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Kindergarten St. Meinrad, Waldstetten

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Object description Kindergarten St. Meinrad, Waldstetten:
(this project is currently under construction – completion 2014)

Kindergarten St. Meinrad, Waldstetten
Catholic parish of St. Laurentius, Kirchberg 2, 73550 Waldstetten
Dreifaltigkeitsstrasse 23, 73550 Waldstetten

Building data:
Usable area approx. 741.00 m²
Gross room capacity approx. 3,358.00 m³
Total construction costs € 1,800,000

Services: Service phases 1 – 9

Measures Description:
> Extensive remodeling, general renovation and energetic upgrading of the existing building
> Partial increase for the establishment of social rooms
> Extension for the establishment of a toddler group
> Establishment of all-day care with a catering area
> Creation of an outdoor play area

In the basement, a 1-storey annex is being built on the south side, which houses the necessary rooms for the newly added toddler group.
The main entrance to the entire kindergarten building will also be arranged in this extension in the future.
The inner connection from the basement to the two upper floors is created by a new staircase, which is built in the area of ​​the existing courtyard. This staircase is generously glazed to bring as much light as possible into the basement.
The community room that was previously in the basement will no longer function and will offer the option of future full-day care for all kindergarten children through multiple subdivisions.
For this purpose, a distribution kitchen with a storage facility and a dining area will also be created.
The remaining part of the parish hall serves as a multi-purpose / exercise room for all groups.

Ground floor:
The existing group rooms are each assigned a small group room that can be separated by a folding wall. Furthermore, a second game level is installed in each group room.
The former kindergarten main entrance on the east side is no longer available, but a barrier-free side entrance is created next to it. A direct exit to the new outdoor play area is arranged on the west side.
The children’s toilet facility will be completely redesigned and renewed. A disabled toilet is installed, which can also be used as a guest toilet the parents can be used.
The kitchen equipment is renewed and designed to be child-friendly.

Upper floor:
The section above the toilet core will have an extension, which will be accessed through the new staircase. In this newly created area, the necessary social rooms will be housed, which so far have hardly existed.

A new outdoor play area will be created on the west side. There are three different levels with different topics (action + movement / sand + mud / conversation + rest).
Directly before the extension for toddler care, a separate, small outdoor play area is created for this group.

Material description:
Adding a toddler group in the basement:
Solid construction with sand-lime brick masonry and reinforced concrete flat roof.
External walls with thermal insulation composite system in accordance with EnEV.
Flat roof with slope insulation, foil sealing and extensive greening.
Interior walls with mineral plaster, floors with linoleum coverings.
Windows in wood-aluminum.
The toddler rooms receive underfloor heating.

Modifications in the existing basement are carried out in HLZ masonry. Linoleum or tiles are used as floor coverings.
The new staircase is being built in insulated reinforced concrete.

Modifications on the ground floor in HLZ masonry, plastered.
New stairwell with natural stone covering.
South facade in thermally separated aluminum window construction with external venetian blinds.
All door elements and frames are replaced.
Tiled walls of the toilet facility halfway up. Group room floors in linoleum.
Painting work on all wall and ceiling surfaces. Corridor floor with natural stone tiles.
The entire building receives external insulation as a so-called thermal insulation composite system with plaster and paint.

Floor-topping in wooden frame construction as prefabricated element construction. Ceiling as a wooden beam ceiling with insulated flat roof waterproofing, analogous to the basement extension. Insulated walls and plastered on the outside on a plaster base. window in plastic with front-mounted roller shutter.
Stairwell glazing in aluminum post and beam construction.
Floor construction with floating screed and linoleum coverings.

Sanitary, heating and electrical installations are completely renewed in the entire building in accordance with the applicable regulations.
Likewise, all furnishings and lighting fixtures.
The hot water center is equipped as a central supply with collector support.
All heating surfaces are renewed.
The existing gas boiler (approx. 3 years old) will continue to be used.


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