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The entrance door in the kindergarten places high demands on the locking technology. On the one hand, the children should not be able to leave the facility unnoticed during operation, on the other hand, in an emergency, escape must be ensured for everyone without outside help.

The safety of our children is of great importance to all of us. Every morning, parents throughout Germany put their children under the care of kindergarten, with the certainty that the educators will do everything possible to do justice to the responsibility assigned to them. Most of the people now think of healthy eating, educational games and social behavior. Nobody thinks of escape possibilities, because the way of thinking works the other way round: We rather think that the children do not leave the care of the facility unsupervised. But what is in the event of an emergency? Fire breaks out in kindergarten, an unthinkable scenario. Escape and rescue routes are prescribed in every public building, escape doors must be intuitive to use, but what about kindergarten? What happens when the kindergarten teacher is not there, children move freely in the facility (play area, building corner etc.). Without the help of an adult, the children can open the door in the kindergarten to leave the burning building?

The currently common solutions do not meet these requirements, since here only a door opening is possible via the handle above – unreachable for children and therefore no escape possible. A good solution in daily operation, the door ensures that you leave the facility unattended. But in the event of a fire, the smoke sinks from the top down, so that the supervisory staff may no longer be able to ensure the evacuation. The children are prevented from self-escaping through the securing outer door.

WILKA delivers escape door systems all over the world to ensure escape options in public buildings. These doors are intuitive to use and grant everyone Time a safe escape in an emergency. So why not in kindergarten too? The difficulty was the security issue with the under points "no leaving the kindergarten unnoticed" and "quick escape also for children" to bring them under one roof and to develop a solution that meets the current escape door norms but also satisfies the concerns of kindergarten operators and parents.

In its standard-compliant solution, WILKA works with two lever handles: one at a low level at child-friendly height and another one above it. The upper handle is used when entering and leaving adult people.

The lower handle for children is coupled with the tried and tested one-hand door guard from GfS (Gesellschaft für Sicherheitstechnik). This solution corresponds to DIN EN 179 and must be used in emergency exit doors. The door guard reports a pre-alarm as soon as the door handle is pressed down slightly. If the lever handle is fully operated, a permanent alarm sounds.

In the second variant according to DIN EN 1125, the E-Bar from GfS is combined instead of the lower lever handle. With this push rod, a slight push is enough to trigger an optical signal (red pulsing display) and an acoustic pre-alarm. This pre-alarm disappears as soon as the E-Bar is released. In this case the door remains closed. The escape door opens when the e-bar is pushed all the way through. An optical (flashing green display) and an acoustic main alarm are activated at the same time. Experts classify kindergartens as public buildings, and this is where the requirements of DIN EN 1125 come into play.

The lock components are through a connecting rod in the door profile together connected. In daily kindergarten operations, the entrance door is only opened using the upper handle. If the lower lock is operated, the one-hand door guard or the e-bar automatically trigger an alarm so that the supervisors are warned acoustically and optically if a child leaves the building through the escape door without authorization or opens it if there is danger.

For adults, the kindergarten solution from WILKA can be operated intuitively, because elaborate and complicated electronics have been deliberately avoided. This creates an economical and at the same time safe solution for those who run kindergartens.

This mechanical kindergarten solution is available with the escape door series 6000 with functions B and E from 30 mm mandrel. Electronically monitored systems are subject to regular maintenance and thus incur costs that are not incurred with this solution. Delivery in flat or U-cuffs is also possible.
This is how we secure the most valuable thing we – our children!

The WILKA kindergarten lock:
▪ Robust product solution without additional annual maintenance costs. Optimally tailored to the special needs of kindergartens.
▪ Meets the requirements of EN 179/1125 regarding the installation height of the fitting (Appendix A 900-1100 mm).
Escape doors in kindergartens can be easily adapted to the requirements of the applicable escape route standards.
▪ Different handle heights possible (standard 1.60 m)
▪ Intuitive use of the top handle for adults who want to leave the building without an alarm.

▪ Counter boxes and accessories of the 6000 series escape door can be combined with the kindergarten solution for the passive leaf of double-leaf doors.
▪ Escape door functions E and B
▪ Available in 30 – 45 mm mandrel
▪ Optional latch and bolt 3 mm or 5 mm protruding
▪ Distance 92 mm
▪ PZ perforated or for Swiss round cylinders
▪ Flat or U faceplate available
▪ Optionally controlled latch lock


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