Kettler teddy in the test

Behind the driver: Yes
Seat tube: Yes
Frame: Yes
With spoke protection: Yes
Relax function: Yes
Helm trough: No

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Kettler Teddy in the test of the trade magazines


The Kettler teddy achieved "very good" results in the practical test. Although the initial assembly is very cumbersome, the ergonomics and safety were exemplary and were therefore rated as "very good". Cancer-suspected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons have been identified in the label and padding. This resulted in a devaluation of the result ingredients, which was therefore classified as "satisfactory". According to the provider, the child bike seat will be available from this season with a universal bracket and a new bracket, recognizable by item number 08947-475. – Summarized by our editorial team. More details

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Child bike seat with additional storage space

Kettler has implemented an extremely practical idea for everyday life in the child bike seat with the alluringly beautiful name Teddy. Two stowage compartments are integrated into the two footrests of the seat, which can be used to store all kinds of items during the journey, from a small handbag and children’s toys to shopping – and this storage option is not only practical but also wearing also for security.

A child seat on a bike affects the balance of the vehicle in any case, and additional luggage can make the situation even worse. Parents hang handbags or shopping bags from the shortage of space on the handlebars, and the backrest of the child seat is often used to accommodate a backpack so that it can be stored the child not hanging too close to the face. The latter in particular has a particularly negative impact on driving behavior due to the shift in the center of gravity, which means that the driver can not only lurch in curves.

With the two storage spaces on the Kettler child seat, these problems can be prevented – at least to a certain extent. They are big enough to accommodate toys for the sandpit, cuddly toys or spare clothes, even a handbag and small purchases should have space in them. The storage spaces themselves can be closed with a plastic twist lock so that the contents can neither fall out nor get wet.

The child seat also lives up to its name when it comes to comfort. The plastic shell is well padded so that the child sits comfortably. Also very practical: the covers can be removed and washed. In addition, the child bike seat grows with you, as both the foot holder and also the Have the headrest adjusted several times. The screwdriver required for this could also be easily accommodated in the storage compartments. A three-point belt ensures safety, and the frame is mounted using an adapter, which can also be purchased if the seat is to be used on several wheels.

So far, the Kettler has received almost exclusively good to very good ratings from buyers, occasionally the initial assembly has been criticized, but the seat should leave nothing to be desired in terms of safety and comfort. And of course most parents are enthusiastic about the additional storage space that makes the Kettler so unique – after all, it prevents bags & Dangle Co on the handlebar or child seat and makes driving safer and easier. The seat is available for just over 80 euros (Amazon), an additional adapter is around 20 euros (Amazon).


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