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Wednesday July 24, 2013

Here I am

I haven’t heard from myself for a long time see leave, but there was a reason. I got a zero last week, the zero behind the four.

I thought 40, that’s a good reason to celebrate.

I was at work on my 40th birthday and I really enjoyed all of my colleagues. The children from kindergarten were already there to sing at 9:00 a.m., the visitors to the daycare center sang and drummed, I have many, many flowers, congratulations and amazing get gifts.
My colleagues know that I like to do handicrafts and sewing, so I got vouchers for the sewing machine shop here in town * I’m happy *. Thank you all again when you read it.

At the weekend we celebrated with family and friends. In the invitations I wrote that only self-made gifts are allowed (I love self-made) because I only wanted to celebrate together. Nobody should have to run around for gifts in advance.

Then everyone surprised me with something homemade. I would like to show you a small selection (the photos are not special because the autofocus of my camera is in the bucket).

The first picture is of my niece, she was extremely proud of herself and did not tire of assuring me that it was "Great" is.

Your big brother painted me a campfire picture.

My aunt surprised me with a newspaper.

I got crocheted spiral socks from my other aunt.

Here you see a caricature of myself from my cousin.

A macrame hanging basket sent me a third aunt.

I got jam and compote from my cousin and his family.

This recipe from my other cousin is for my very own cocktail. She also brought the cocktail for everyone with her.

I also love the wind chimes and the fridge magnets from our friends and their children.

There were also great bouquets of garden and meadows (they still stand in my living room today), cakes, kettle goulash, lots of cards, funny poems and sayings and lots of more or less serious advice on how to keep yourself young at 40.

After coffee, everyone suddenly became a little strange. I should me sit down. My sister started reading a poem. It took a long time for me to drop the penny.

Everyone put it together and bought me something. Bought, although that was not allowed. And I hadn’t noticed anything before.


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