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Young families as well as single mothers and fathers from the Schweigen-Rechtenbach community in the Südliche Weinstraße district will sooner or later go looking for a place to look after their offspring. It is not just about the fact that both parents, the mother or the father are working or want to become a child again, but above all about early childhood support.

Children sit on a climbing frame in Schweigen-Rechtenbach

In addition to a kindergarten in, a nursery, day care center or childminder may also be considered. sees itself here as a modern day care center-portal, which also functions as a functional daycare finder for Schweigen-Rechtenbach and is therefore a great help when it comes to a daycare nearby.

Day care center in Schweigen-Rechtenbach

When looking for a daycare center in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, it is not just a matter of getting a childcare place, but also ensuring adequate support for young people in the community of around 1,400 inhabitants.

The fact that the kindergartens and other childcare facilities sometimes pursue very different pedagogical approaches must not be neglected and is a decisive criterion in the selection.

An integrative kindergarten in Schweigen-Rechtenbach is the ideal choice for children with disabilities. But even children without a handicap are in good hands there and learn from the beginning to take each other into consideration and to recognize any difference as normal.

In contrast, in a bilingual, English or international kindergarten, different cultures and languages ​​are part of everyday life.

A further differentiation based on the educational orientation is also possible. It is not only necessary to refer to Protestant and Catholic kindergartens, but also to one or the other Montessori kindergarten in Schweigen-Rechtenbach and, at best, directly to the community.

In addition, Kneipp, Waldorf and Froebel are common concepts in childcare in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Toys and children’s clothing >

In Schweigen-Rechtenbach and the surrounding area and on the Internet there are countless children’s bazaars and children’s flea markets where you can buy toys and children’s clothing.

However, the offspring are growing at a rapid pace and interests can change quickly, which is why the young parents sometimes face considerable costs. In addition, the old clothes and toys are too good for one disposal.

It is therefore worthwhile to network with other parents and use the kindergarten as a private exchange, for example.

Which kindergarten bearers are there??

There are various providers in the kindergarten area. First of all, there are the churches that run the Protestant and Catholic kindergartens. There are also urban daycare centers in Schweigen-Rechtenbach and in the region or district.

A private kindergarten or private free kindergartens complement the variety of day care centers in the area and ensure a wide range.

Registration in the kindergarten in Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Parents from the Schweigen-Rechtenbach community in the Südliche Weinstraße district, who are looking for a place in their kindergarten for their offspring, should look out for free places in the region’s daycare centers early on.

In many places, the allocation of childcare places has now been centralized, so you should contact the city with a registration. Sometimes a separate system is available for this, in which one can register. The daycare places in Schweigen-Rechtenbach and the surrounding area will be allocated at the appropriate time.

At the same time, you should already be aware of the closing times at this point, which should not be confused with the possible childcare times. The closing times are the holidays and bridging days on which the day care center in question remains closed. These appointments should be compatible with the job and the other life situation, otherwise you have to look for an alternative.

Kindergarten costs in the municipality of Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Regardless of whether it is a daycare center of the AWO, Caritas, the DRK, a private institution or a municipal kindergarten in Schweigen-Rechtenbach, parents have to expect certain daycare fees, because somehow the institution has to be financed.

Depending on the municipal fee regulations and the requirements of the provider, a flat-rate parental contribution or an income-dependent daycare fee can be charged. Sometimes, however, attending kindergarten is also free of charge, so that parents are not asked to pay and the childcare place is fully supported.

Job offers in the kindergarten in Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Not only parents of small children, but also pedagogical specialists and members of other relevant professions are interested in the kindergartens in Schweigen-Rechtenbach and in the Southern Wine Route region.

The job offers offer a lot of potential and appeal to kitchen helpers, educators, caretakers and housekeepers who expect a wide variety of tasks. You can also do your FSJ (voluntary social year) in kindergarten, do an internship or work as a temporary worker.

Childminder in the municipality of Schweigen-Rechtenbach

In Schweigen-Rechtenbach and throughout Rhineland-Palatinate, kindergarten places are unfortunately often in short supply. It can be difficult for children under the age of three to find suitable childcare.

If necessary, parents should contact the local youth welfare office and present their case there. It is not uncommon for them to be referred to day care for children and thus receive the contact details of child minders and day fathers who offer childcare outside the daycare center. Sometimes you come across large day care centers that are run jointly by several day carers and can therefore have the character of a kindergarten.

Babysitter in Schweigen-Rechtenbach

In connection with childcare, it is not always about a kindergarten place. Many parents only need care from time to time and otherwise take care of it their Offspring, provided they do not attend kindergarten.

In such cases, it makes sense to look for a babysitter in Schweigen-Rechtenbach.

If you do not have a suitable person in your circle of friends or acquaintances or in the family, you can resort to a babysitter mediation. There qualified babysitters are recorded centrally so that you have a contact point.


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