Kidsontheroad – long-distance travel with small children: 20 good reasons for it (and one against)

Long-distance travel with small children: 20 good reasons for it (and one against)

Infants, especially those under the age of 3, are extremely exhausting.

They run at lightning speed on busy streets, throw themselves screaming at the dirty floor in public, have Stone Age table manners, are always uncomfortable at the wrong time and need an hour to walk 100 meters.

But that’s the only reason I can think of against long-distance travel with small children. Okay, a weighty one. But firstly, they do all of this at home (so what is gained by staying at home?) And secondly, for most kids these problems are limited to the time between the 1st and 3rd birthday.

Therefore – true to the motto "Better a tantrum under palm trees than in the pedestrian zone" – flights to ours

"Long-Distance Travel with Toddlers PRO List":

  • Are toddlers Icebreaker, door opener, occasion for discussion, international understanding pure. People of all cultures are enthusiastic about young children, and the experience of parenthood unites people across all cultural borders. Nothing makes it easier to get in touch with locals anywhere than a small, sweet (preferably blonde) child. This gives families different access to the travel destination.
    baby traveled happily through Southeast Asia for 3 months while our friends at home stumbled from one infection to the next.
  • You are forced lto travel more slowly, and that can be a real relief. We have had the hectic ticking off of sights long enough. Renting an apartment in a particularly beautiful location for several weeks is a child-friendly form of travel and allows parents to delve deeper into the everyday life of the travel destination.
  • Love of nature (which is inherent in every child) is easier to promote when traveling than at home. Children adopt nature in a playful manner (“My tree, this is where I live”), and the more uncultivated nature we offer them, the better. We also lay the foundation for developing environmental awareness. (This way you can find out on a camper trip that clean water is not an infinite resource.)
    They can be worn, sleep a lot, do not run away, ideally are still breastfed, cost practically nothing, do not interfere in travel planning and can even be taken to the restaurant in the evening.

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