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To help shape the future of our city as a teacher: Get to know Mersiha.

Fulfillment and challenge: Katrin talks about your everyday life as a daycare manager.

Language is the gateway to the world. Manuel opens it up for children.

Former finance officer, today educator. Why? Johannes knows exactly.

theory & Practice hand in hand: Nadja describes her part-time training.

Starting internship: Kristin explains why she stayed with us.

Administration as the backbone of good daycare work: Oliver reports from practice.

56 daycare centers in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Mitte, around 7,000 children aged between 0 and 6, 1,300 employees: that’s Kindergarten City, self-operated by the State of Berlin.
Our daycare centers, located in the heart of the capital, are characterized by their very different neighborhoods and the people who live in them. They are as diverse and exciting as our city. That is why we have the kindergarten that suits him or her for every educator.

Get to know us!

As one of the largest day care providers in the state of Berlin, we have ours
To offer employees more than others.



… Arrived well.

We are a large sponsor with very diverse daycare centers. With us, no daycare is like the other – and the is a good thing: Whether open work, reggio, media pedagogy or bilingualism: with us you will find the day care center, in which you can contribute your personal interests and strengths. We make it easier for new colleagues to get started with an induction concept and regularly invite them to welcome events. In the office there is an experienced contact person for your questions about the first year at Kindergarten City.

… progress personally.

Whether you are doing part-time training with us to become a state-recognized educator or working with us as an experienced manager: We support every employee with tailor-made training and further education opportunities that are free of charge for you. You can find out which are current here. In our learning and research workshop, we make educators fit for Berlin’s educational program and STEM funding. We accompany pedagogues on their way to becoming a specialist educator and create space for part-time studies with flexible part-time models. We support managers and those who want to become one with extensive one-year further training on "qualified day-care management" and beyond that with management workshops, mentoring, coaching and supervision.

… can make a difference.

Pedagogues with their own heads are very welcome with us, because we attach great importance not only to children and parents, but also to employees. With us you can contribute your ideas and will be heard: on site when designing your daycare center, but also in comprehensive committees and working groups at the sponsor. In our men’s working group, male colleagues find like-minded people for the professional exchange of their concerns.

… Think outside the box.

Each daycare center is a small, complex world in itself – but it is not alone in the Kindergarten City universe. That is why the personal exchange of our colleagues is very important to us. Once a year, we invite managers and educators to development workshops. Here we learn from each other and create networks that help us in everyday life. At "In the evening in the daycare" our daycare centers open their doors to colleagues from other houses and let them look over their shoulders. Through internships, you can "sniff" into other day care centers and, if you are interested, you can also swap jobs with a colleague from another house for longer. As part of a long-term cooperation with the Netherlands, our educators expand their daycare horizons on excursions to our Dutch neighbors or exchange jobs with Dutch colleagues for several weeks.

… feel safe.

As an in-house company of the State of Berlin, we offer you a secure job in Civil Service with all the associated advantages: regular and family-friendly working hours, pay according to the tariff with regular salary increases and 30 days of vacation a year. Thanks to our company pension scheme, you don’t have to worry about your finances as you get older. And should there be any conflicts, you have a strong staff representative who will advise and support you.

. be paid fairly.

When categorizing into the experience levels of the TV-L tariff table, we can determine if certain requirements Consider all of your relevant work experience – even if you have it outside of the public service. This will give you a payment right from the start that actually corresponds to your experience. You can read more about the collective agreement and its details here.

… stay healthy.

Working with children every day is very fulfilling – and very tiring. That is why we care about the health of our employees. We are continuously working to make working conditions as healthy as possible. Be it with the gradual equipping of all daycare centers with soundproof ceilings, climbing aids on changing tables or ergonomic nursery chairs. With our advanced training format "Well tuned!" We train educators in the healthy use of their most important working tool, the voice. In crisis situations, you can get psychological advice from an external cooperation partner anonymously and free of charge. And if a long illness has occurred, our company health management helps you to get back on board.

… have fun together.

Even after work, we do not neglect the fun. Whether you take part in the 5x5km team relay with colleagues, take part in the kindergarten city choir "Die Fliegen Noten", have fun with our cabaret group "Die Toten Visionäre" or just celebrate at one of our jointly organized summer parties: If you like, you can get to know our colleagues from a completely different side after work.


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