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nph Children’s Aid Latin America e. V.

About us:

"My greatest wish is to turn children’s misfortune into happiness." With this motivation, Padre William Wasson founded the international Christian children’s relief organization nph in Mexico in 1954. The abbreviation nph stands for nuestros pequeños hermanos and means "our little brothers and sisters".

In the beginning, mostly orphans and street children found a new family in the nph children’s villages in Latin America. In the meantime, nph is increasingly taking care of social orphans. These are lovingly strengthened and encouraged in the children’s villages or – supported by nph – in their own families so that they can shape their lives independently and contribute to the development of their home countries.

The focus of the work of nph is the individual child with his needs and skills. For the healthy We still build child development on Padre Wasson’s recipe for success. It consists of the right relationship of love and security that the child experiences and the responsibility that the child assumes itself by making its contribution to the success of a happy togetherness.

On the basis of Christian values, we create a family framework in which every child can grow up happily and develop comprehensively. Our school, medical and ecological programs are sustainable and involve people in partnership. A sustainable network on site enables us to provide quick and competent help even in crisis situations.

So have many thousands girl and boys have a happy childhood in the nph family and pass it on to their children. Our emergency aid directly saves lives or helps victims of disasters to build new livelihoods. In addition, many sick children receive life-saving medical help every year.

The nph Children’s Aid Latin America e. V. is a German part of the worldwide nph family and is based in Karlsruhe. For regular trust in our work, we have ourselves checked regularly by independent institutions and have been awarded the DZI donation seal since 1998. We are involved in the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (Venro) and are a member of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative. Everyone is invited to personally get an idea of ​​our work.

Further information and contact details can be found at:

Agathe Freudl
Press- & public relations

nph Children’s Aid Latin America e. V.
Tullastrasse 66.76131 Karlsruhe
Tel +49 (0) 721 35440-133, Mob. +49 (0) 1515 819 3538


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