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Child support, child allowance and kindergarten allowance are just a few financial supports Families with children can benefit. According to the name, the kindergarten allowance is aimed at children who are not of school age and supports the parents with regard to kindergarten costs, which can certainly become a financial burden.

In view of the fact that families with children are faced with numerous expenses anyway, the kindergarten allowance comes in handy. This is typically granted by the employer and therefore represents an additional service for remuneration. In times of acute shortage of skilled workers, many companies see the kindergarten allowance as an effective way to increase their attractiveness as an employer and to score with family friendliness.

Delimitation of child supplement and kindergarten allowance

People who initially deal roughly with the kindergarten allowance may wonder what the difference to the child allowance is. Basically, Child supplement and Differentiate kindergarten allowance from each other as follows:

    children’s allowance
    The child supplement comes as a measure of the Federal Child Allowance Act and is granted to low earners as financial aid. Anyone who only earns the Hartz IV rate can receive a child supplement. This is intended to help families financially, but it is not earmarked and therefore does not only apply to the costs of childcare. Kindergarten grant
    The kindergarten allowance provides financial support for the costs of childcare and is paid by various employers as an extra to the monthly wages. The youth welfare office can also be the right contact, but makes the grant dependent on income.

The special feature of the kindergarten grant is that it focuses on the costs of childcare and can only be used in this context. On the other hand, it is not general financial support for families with children.

Kindergarten grant from the youth welfare office

Parents who would like to take advantage of a kindergarten grant always come to the youth welfare office and are at the right place there. Families whose economic resilience is due to the monthly cost of childcare exceeded, you can sometimes claim a corresponding grant.

Whether and to what extent this is the case depends on the actual costs and the calculated exposure limit. If there is a disadvantage on the part of the family, a partial coverage of costs may be possible.

Kindergarten allowance from the employer

When it comes to a kindergarten grant, the youth welfare office is less often meant. Instead, there is talk of an additional benefit from the employer. Quite a few companies agree on a kindergarten allowance with their employees and thus actively support the families of their employees. With the help of this additional service, companies often increase their attractiveness and position themselves as family-friendly employers.

This is not a salary conversion, but an additional payment, so that the family income is indirectly increased. However, employees are not entitled to such a kindergarten allowance because it is a voluntary benefit from the employer.

How much is the employer’s kindergarten allowance??

The kindergarten allowance is tax-free by the employer?

What are the requirements for the kindergarten allowance??

In general, only the agreement between employer and employee is decisive for whether a kindergarten allowance is paid or not. Taking tax exemption into account, however, the following requirements can still be defined:

    The child must go to kindergarten or a similar facility. The kindergarten allowance can only be granted to children who are not yet subject to compulsory school attendance. The employer’s kindergarten allowance is paid as an additional benefit in addition to the wages owed.

The employer can either hand over the grant to the employee or pay it directly to kindergarten. It is irrelevant whether it is a company or non-company kindergarten.


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