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  • Kindergarten: "Project group fruit and vegetables"

    Vegetables are not meant to be the little ones. The NRWZ writes:

    The project group of the Rottweiler kindergarten "Auf der Brücke", accompanied by two teachers, made a visit to Neukauf Maier. At 9 a.m. in the morning we walked towards the shopping center. The kids were full of Euphoria about it. The aim was to explore the fruit and vegetable department more closely, since the project topic vegetables and fruit is currently being dealt with in kindergarten.

    I have nothing against the little ones going into new purchases and getting orange juice, but it has to mean “project” and “project group”. What kind of word monsters are there for young children. What do you want to express? Is the kindergarten a university? Who invented such cheese? The Ministry of Culture for Kindergartens? Why can’t you write normally, the children visited Maier?

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    4 Responses to “Kindergarten:“ Fruit and Vegetables Project Group ””

    as far as it all must sound new fashionable no matter what .. such as.

    social competence
    They should also normally refer to skills
    (the example is still mild)

    we have so many older people who are sometimes quite dirty do

    what did he write / say / mean?

    more and more older people are "linguistically locked out"
    because the sense for you is no longer to be gripped, it is a shame that many clerks do not heed this and only want to / can write "pretentiously new language"

    since the French are a bit different the hats and maintain your language.

    So I do not know what you have, it is perfectly fine if you find another mountain over time that just fits better! and if a group does a project in the context of which they are going to buy a new one, then that’s just a project group! and if i mean my skills and abilities (there are many different ones) in the social area, then that is the competence in this area! and if they feel marginalized, then I’m really sorry, but they’re with them hartz 4 probably not far away!!

    Now seriously, I know that is now a mere year ago, but hold on to the chubby cheeks … basically the children don’t get to hear the title Project Fruit and Vegetables is for the parents and with social competence that is an umbrella term or do you want for each child you are observing, list all the topics covered by this term, it is simply a summary

    a language that does not change is a dead language… .and nobody can do what if people do not develop with it ……..


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