Kindergarten: many children have problems with the open concept

In the group-open work, also called "open work", group structures in daycare dissolve. But also the ties to […]

Kindergarten: problems of the open concept

When working in groups, also “open work”, Group structures in daycare dissolve. But the ties to the educators are also dropped. Many toddlers have big problems with it, the security in the limited group of the group is lacking.

Open work – what does that mean for the children?

Since the 1970s, open work has increasingly been preferred to the situational or function-oriented approach. Following the example of Rousseau, Montessori and Piaget, the groups were in favor free Operation canceled. The children choose their employment and play partners themselves by choosing between the open themed rooms and the materials offered. In this context, “relationship educators” are now presented, but their relationship should work unilaterally because they are the parents’ point of contact regarding the level of development. For the children of the open daycare centers, all of the educators present should act as caregivers.

Open to groups – and the smallest go down

The open pedagogical concept for working with the very little ones between 0 and about two years is problematic. Children of this age are not yet able to make decisions. On the one hand, there is often still no opportunity to act if they are not yet able to walk or do not want to tell them that they want to paint now but cannot get the colors on their own. On the other hand, not all children are able to handle the wealth of information, and some are overwhelmed after just a few hours in the open spaces. You can find alternative concepts here.

When children experience too much stress: open work and young children

Some children in the open daycare center lack the "nest feeling", the security of the small and fixed group with the fixed educators of a related group. Then the children can withdraw come or afterwards the stress is expressed screaming in the safety of mom or dad’s arms.

The breakdown of the group structure in kindergarten, as practiced in open work, often makes sense only from the age of two or three years, depending on the personality of the child. But older children can also suffer from the open work. Above all, however, the attachment structure (see attachment theory) of children can suffer from the open and at the same time attachment-free upbringing, since there is no fixed size in their daily routine than an educator who knows them and is always there for them.


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