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Information from professionals for professionals: food in the day care center

Here nutrition experts give tips around the topic of nutrition and food for toddlers at the age of 1 and 2 years.

Children who attend a kindergarten spend a more or less lengthy period of their day there. They play in the institution, they sleep there. And also their meals take them there – from breakfast about Having lunch up to snacks. Therefore, the topic of “eating in the day-care center” is much discussed, among parents as well as among the caregivers.

Safe: Kita is not the same kindergarten. Some institutions take their meals from an external source catering service. Others have their own cooks. And the trends around the topic of nutrition are as diverse as the characters of the children are anyway.

Together with ours nutritionists, Nutritionists and nutritional coaches, we want to address here the most important issues and topics around the nutrition of toddlers in day care centers.

From professionals for professionals

We write here for educator, Nannies, nutritionists, cooks and other professionals in crèches and kindergartens. Of course, all parents and other readers of the portal are invited to the Multiple pages to read and read.

We know what we are talking about: The nutrition experts in our editorial team specialize in Toddler and child nutrition and as independent experts also advise daycare centers on all aspects of nutrition.

We will find answers to your questions

Just as in the family situation at home are also in the Kindertageseinrichtung many questions about the right form of nutrition. What does an optimal nutrition plan look like? how can we regional and seasonal Cook? What about vitamins and nutrients? And how does one manage to meet the tastes of so many children??

All these topics are covered here “Kita-Essen” area the action toddler diet after. In doing so, we orient ourselves to the questions that our nutritionists encounter time and again in their day-to-day work in kindergartens. And those we as parents of baby and toddlers find important. So we illuminate all the pages – to find one thing: answers to all the questions that concern us daily.

These are our nutrition experts

Nicolas Ting works in Cologne as an independent nutritionist and advises in the context of his practice also day care centers on topics around the healthy nutrition of children. The Munich woman Amrei Korte In her daily work as a nutrition coach, she deals intensively with a natural relationship to food – the much-vaunted gut feeling in the truest sense of the word. The focus of the work of Dr. Bettina Dörr lies in the medical aspects of nutrition science. She has been working as an independent nutrition expert in Munich for more than 10 years and is a sought after contact in her area of ​​expertise.

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