Kindergarten year 2009

On Saturday, September 19, 2009, the school service of the 1st year 2009 took place.

From this day on, the children of the Froebel and Oberlin Kindergarten were officially no longer kindergarten children, but school children.

They had all come and stood proudly with school bags and school bags in the town church in Bad Wildbad.

The kindergarten teachers and the remaining children of the kindergartens also came to the church for that "Huge" goodbye again. With the "Kindermutmachlied" (If someone says I like you.) Said the children and teachers again, "Goodbye, goodbye and

good luck and success in your school days."

Thanksgiving 2009

On Sunday, October 4th, 2009 the children of the Froebel and Oberlink kindergarten met in front of the town church in Bad Wildbad.

With their fully packed harvest baskets, the children entered the church while the church bells were ringing.

The gifts were then placed in front of the altar and the children sat in the benches. After a community song and a contribution from the children’s choir, it was the turn of the kindergarten. The children sang a song thanking for the gifts of nature and for friends. The teachers in the Purzelgruppe (toddler group) then said prayers. The children finished their contribution with a play song about rich and poor and various prayers with handicrafts.

After the service, the preschoolers from both houses gathered in front of the church and sang the song: "Autumn is here".

Father-child handicrafts in the Froebel kindergarten

On Monday, October 12th, 2009, the children and men of the family met in the Froebel Kindergarten for father-child handicrafts. Also this year it worked that the children only came to kindergarten with male accompaniment.

A family of three hedgehogs was waiting to be sawed out. The hedgehogs in three different sizes were cut out by the children and men, sanded smooth, and embellished with colorful fils. The funny loose eyes gave the hedgehogs a funny face. The many craftsmen in the kindergarten were well taken care of with small snacks and something to drink.

The teachers hope that many small hedgehog families in Wildbad will smile from the window sills and look forward to next year.

dental care

On Tuesday, October 13th and Wednesday, October 14th, Ms. Stefanie Rexer, of the Dental Health Working Group Calw, visits the children in the Fröbel and Oberlin kindergarten in Bad Wildbad. The children were divided into groups of the same age and were then able to listen intently and learn how the teeth stay healthy. The children were greeted by Ms. Stefanie Rexer with a welcoming song. In a game in which the children were actively involved, the children could show what they have just learned or mostly already knew. It was then clear to everyone that the teeth would stay healthy. In an RPG, the children also played how the ugly plaque is brushed off their teeth. The cuddly crocodile “Kroko” showed and brushed its teeth properly with the children. The children went home enthusiastically with a small information brochure for the parents, a balloon and their own toothbrush.

Visit of the preschoolers in the Café Winkler

On Monday, October 19, 2009, the preschool children of the Oberlin and Fröbel kindergarten were again invited to Café Winkler. The approx. 37 children were divided into 2 groups and set off with their teachers. Once there, the Schmid family welcomed them in a friendly manner. It started right away and baker’s hats were put on. It started with the delicious ingredients. Also this year the children were allowed to build a beautiful witch house from scratch. The witch house looked great with decorations such as smarties, small marzipan figures etc. The children also baked delicious cookies for themselves and their friends in kindergarten. This year it was again a nice trip where the children had a lot of fun and also learned a lot

Garden promotion of the kindergartens

On Tuesday, October 20, 2009, this year’s gardening campaign in the Froebel and Oberlin Kindergarten said "Many hands quickly end". Unfortunately, this saying was not quite true this year, quite a few hands were used this time. The present nursery teachers worked all the more diligently with kindergarten parents and also some “little” helpers. A few days in advance, the willows of the willow tunnel were carefully tied up by skilled helpers. On Tuesday afternoon there was the pruning of the plants, avenge leaves, just pull sand and the like. Gardening until it got dark on the program. Thanks to the parents who actively supported us in this campaign.

Lantern Festival

The annual Lantern Festival was held in Bad Wildbad on November 11, 2009. The six kindergarten groups of the kindergartens as well as the elementary school were invited to accompany the star run at the festival. The star signal was then given at different meeting points and the groups ran simultaneously from different directions in the star course to the Kurplatz / concert shell. The individual groups were accompanied by musicians from the Stadt- und Jugendstadtkapelle, who accompanied the songs beautifully with their instruments. When they arrived at the spa square, the helpers of the city chapel received the punch with children’s punch, mulled wine and hot sausages. Then the story of the little bear with the big heart was told on the big screen. With a riding horse that accompanied one of the groups, St. Martin was remembered. The city chapel played in front of the large number of people until one after the other their lights went out at night.

Donation of a homemade Christmas crib

The baby Jesus lies in the crib, you know that, most definitely …

The children of the Fröbel Kindergarten Bad Wildbad know this and can now look at it down to the smallest detail.

Salvatore Leuzzi has built a beautiful Christmas crib for the kindergarten. In 58 hours he created a small masterpiece for kindergarten children. From the two-story stall to the crib to tiny glowing lanterns, there are an incredible number of things to see in the crib. With a lot of love something was created that underlines the magic of Christmas with the children even more. Frank Härter was present at the handover as a representative of the parish council. The Härter family donated the matching crib figures to the great crib to make the picture perfect.

A big thank you from the children and educators for such a great donation of crib and figures for kindergarten.

Visit to the traffic police

Over the course of November, the traffic police visited the preschool children in the Oberlin and Fröbel kindergarten.

The preschool children met with the child police in small groups. In a conversation, existing knowledge and new things were discussed in detail. With great respect, admiration and interest, the children worked with the police to develop the traffic rules that are important to them.

Then it was time to put on jackets and hats, the practical implementation is waiting. First, as was theoretically practiced, the children walked individually across the street accompanied by the policeman. "Stand at the curb, look twice left, right twice and then quickly and straight across the street." This went on several times until each child felt safe. In the end, the crossing at the crosswalk was practiced. It was fun because the children were allowed to stop the cars that came by.

The crowning glory was the police car. The children were allowed to take a close look at this, speak through the megaphone, turn on the blue lights and even the siren.

Very impressed with the coloring book and information brochure for the parents, the children went back to kindergarten and were able to report to their younger friends in kindergarten.

Preschool children go to the theater

On Friday, December 4th, the preschoolers of the Oberlin Kindergarten and Froebel Kindergarten Bad Wildbad were allowed to take a trip to the city theater in Pforzheim. The grown-ups took their educators to Pforzheim early in the morning on the S-Bahn. There the well-known stage play “Pinocchio” was performed which the children followed with great attention. Not only the preschoolers were enthusiastic about the play but also the teachers. So for everyone it was a nice and exciting excursion that everyone will remember for a long time.

Wooden seat blocks

The children and educators of the Fröbel Kindergarten would like to thank you warmly for the wooden blocks at Rennbachsee.

The three kindergarten groups leave every Monday alternating with the forest day. Basically, the Rennbachsee is the goal of the children. On this day everyone is always dressed in a weatherproof manner and has a tasty backpack vespers with them. So far, the children were sitting on the specially purchased seat cushions. However, since here in Wildbad there is still a lot of snow in winter and the children do not want to do without the forest day even on winter days, the Gauss family made and built several wooden seating blocks. So the children can sit higher with the seat cushions and eating in the deep snow is then a little more comfortable. The children and educators thank you very much for this and look forward to many more forest days.

fabric modules

Finally the time has come and the children and educators of the Fröbel kindergarten were able to buy the desired material modules.

The proceeds from the summer festival in 2009 were saved and a lot was added. The parents, who were led by the very dedicated parents’ councils, had a great profit on the Nikolausmarkt in December 2009. The money that the kindergarten still lacked to purchase the building blocks could be increased without any problems. Not only that could be ordered, but also a beautiful carpet that provides a cozy meeting point in the gym. The gym is now becoming a very creative and discovery-rich construction site, a castle, a horse stable and much more. The children and the educators are happy about this great enrichment in the gym and thank everyone who has contributed to it.

Popo slide ride on the summer mountain

At the end of January, the children and educators of the Fröbel kindergarten used a wonderful day of snow and went to the Popo slide on the summer mountain. The around 45 children who were there that day had to dress warmly because the thermometer shows minus degrees in the early morning. Once at the top of the summer mountain, however, the children were no longer cold, because the walk from the mountain railway to the ski slope was quite exhausting due to the snow. After a few wild rides, the children’s first stomachs growled. We were warmly welcomed in the ski hut and were able to eat the backpack vespers with the children. After Vespers the sun blinked out of the clouds with powerful rays and the children no longer kept it inside. Now they were unstoppable and in the warm sun they slip countless times, something built out of the snow over jumps or just raged around. The time passed in the beautiful snowy landscape in great weather, unfortunately, much too quickly, and the children took the mountain railway back to the Städle quite nicely done.

Cooking day with the elves

A cooking day in the gnome group

The hard-working helpers were waiting for Mrs. Schober and
Mrs. Kappler, together with the children a vegetable stew and a
Wanted to prepare fruit salad. Now it was time to get to work, because it had to
lots of vegetables, potatoes and fruit are cut. Everyone was very happy-
busy and showed their skills. Then everyone helped with
Tablecloths and enjoyed themselves. The gnomes thank you
with the parents for the beautiful morning.

Healthy parents’ evening

On Thursday, March 18, 2010, the parents and educators of the Froebel and Oberlin kindergarten met in the Oberlin kindergarten.

The guests that evening were Ms. Stefanie Rexer from the Dental Health Working Group Calw and Ms. Christine Bellitto from BeKi (Conscious Child Nutrition) – specialists in the Calw district.

A short lecture on dental health was given, in which it was also explained how this topic is worked out with the children in kindergarten when visiting the "toothbrush woman".

Healthy nutrition was also an issue and the most important cornerstones of healthy child nutrition were discussed.

The parents were then able to walk through the various stations in four exhibitions and with a question and a task list. It was then e.g. broken down the amount of sugar or a blind test with drinks. Which drink was mixed, probably not so healthy, or even mixed spritzer and therefore very healthy and delicious!?

At the end, the teachers had prepared treats suitable for children, e.g. healthy cookie cutters, delicious fruit skewers, pistachio balls or friendly sausage faces.

With a recipe book and several interesting flyers on the subject, the parents and educators went home with new knowledge and old assumptions.

Visiting day in the Oberlin-Kiga

The invitation to a visit to toddler care (Purzel group) in the Oberlin Kindergarten was very well received. Parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives of the little ones were invited. At around 3 p.m., the children and their relatives arrived at the facility. After a brief greeting, everyone gathered to the large circle of chairs. Here the little ones proudly played circular and movement games for the best. "Hopsasa the brown hare" was also performed as a dance to the music on the CD. There was great applause from the guests. The relatives then had the opportunity to play with their children or to watch them play. There was often the "aha effect", so you can already do it. Those who did not yet know the facility were particularly impressed by the large amount of space and the free space available to the children. After this a lot of Games naturally required strengthening with apple spritzers, tea, coffee, pastries and snacks. The craft work offered, which was mostly designed by the older siblings or by grandma and toddler, was then allowed to be taken home. At the end of this beautiful afternoon, the numerous visitors went home with many new impressions.

Easter 2010

The children of the Wildbad kindergartens celebrated their annual Easter on Wednesday, March 31, 2010.

This year the children went to church. The subject of “parameters” was examined more closely this year. The children sang songs and stories about Jesus’ death and resurrection were read. The children also became a prayer on the subject recited and prayed together.

During the small service, the various symbols in the church were discussed and looked at with Pastor Löffler.

In the individual groups, small Easter celebrations with treats and a visit from the Easter bunny were made for the children.

The educators wish you Happy Easter

Father-child handicrafts in the Oberlin-Kiga

On Monday, May 17th, 2010 the Oberlin Kindergarten invited the fathers from the rainbow country and the gnomes to do handicrafts. The children were allowed to saw out a wooden snail with their fathers. The children waited until the fathers burned the inner lines and the eyes with the help of a soldering iron to paint the snail in different colors. There were no limits to the imagination. The physical well-being was well taken care of that evening. At 8.30 p.m. the evening slowly came to an end and all children and all fathers said goodbye to the teachers. Of course, the masterpieces were taken home.

Imp children in the forest

The gnome children of the Oberlin Kindergarten spent two weeks before the Pentecost holidays, eventful forest weeks on the summer mountain. On the last day of the forest, Mr. Wacker, who is a forester by profession, visited us with his colleagues on our forest site. After a short walk we went to a place where a large tree was sawn. The children were amazed at how loud a chainsaw can be. It was explained which work clothes or which work tools are important for a whale worker. Another forest worker came up with a logger and the children had the opportunity to ride in pairs, which impressed everyone. The children thanked the men with a forest song. As a souvenir, the children were allowed to take a small wooden disc home with them.

Ladybird in the forest

From June 28th, 2010 to July 9th, 2010, the children of the German beetle group "Forest Project".

The children and educators were looking forward to days in advance, as this is always a very special time.

It started off great on the first day, because the weather fairy had ordered sunny 18 ° – 25 ° for us. The forest days were planned in an interesting way with songs, handicrafts, stories, poems and much more. It started with a colorful program at the beginning and a forest birthday was celebrated. Then there was a four-legged surprise and the children were allowed to ride all ponies. Thanks Mrs. Lindecke and “Frami”.

On the following day there was also a visit for the children of the group of beetles. The forester Mr. Wacker picked up the children and teachers and walked with them for about 5 minutes. until then three forest workers waited. The work and especially the equipment were discussed in detail. "With" the children then felled a large beech tree and pulled it out of the forest. It was great that each child was allowed to ride a small round and get a wooden disc of the tree.

The first week was quickly over and the second started just as informatively as the first one ended. The visit today was called Mr. Senk and is a forester and forest educator. He explores various meadow flowers, small animals in the forest with the children and shows us traces of large forest dwellers. The children were able to memorize the many and precise information for a long time. Shortly before the end there was a big forest Olympics from which the award ceremony was held on the last day. Because on the last day the children got a personal visit. All parents were invited to the last forest day to experience a day and have a nice barbecue with the children, thanks to our loyal grill master “Maise”. A beautiful forest project is coming to an end and we look forward to next time.

Forest project mouse group 2010

Towards the end of the 14-day forest project, some mothers of the mouse group children came to a social picnic on the summer mountain. Any delicacies that were brought along were spread out in the middle of the seat circle so that everyone could access them and make themselves comfortable on a blanket. After this extensive breakfast, there was still plenty of room for playing games on the meadow, handicrafts with forest materials or role-playing: "Hansel and Gretel".

Many thanks to the “Mamas”, educator Sonja Poliwka and FSJ intern

Ramona Günthner, especially to Ms. Karin Daenecke, who in her role as a forest guide gave children fun information about tree bark.

Also a big thank you to forest pedagogue Mr. Manfred Senk and forester Mr. Andreas Wacker, who took a lot of time for the children as part of the forest project.

Summer party 2010

This year it was summer party of the Oberlin and Fröbel kindergarten are organized and set up together.

On Saturday, July 17th, 2010 the time had come and numerous families came to the sports field in Bad Wildbad.

As a greeting, Ms. Elke Miller-Mehret, kindergarten manager, spoke an inviting word and wished everyone a nice party.

The theme of the festival was Children of the World, and accordingly the guests were greeted with a children’s song by saying hello in different languages.

Then the journey through the countries started and the children of the group of mice started with drumming and homemade drums that led through Africa. The audience ended up being the big choir.

Then we went to Europe to the country of cheese and windmills, Holland. The ladybird children danced the Dutch dance with great costumes. In the second dance round, the children invited their parents to dance.

It became at home and the teddy bear children sang the song "We are the musicians and come from Swabia". The children accompanied their performance from Germany with instruments.

Now the journey continued across the ocean to America. The gnome children were beautifully disguised with feather headdresses and Indian tops and dancing to wild Indian music before ending the dance in a tipi.

It went back over the sea to Croatia. Here, too, the children were dressed up in elaborate costumes. The rainbow country children sang a children’s song in Croatian.

A program point followed, which takes place every year with a laughing and a crying eye. The farewell of preschoolers and interns.

The little ones, and the middle, children sang a farewell song and presented presents with the very best wishes.

Now it went to the cozy part and there was grilled meat and sausages with a varied salad buffet.

Then there was coffee and cake and there was plenty of time to chat comfortably.

The interns also offered games for the children.

As part of the summer festival, the donation check from "Festival of good deeds" presents.

On the open house day in June, the kindergartens collected a proud amount with the great support of their parents.

Many thanks to all hardworking helpers in the organization and implementation of the summer festival 2010.

Preschool night 2010

This year, the future schoolchildren were looking forward to spending the night in the kindergarten.

Full of anticipation, the children and their parents set up the very cozy mattress camp in the gym.

The children’s equipment was a sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight and favorite cuddly toy.

When everything was ready for the night, the grill was turned on despite the rain and there were delicious grill sausages with various salads.

Since it had unfortunately rained down, games were offered in the kindergarten, such as the chocolate betting dinner and much more.

When the rain let up a little we went out together to take a rain walk.

It quickly got dark and we went back to the kindergarten where nibbles were waiting.

With a "creepy" The children fell asleep pretty quickly.

The next morning this special experience was connected with a breakfast and the children went home a little tired after all.


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