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Düsseldorf for Pänze: Kindergarten

In the front the city guide, in the middle the dwarfs and as the rear guard the relaxed parents with the food wagon. Our tour for little people of kindergarten age is also for the accompanying parents a great experience.

duration: 1.0h to 1.5h
Costs: 120 euros net

Depending on the biller
a) either charged 19% VAT or
b) for small businesses within the meaning of the UStG. no VAT due.

Discount: On weekdays (Monday to Thursday) or in the winter months, we are happy to give some discount by arrangement. Cancellation: 50% for cancellations 72 hours before the tour. 100% if you don’t show up. Others: An adult (but not much more please) must be present on the tour for insurance reasons.

Our experienced guides go for a nice walk with the young guests, where they laugh and learn a lot. Children should be children, ask questions, come up with answers themselves and sometimes be cheeky! Of course, the stories surrounding the old town of Düsseldorf will not be neglected either: the ghost in the castle tower will be mentioned as well as Jan Wellem and his artists, Count Adolf in his greatest battle as well as the poaching muggle and many more.

City guide Sebastian as Bergischer craftsman

To make it easier for children to access the new “city tour” situation, we also offer this tour as a costume tour, whereby the city guide can act as a night watchman, Bergischer farmer / craftsman or Rhine fisherman (the surcharge for a costume tour is € 10.00 net ). The city tour becomes an adventure!

For the kindergarten children, the duration of the tour is approximately one hour and a maximum of one and a half hours, which should also include drinking and eating breaks and one or two games to loosen up. The accompanying adults will take care of the meals, on request a handcart can be hired from Düsseldorf Lebt for a fee (10.00 € net) for the transport of snacks and drinks.

The tourguide takes the lead, followed by the young ones and the adults as rearguard with a handcart full of provisions. Our tour for children of the age from 3 to 6 years is also a great experience for the accompanying parents!

Our experienced guides take a walk through the old town wih the young guests, during which there will be lots of laughter but also learning. We provide this tour as an interactive tour and do not rely on ex-cathedra teaching methods. Knowing that children will always be children, the kids on our tour are, of course, allowed to ask questions, give answers themselves and also be a bit cheeky every once in a while &# 128521;

During the walk, the kids will experience a new situation for them, and we want to arrange a low-threshold access to it. This is made even easier, when you book this tour as a costume-tour, where the guide comes either as nightwatch-man, fisherman on the Rhine or farmer / craftsman from the surrounding Bergisches Land (extra fee for costume-tours is 10, 00 euro NET). The tour itself focuses on story-telling, little games and songs. The stories range from Jan Wellem and his artists to Count Adolf in his biggest battle and the ghost in the old castle-tower, so there might also be interesting, new things to learn for adults.

For children of this age, we recommend that the tour should not take longer than 1.0 hrs. Included are little breaks for drinks and snacks and one or the other game. The mentioned drinks and snacks should be provided by the accompanying grown ups. If needed, a handcart can be leased from Dusseldorf Live, so all snacks can be transported. Leasing fee for a handcart is EUR 10.00 NET.


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