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"If we are to draw children, we must also become children with them." Martin Luther

We are guided by the principles for working in Protestant daycare centers from June 4, 2010

The 6 principles for working in Protestant day care centers

1. Focus on the child

2. Right to education, upbringing and care

3. Right to inclusion

4. Right to religion

5. Right to participation

6. Development of the best possible quality

Concept: what is important to us

Gentle acclimatization: A well-designed settling-in phase is the best bridge from the family to us

Education Partnership: Parents and specialists work together in dialogue for the good of the child

Respectful care and commitment: Careful handling is an important part of our relationship and educational work

Child-friendly room design: Our action rooms are equipped for various game and learning focuses

Psychomotor and free movement development: The child’s perception and movement should develop equally positively

Educational mission: We encourage the child’s urge to research in terms of individual educational processes

Participation: We support the children’s self-activity, participation and participation

Religious Education: The children have a right to religion

Open concept: The crib children have the right to visit the kindergarten at any time

Our educators:

■ have in-depth training

■ attend training courses on a regular basis

■ adjust to the needs of the children

■ see themselves as parents’ parents

What is important to you?

Whether you call us day care center, crèche, after-school care center, day care center, child care or maybe Rappelkiste: there are many names. But one thing is certain: everything revolves around your child.

Regardless of whether you think of Montessouri or Krenz when it comes to promoting children, our understanding of children’s education is easy and understandable from our conception.

We call your child by name

In many daycare centers, children are divided into groups with names such as the dwarfs, rabbits, hedgehogs …

Parents often ask us why there is one "assignment" does not exist with us. The reason is very simple: we have no dwarfs, rabbits, hedgehogs or the like here. We are a day care center with qualified specialist staff and children with our own name, which we accompany and support on their educational path in a well-equipped learning environment. Our first principle is: The child is the focus. So we call it by his name.

Your daycare center in the northern part of Hameln

The nursery and kindergarten are at home in the northern part of Hameln, at the parish hall and the Martin Luther Church. The crèche is at Brucknerstraße 1, the kindergarten at Richard-Wagner-Straße 6/8, Hameln.

Inclusion: Every child is welcome

Every child is welcome – regardless of their origin, religion, abilities or disabilities.

We look forward to you

Kindergarten and crèche Martin-Luther in Hameln: Our team at the new tree house

Above left to right: Christiane Kauf, Andrea Krägenbring, Claudia Hundertmark, Sina Flachsbart, Laura Drüke. Below from left to right: Simone Sobottka, Sabine Larisch, Laura Krüger, Janika Greve.

Here’s what we’re doing together …

Little Researchers’ Day 2015

The "Little Researchers’ Day" is a nationwide participation day. He gets through the every year Foundation, endowment “House of Little Researchers” was initiated and is the highlight of the year of research. We took part!

In 2015, the “Little Researchers’ Day” took place on June 23. This time it was all about the research question: "How do we want to live – in the city and in the country or as with us in the forest?

We took this day as an opportunity to explore our native forest at the Schliekers Brunnen. Children and educators were accompanied and actively supported by Michael Vietz, Member of the Bundestag, in the research work. It was an exciting morning, when we examined tree barks, observed beetles and built a forest sofa for a breather.

We can confirm the statement by the patron, Johanna Wanka, Federal Minister of Education and Research:

"Our children’s curiosity and enthusiasm is a valuable asset. Keeping them awake and giving the boys and girls age-appropriate learning experiences in the day care center, after-school care and in the all-day area of ​​primary school – that is my goal for early education. The "House of Little Researchers" helps to change science and technology education in Germany in a positive way at an early stage."


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