Kindergarten aschenstedt closes after 33 years, dötlingen

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A farewell full of wonderful memories

Kindergarten Aschenstedt closes after 33 years

Updated: 6/18/17 5:20 PM

Aschenstedt – By Anja Nosthoff. A little melancholy was already evident at the colorful farewell party of the Aschenstedt kindergarten on Saturday afternoon. After 33 years, the establishment of the parent and child initiative founded in the early 1980s is now closing on July 31. finally.

The Aschenstedt kindergarten was opened in 1984. "The main reason for the end is that the number of children with us is declining," explained founding member and educator Ursula Skerka-Wach. In addition, the rented premises and the playground equipment on the outdoor area are in need of renovation.

Tears testify to wonderful years

Children, parents, friends, relatives, educators, founding members and alumni came together for the farewell party. Even during the many warm greetings from the guests, Skerka-Wach occasionally had tears of emotion in view of the souvenirs and memories. It became apparent that countless people had a good time with and in the Aschenstedt kindergarten. And they liked to remember that at the farewell party.

Everyone enjoyed a happy afternoon with cake, juice and coffee – with guitar music and children’s songs as well with a Muscle-powered children’s carousel as a highlight for the little ones. With a raffle, the first sorted out toys of the kindergarten were brought to the people and thus used for a reasonable purpose.

Budget dissolution at the end of July

"We are already in the process of separating ourselves from some things," reported the two educators Skerka-Wach and Susanne Kleemann. Some of the last 16 girls and boys in the facility will attend Kindergarten Aschenstedt until July 7th. Then the rented premises are completely cleared.

"In the last few weeks of July we will definitely invite you here to close the budget," announced Skerka-Wach.

The kindergarten group with the two teachers is designed for 18 children. "The initiative was originally formed in Wildeshausen from new families," Skerka-Wach said in a review. The aim was to build a more alternative kindergarten from the parent and child initiative. “At the very beginning we were in the premises above the market pharmacy in Wildeshausen. Then we discovered the building here in Aschenstedt, ”she said.

Parents have put a lot of effort into maintenance

The premises of the old village school in Aschenstedt were rented in 1984 by the parent and child initiative. Since then, the parents have maintained the buildings and the outdoor area – largely on their own. “The kindergarten started very well at the time,” Skerka-Wach recalled. In the 90s there was even more crowds, as a new settlement was built next door, to which many young families pulled. "In the meantime, she has grown up," Ursula Skerka-Wach gave an explanation for the recent decline in the number of children.

Since the 1990s, due to the development of the settlement, there have always been grants for the facility from the municipality. “Since then we have been supported like any other facility in the community and have been the smallest kindergarten here for a long time,” Skerka-Wach looked back. For the farewell afternoon, Dötlingen’s mayor Ralf Spille and his wife also attended the kindergarten. Father Hartmut Meyer took care of the musical with his guitar and children’s songs, which all sang together layout of the festival.


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