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The day care card makes it easier to register in kindergarten or with day care in the municipalities of Anröchte, Bad Sassendorf, Ense, Erwitte, Geseke, Lippetal, Möhnesee, Rüthen, Welver, Werl and Wickede (Ruhr). In the cities of Soest, Lippstadt and Warstein, the youth welfare offices there are the contact persons for daycare registration.

All families in the area of ​​responsibility of the district youth welfare office whose children were born from November 2, 2016 to November 1, 2018 will automatically receive the day care card for 2020/2021 by mail, provided the children are not already in a day care center or a day care worker are cared for.

Request daycare card

The district youth welfare office sent the new day care card at the end of October 2019. Families who have not automatically received a day care card can request it using the form:

You can request a daycare card for the current kindergarten year 2019/2020, valid until July 31, 2020 and / or for the upcoming kindergarten year 2020/2021, valid until July 31, 2021. The daycare card will be sent in October / November.

Alternatively, the daycare card can also be requested by email to [email protected] If you have any questions, please contact the Kita-Karte team on 02921 30-2065.

How does the day care card work??

  • The personal data, the desired scope of care and the desired daycare facility are entered on the inside. A second and third child day care facility can also be specified as an alternative or the request for a child day care worker. Childcare can be financially supported until the age of three.
  • The card only needs to be handed in once, in the desired facility.
  • The day care card is automatically forwarded to the second and third named facilities if the desired facility no longer has space.
  • If there are no places available, the youth welfare office staff will contact you and work with you to find other solutions.

The day care card does not replace a personal conversation in kindergarten. Please take a look at your preferred facilities beforehand and contact the respective kindergarten management.

admission criteria

Admission to a day-care center for children within the area of ​​responsibility of the Soest district youth welfare office is based on admission criteria that meet both the legally applicable requirements (Social Code VIII and the Child Education Act) and the specific criteria of the respective provider.

When deciding to admit a child are fundamental three Crucial criteria:

  • The child lives in the area of ​​responsibility of the district youth office in Soest.
  • The space allocation must not conflict with the legal requirements and must be within the applicable operating license.
  • The custodians agree to the respective concept of the facility.

In addition, carrier-specific criteria apply, which can vary depending on the sponsorship and are newly agreed annually and in consultation with the Council of Children’s Day Care Centers.

These can be: single parent, living alone, age structure, education, employment, childcare needs through employment, special needs of the child, family lives on site, sibling, child is over four Years old, mobility, social space and avoiding overcrowding.


In October The district youth welfare office sends the day care cards to the families
Till the end of November Registration with the day care card in the day care center
January Coordination talks with the district of Soest and the 11 municipalities
March Meeting of the youth welfare committee and decision on the need planning for children in day care centers and in child day care
March April provisional acceptance for kindergarten places by the institutions the parents; in all other cases the district youth welfare office will contact you
April written notification of the parents’ contribution to the parents from the Soest district youth welfare office
May Notice from the State Youth Welfare Office of North Rhine-Westphalia regarding the decision of the youth welfare committee
May June Conclusion of contracts between day care center or day care and parents

Why the daycare card?

With the daycare card, the district youth welfare office wants to improve the registration process and the allocation of places for the kindergarten year in order to make planning easier. The day care card celebrated its premiere in 2013. The district youth welfare office sent them to around 2,000 families. With this improvement of the registration process, individual needs in the care of a child and necessary exemptions were recognized at an early stage in order to be able to fulfill the legal claim for the children in the area of ​​responsibility of the district youth welfare office.

processing time

After receiving the day care card, the district youth welfare office contacts all parents for whom no day care place has yet been found.


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