friday again.

1. When I look to the left, I see my bookshelf

2. the living room is the room with the best view in my house.

3. You can say what you want, but for me the snow is no longer a joy!

4th 30 rolls for the kids in the class for breakfast is the last thing I bought.

5. When it’s as cold as now, I don’t feel like going out; o ((

6. It is time that spring comes, I think more and more.

7. As for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to pizza, tomorrow I actually have one Excursion planned to Mühlheim, whereby the weather is unfortunately dependent, in snow and storm it will unfortunately nothing; o (((and Sunday I would still like to do nothing!

So that’s it from me again on Friday. grins.

enjoy. I hope you don’t have that much snow!!

Wednesday January 27, 2010

First to try it out.

. I sewed Winona for Joline.
I’ve been annoyed so many times. Tailored pants. embroidered. betüdelt. sewn. does not sit !! ;O((
Now I have chosen a fabric that I find very beautiful, but which my heart is not particularly attached to. ;O))
Not embroidered and embellished. and found Winona is great for Joline!
So everything is given at the next one. grins.

Since I do not have so colorful pictures to show, the husband thinks I could show some of his work,
he likes it colorful at the moment!

And there is also a snow picture. it doesn’t look like the last one; o (((
From this afternoon to Sunday, a lot of fresh snow is expected here.
although I honestly think we still have soooooo much old snow, we definitely don’t need new ones anymore!!
Nüxt nothing. wait and see what comes there!

best regards

Tuesday January 26, 2010

Right now I have

found a stick without a stick at Stephi’s. grins.
since my divine husband is carrying the camera around with me today, I can’t show any pictures again; o ((
So that it doesn’t get so boring, I just popped the stick at Stephi’s.
I’m not going to throw it to anyone. but if you want, you’re welcome to catch it
There are 41 questions to be answered, in just one word. sometimes not so easy for me. *G*.

1.) Where’s your cell phone: bag

2.) Your partner: works

3.) Your hair: blonde

4.) Your mom: dear

5.) Your dad: deceased

6.) Favorite item: coffee cup

7.) Your dream of last night: forget

8.) Your favorite drink: coffee

9.) Your dream car: Beetle

10.) The room you are in: hallway

11.) Your ex: somewhere

12.) Your fear: illness

13.) What would you like to be in 10 years: happy

14.) With whom did you spend yesterday evening: family

15.) What are you not: small

16.) The last thing you did: cooked

17.) What are you wearing: jeans

18.) Your favorite book: Wanderhure

19.) The last thing you ate: lentil soup

20.) Your life: beautiful

21.) Your mood: good

22.) Your friends: important

23.) What are you thinking about: embroidery machine

24.) What are you doing: typing

25.) Your summer: warm

26.) What’s on your TV: series

27.) When was the last time you laughed: just

28.) The last time we cried: today at noon

30.) What are you listening to: music

31.) Favorite weekend activity: Gammeln

32.) Dream job: achieved?

33.) Your computer: old

34.) Outside your window: snow

36.) Mexican food: delicious
37.) Winter: snow

39.) Vacation: Baltic Sea

40.) On your bed: blanket

41.) Love: happy

Sometimes not so easy with just one word. grins.

And . Want to participate.

Sunday January 24, 2010


We had planned something nice to do together.
I wanted to go somewhere where it’s nice. grins
The view out of the window this morning showed us snow and ice.
So we decided together. that it is most beautiful at home anyway!
. *G*.
In the afternoon the children wanted to play a game. yes of course gladly!

my enthusiasm for the game is very limited here!
Even before the game was even set up, the position of the bank director was disputed.
OK. that could be clarified quickly, my husband took over the post.
Felix got the first crisis when I snatched the zoo from his nose.
and the first tears with Joline. when she had to pay a crazy rent to her brother.
Fortunately, he had bought the Schlossallee and had already built it up well.
My nerves were very tense!!
We ended up playing without another big fight.
but I don’t do it anymore!!
Any other game very much, but no more monopoly.
(honestly. it’s not the first time I say that!)

In the late afternoon I even sewed something. a winona and a skirt for Joline.
Unfortunately it is already too dark to take good pictures. I will of course hand it in later!

Have a nice Sunday to all of you,
best regards

Saturday January 23, 2010

I would like a tip.

. and I would very much like to sew Joline’s communion dress myself.
I have already chosen a cut, namely this one
I’ve been here in all the fabric stores, and I don’t really find any nice fabric,
even today with my mother. no material to be found!
Of course I would like to know. and that’s really difficult.
Maybe you have an idea where I could find a suitable material.
I would be really grateful for any tip!
Since most mothers from Joline’s Communion group already have their dress, I get a nervous tingling sensation in me. although I still have a little time until the beginning of April!

I wish you a nice Saturday evening ,

Friday January 22, 2010

because otherwise I read >

1. Yesterday evening _I was at the sewing meeting_ .

2. _ it was the first _ this year.

3. The funniest book I read was the mother mafia (and the three Subsequent volumes) .

4. We are planning our vacation_ , where should it go now??

5. I say _North or Baltic Sea_ , and he says _ in the mountains _.

Felix Maths issue has disappeared. , and we have to find it somehow.

7. As for the weekend, tonight I am looking forward to my sewing machine, tomorrow I have planned a visit to my mother and on Sunday I want to do something nice with my family. let’s see somewhere where it’s nice. grins. !

and so with you.

I wish you a nice Weekend,

Greetings from

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yesterday evening at.

. girls meeting.
we started preparing for this year’s carnival costume.
Was super funny, and more or less already successful. *G*.
We don’t really celebrate carnival here in the area. ;O((
It quickly became clear to me as a native of the Rhineland. that we girls celebrate at least one day!
So for a couple of years now we have been going to Cologne on Thursdays and celebrating the street carnival. no matter whether at the old market or at the hay market. it’s always nice.
Here I show you some of the fabrics that we use.
The costumes should be nice and warm and practical.

. I won’t tell you more. grins .
It’s hard, but maybe you feel like guessing!?

Last year we were on the road as chip bags.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh how nice.

an award for me. and then also a nice one. became.
Many thanks to Stephi and Melanie!
I am very happy to accept it and I am happy to pass it on.

first of all i should tell you 10 things that make me happy.
OK. no problem

-My family
-my friends
-the summer!!
-time for me
-to sew (or embroider)
-a good book
-that we are healthy (well, so far. * g *.)
-Have fun. grins

So, I already have the award .
And you should pass this Sweet Friends Award on to 10 great blogs .. that is difficult for me again .. I follow more than 10 blogs and find sooo many for so many reasons sooo nice.
OK. I am happy to give you the award:

some don’t want awards anymore. you don’t have to accept it either, but I hope I was able to surprise you with it anyway!

Dear greetings

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is bad luck, .

. when the son slips on smooth ice at the weekend,
and so have to spend about 3 hours in the emergency room of the local hospital.
where you meet about 20 people. which became an opera for the smooth ice!
And then a break is found where the doctors are considering surgery. or not. Together we decided against it. At that age it grows together so well (according to the chief doctor)
But he didn’t get around Gibs.

Yes, I really call it bad luck!
My dear son, however, takes it as it is. grins cheekily. and thinks that would be a little bit of luck. because the right arm was entered. and with that he cannot write math, German and English. You can’t do without sports. You don’t play football with the poor .
. Ah yes. Well, let’s see. grins.

I wish you a nice Sunday evening,
love from

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It’s really stupid.

. when the Saturday morning is full of appointments.
so that you don’t even have time for a coffee; o ((
At Felix’s school it was an open day today, it was a must for him. and of course the parents were very welcome.
So I baked cakes and registered for an hour for the buffet sale,
just stupid. if no one comes off. then an hour quickly turns into 3 or 4.
Very annoying when everyone has urgent appointments shortly before the end, and who cleans and dismantles. hää ??
Gone stupid. but somehow it seems to be on my forehead
"I like to help, always and everywhere!"

At the same time as Joline Schnuppertag, the divine husband had worked for the local girl soccer team.

Finally at home . so looking forward to a cup of coffee. I’ll be surrounded by everyone first. hunger.
Nah. not with me!!
Very rarely, but without a guilty conscience, I have that today!

and while the pack downstairs is eating fries and co,
I sit upstairs and enjoy my milk coffee and I feel a lot more comfortable now. grins .
(ok I have already smoked 2 cigarettes. * g *.)

I wanted to show you what was under the embroidery machine yesterday and will be given away afterwards.
It should be a funny additional gift for a particularly dear friend. who is an enthusiastic hobby cook (he prefers to cook fish, but I couldn’t find a suitable embroidery file there. * g *) When I saw the chef’s hat in an old Ottobre, I knew that I was sewing another one Apron embroidered and feddisch .
I think the frogs are totally cute.
Unfortunately I just didn’t have any other model. but I think you can also see something like that!

So. Coffee empty, and mood increased considerably.
Sorry that I let off some steam, but it annoys me when only the same parents help with big events. and that has been with me somehow since kindergarten. (meanwhile Felix is ​​in the 6th)
Is that also the case with you?.

I’m looking forward to a nice little birthday party and wish you a nice weekend,
best regards


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