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Child bunk bed accessories

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Loft bed accessories, where do I start?

For bunk beds, children’s bunk beds or play beds there are of course plenty of bunk bed accessories. This gives you new and varied possibilities for individual and creative design. For example, you can adapt bunk beds to the wishes of your children in simple steps with shelves, curtains, a tunnel or bed canopy. There are countless possibilities for extensions and conversions: Steering or steering wheels, slides as well as swinging and climbing ropes. With porthole elements and Ritterburg battlements, rungs – or climbing walls, flags, sails and curtains, you can create your very own loft bed design. With the help of lamps and LED’s they provide light above and below their loft bed. All these loft bed accessories increase the fun in the children’s room and also encourage their children’s creativity when playing.

Tip: In the course of time, the taste of your children will certainly change, so they prefer to always remain a little flexible when attaching and implementing.

Climbing wall with 4 sturdy ropes and 5 robust wooden poles, climbing net/ scaffold with a load capacity of up to 120 kg, from 3 years of age

Pirate steering wheel XXL, colour red, made of plastic by Gartenpirat®, makes noises when turning, weatherproof, for attachment to wooden parts

Eastern Jungle Gym Extra Large binoculars, the telescope is 29 cm long, Made of durable, plastic

Curtain on loft bed

A curtain on the loft bed

The curtain is probably the children’s loft bed accessory with the widest distribution. The reasons are obvious. With the help of simple curtains you can give your bunk bed an individual look. According to the wishes of their children, they can redesign their bunk bed for a new adventure.

You can buy a loft bed curtain or sew it yourself. First you have to decide if you want to have one or more curtains on the loft bed. Practical would be for example 2 curtains for the short sides and a wide loft bed curtain with an opening for the long side. Choose a fabric that matches the rest of the loft bed design. Measure the length of the curtain and add another quarter of the length. After sewing around the edges, you still have enough curtain fabric for the entire length of the loft bed. If you have a loft bed that grows with you and the lying surface is not yet at the top, you should fold in the curtain very generously at the lower edge and sew it around. Later, when the bed is built higher, you can simply cut open the seam and extend the curtain back to the floor.

Then simply attach a metal rod to the lower part of the high bed frame as a guide for the curtain. The pole is easy to attach with the help of a mounting strap, screws and small wooden blocks as spacers. The curtain is then pulled onto this curtain rod with the help of loops.

But of course there are also ready-made design possibilities for small pirates or princesses. These loft bed curtains differ in the different theme designs. Some of the manufacturers have color matching children’s loft bed accessories such as bags, cushions or similar with it. When buying please pay attention to the loft bed curtain lengths and heights compared to the dimensions of your loft bed.

Curtain Pirate 3-part, 100% cotton light blue / blue children’s room, fabric curtain incl. velcro tape for bunk bed cot or play bed

curtain buccaneer 3-piece 100% cotton incl. velcro tape fabric curtain for bunk bed play bed, material: 100% cotton

Steens For Kids curtain set for cot, bunk bed, 5 pcs, 176 x 75 x 91 cm (W/H/D), cotton, blue (circus), fireproof

Curtain heart 3-part, 100% cotton, children’s room fabric curtain incl. velcro tape for children’s loft bed, washable at 30° C

Curtain set 3-part made of 100% cotton, princess pink white incl. velcro tape for children’s loft bed, washable at 30° C

Magic fairy curtain – for loft bed, play bed and bunk bed, 2-piece curtain, washable at max. 30°C, is attached to the half loft bed with Velcro

Lilokids curtain Star Wars – for loft bed, play bed and bunk bed, l front curtain: approx. 198 x 74 cm (LxH) / short side curtain: approx. 88 x 74 cm (LxH)

Lilokids curtain Ice Queen Rosa – for loft bed, play bed and bunk bed, long front curtain: approx. 198 x 74 cm (LxH) / short side curtain: approx. 88 x 74 cm (LxH)

XXL Discount curtains for children’s bed, play curtain bunk bed, 3-piece, 100% cotton, combination blue/red and also available in other colours

In addition to the loft bed curtain there is often a tower curtain. For this purpose, a metal tower frame is screwed to the loft bed, which then carries the actual fabric tower. The tower set contains the parts for the extension to a child’s loft bed made of wood.

XXL Discount tower curtain 100% cotton for bunk bed, play bed, bunk bed or cot in the children’s room, play tower with tower frame (Orange/Beige, Dino)

XXL Discount tower curtain 100% cotton for bunk bed play bed bunk bed children’s bed children’s room play tower with tower frame (blue/pink, unicorn)

Jugendmö Tower Frame + Tower Curtain Pink Pink Princess, 100% Cotton for Loft Bed or Bunk Bed

A tunnel for the loft bed

A tunnel for their loft bed, is very popular with children! It is usually at the top of the list when it comes to wishes for new child loft bed accessories.

With a tunnel for the loft bed you can build a small sleeping and play cave that your children will love. They can hide in it and also offer them a feeling of protection and security. Most loft bed tunnels are very easy to install, suitable for almost all 90×200 cm beds and washable at 30 degrees Celsius. Depending on the manufacturer, some practical side pockets are also included in the scope of delivery.

Homestyle4u 1439, Children Pirate Tunnel For loft bed, cotton, 100 x 90 x 70 cm, black white

The Hoppekids loft bed tunnels are something special. They are of excellent quality and have the advantage that they have a floor of quilted fabric. This connects the tunnel sides and therefore offers more stability. The tunnels can be used both on the children’s loft bed and on the floor. In the loft bed, the mattress is simply pushed through the tunnel or the tunnel is placed on the mattress. A fixed installation is therefore not necessary. The Hoppekids tunnels are available in 10 different versions, each design taking up a different theme. This ranges, for example, from knights to jungle to flower power, to name but a few. All Hoppekids loft bed tunnels are Ökotex 100 certified. They can also be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius.

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