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In our day care center, 140 children are looked after from the first year of life until they start school. We have four small groups for one to three year old children and four mixed age groups for three to six year olds. Our facility is open all year round from 6 a.m. to 5.30 p.m..

We pay attention to a healthy, child-friendly diet and offer a full lunch, snacks with fresh fruit and drinks throughout the day.

Our house was only extensively renovated in 2010 and now meets the latest standards. We not only have bright, child-friendly rooms, a learning workshop and our own gym, but also a large outdoor area with lots of trees and bushes. Our spacious playground borders the "grove", which the groups like to visit for smaller excursions.

The children are particularly enthusiastic about our movement construction sites and develop many creative and imaginative games here. In winter, our own toboggan mountain in the garden becomes a special attraction for small and large winter athletes.

The "Centipede" daycare center is located in a quiet location near the two local primary schools.

Every child is special and unique. That should be the case in our facility, because it is important to us to treat children with respect.

Our educators work life-oriented in the sense of discovery-based learning. Awakening joy and curiosity about life and strengthening and promoting small personalities is the main focus of their work. Every day offers countless opportunities to discover new things and research them together. Feeling, thinking, perceiving and moving are inextricably linked in childhood development. That is why we have created conditions so that our children can play and learn with all their senses and lots of movement can. Because playing is the job of children.

There’s always something going on in our daycare. There are many highlights, events, interesting projects and beloved rituals for the children. We are happy to involve parents. We have a learning workshop for small researchers and workbenches for small craftsmen in the house. We promote musical talents and offer participation in early musical education free of charge.

Our baby club is open to all interested parents and children.

Two weeks We offer free "trial time" for every child.

Our ABC shooters are looking forward to school and are open to new things, because we maintain many collaborations, for example with Grundschule 1, the Häselriether Sportverein and BSI.

Future school beginners will receive special support in our “Maxi Club”. You can also get a “computer driver’s license” or learn English in a playful and free way in the “Clever Kids” club. Once a week the "big ones" look forward to their own "forest day" with special projects and games.

at most We offer free childcare for parents’ evenings.

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“Centipede” daycare center
Waldstrasse 10
98646 Hildburghausen

Leader: Kathleen Ebert

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