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Here you can help

Children with brain tumors

Every year, around 400 children in Germany develop brain tumors. The children often have to struggle for life with the consequences of the disease.

Here you can help

The forest pirate camp

The Waldpiraten-Camp is the only recreational camp for children with cancer in Germany. It is specifically tailored to their needs and serves to manage the disease.

Here you can help

Support research

In order to increase the chances of cure for children with cancer, every year important research projects are realized with the support of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Here you can help

Support for families

Families who are in distress as a result of their child’s cancer can, if proven needy, receive a one-time financial contribution from the Social Fund.


Donations to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation can be deducted for tax purposes because it is recognized as charitable and charitable for the promotion of benevolent and scientific purposes as well as the promotion of public health care.

Donate regularly

As a sponsoring member, you will regularly withdraw a predetermined amount from your account, with which you support the work of the German Childhood Cancer Foundation. Your regular donation helps us to plan for the long term, and so on. extensive research projects to secure. This ensures that the affected children receive the best possible medical care.

Donations as a company

Of course you can also support the German Childhood Cancer Foundation as a company. There are no limits to your imagination for active help – whether as boss or employee, as many great examples from the recent past show.

Donations instead of gifts

With a donation to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, you will also make your business partners happy. For example, by donating to our social fund, you can help families with a cancer patient in need. Your customers will certainly do without gifts!

Birthdays, Anniversary Celebrations: A good occasion to get your friends to donate to children with cancer. Under a keyword chosen by you, donations will be made to the account of the Kinderkrebsstiftung, by bank transfer or online.


You may have good reason not only to donate your assets to your children and relatives, but also to support other related persons or non-profit organizations whose work you value.


Like any charitable foundation, the German Childhood Cancer Foundation needs private donations. Endowments have a considerable advantage: they expand the capital of the foundation and thus increase the possibilities of helping children with cancer and their families.

DZI donation seal

The German Childhood Cancer Foundation has received the donation seal from the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI). The donation seal is only awarded to organizations that voluntarily undergo a very strict and intensive review process and demonstrably use their donations responsibly, sparingly and transparently.


The German Childhood Cancer Foundation and the German Leukemia Research Aid were once again awarded by the auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for their high-quality reporting to the donors when they awarded the Transparency Award 2012.

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