Kettle without plastic and water filter in the test – I live green!

Kettle without plastic and water filter in the test

I had a stainless steel kettle (without plastic) and an activated carbon water filter in the long-term test. How did you like me? And are these kitchen appliances really useful?

Why me a water filter and plastic free kettle are important

Well, you actually hear everywhere that the water in Germany is very tightly controlled. The Drinking Water Ordinance specifies exactly how drinking water is protected. Tap water is produced to 70 percent from ground and spring water. To 13 percent is used sea, dam or river water. The remaining 17 percent comes from surface water (through a soil passage or bank filtration). In Germany, the quality of drinking water differs, and many moves have allowed me to gain very different experiences. Sometimes the water tastes very soapy, sometimes it smells different and a lot of people know the problem with the lime. I do not think that’s so bad, after all every region differs with its soil condition. Since I did not take an anti-baby pill anymore (and that’s been a few years), I’m sensitive to hormones and water pollution from pesticides and drug residues.

I know that the sewage plants do not filter hormone residues. Likewise, I do not want to consume medicine remainders, heavy metals, particles from pipelines, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and microplastics with tap water. If I have the opportunity to additionally filter my tap water with a water filter, then I do. There is nothing wrong with it, because a water filter is affordable and requires little maintenance. In addition, an additional 99.9% of all bacteria are filtered out of the water. The manufacturer offers independent studies to help consumers convince themselves.

In a kettle you heat the water. Plastic likes to release substances into the water when it gets hot. Even if the manufacturer promotes BPA freedom, there may be other substances in the plastic that are not good for my health. In addition, the smell of plastic bothers me, both with new and partly with old kettles. I have already experienced that the water from a plastic kettle tasted like plastic, although the kettle was not new. I use boiling water on stainless steel or glass, I prefer that. So I make sure that the water has no contact with plastic parts when heated. Our glass kettle has been completely broken a few weeks ago. Even if the technology still works, it is no longer possible to turn on the kettle and then fill the hot water in the cup. He fell apart properly after double repair.

Experience with the kettle of Ottoni Fabbrica

We chose the kettle from Ottoni Fabbrica. More precisely for the model Alice Satinato, which is modern yet timeless in design. I had been thinking about this kettle for a long time, I was just waiting for the time until our kettle gave up its spirit. In between, we have also heated our water in a pot, but this is not a nice solution in the long run, as it takes much too long. The kettle is made in Italy (all components come from Europe) and is mostly made of stainless steel. He is very high quality processed. I’ve probably said WOW several times when I unpacked the stainless steel kettle. We wanted to have dull silver, but it also comes in a variety of colors. He has a lime filter and shows inside, from when the maximum filling height is reached. In the kettle can be heated about 1.5 liters of water. Of course it also switches off automatically.

What advantages and disadvantages do I see in the kettle?

In almost all respects I like the kettle very well. The workmanship is top, as well as it does not smell unpleasant and he cooks the water in a good time. He seems to be very robust and of high quality. I am happy every day when I cook a tea. The kettle is average loud. Its shape may take a bit of getting used to, to get the last bit of water out, you have to tilt it a bit more forward. In my opinion this is a very small problem. Likewise, I noticed that the kettle cracks. But only if I heat up very little water, just for a cup of tea. The metal seems to expand and occasionally produces a crackling sound. This does not happen if I want to cook more water for my teapot. For me personally that is no reason to complain. If the kettle has boiled water, you must not touch it on the metal, only on the handle! The handle does not get hot at all. The body, on the other hand, after all, the metal conducts the heat very well. The lid is also made of metal and, except on the handle, just as hot. I had no problems with that, it goes without saying for me. In summary, I would like to express a clear buy recommendation for the electric kettle of the company Ottoni Fabbrica Alice Satinato.

Activated carbon water filter for beginners

My water filter is from The Local Water, a start-up from Hamburg. I’ve been in contact with the guys for some time and think their water project is great. You have a lot of thoughts on the topic "water" made and looking for a simple solution for every household. Especially for an uncomplicated solution, how to enjoy good water. I’ve dealt with water quality and various water filtration systems before. An activated carbon water filter, which has been manufactured in a specialist company in Germany for many years, seems to me to be a very good solution. Before I forget it: The minerals are preserved in the water! As mentioned above, the water filter can be bacteria & Filter viruses, hormones, drug residues, heavy metals, particles from pipelines, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and microplastics out of the water. We have a mobile version of the filter – it can be attached anywhere and make it again. You can even take him on vacation! The filter cartridge must be replaced every 6 months and it does not cost much. The Local Water offers a filter subscription service that we like to use. We have exchanged our cartridge before and drink only filtered water for about 8 months. We also cook with it. How to install the filter exactly and which filter models are there, I write the best in a separate post. In summary, I would like to say that I am very satisfied with the water filter and he does his job well.

Conclusion: kettle with water filter – well working duo

I’m satisfied with both the Alice Satinato kettle and our water filter. They have become an integral part of our everyday lives and are great helpers. The price-performance ratio is good and the quality is convincing.

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