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A healthy living space for everyone

The AWO “Pusteblume” daycare center is located in the center of the Frankenthal municipality. In 1958, a kindergarten was opened in the building, sponsored by the municipality. In 2006 our day care center was handed over to the workers’ welfare organization. We look after children from the age of 1 until they start school. The childcare times can be selected individually for 4.5, six or nine hours and can thus be optimally adapted to the respective family situation.

Our day care center guarantees the fulfillment of the statutory age and development-specific educational, upbringing and childcare mandate within the framework of an overall concept that focuses on promoting the personality of the child. Our educational focus is on health education and exercise and nutrition. Above all, health promotion should be integrated step-by-step and permanently into day-to-day nursery life. The daycare center thus becomes the central place for health promotion and thus also a healthy living space for everyone.

6.15 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Further information

Our day care center sees itself as a family-supplementing and family-supporting facility. The legal framework for our work is provided by SGB VIII-KJHG, SächsKitaG and the Sächsische Bildungsplan.

Based on our development, our daycare represents and lives the guiding principles and the guiding principle of worker welfare. Our children experience a value-based upbringing and respect for the individuality of each child. We offer children a protected space and framework in which they can feel safe and secure. The child is our focus. We accept it in its personality, strengthen its self-confidence and promote its independence. We are guided by the interests of children, their families and the actions, learning processes, acquisition of skills and abilities that children need to survive in future life.

Important points of orientation in the design of everyday daycare and our projects are celebrations and celebrations, the different seasons and experiences that move the children. The planning of our educational work is flexible and supplemented by targeted offers. The physical, mental and mental well-being of the children is very important in our facility. Movement promotes perception and is an elementary component in dealing with oneself and the environment. The children get to know their own body with its reactions and important signals.

Health and healthy nutrition are a very important aspect of our educational work. Our facility has a children’s kitchen where fresh meals are prepared. We see the daycare as a living space. All employees are responsible for healthy eating behavior in children and adults

  • Regular gymnastics once a week in the community gym
  • Nutrition projects in collaboration with health insurance companies
  • "Cooking school" for children
  • Cooperation with local companies and institutions
  • My body: how do i feel? How do you feel?
  • Cultivating linguistic rituals: table sayings, Fingering, roundtables
  • Development documentation, portfolio design
  • Listening and reading stories; Cooperation with the reading school of the primary school
  • Cross-generational work: Visits to the supervised live the AWO
  • Organization of Grandma-Grandpa Day
  • Singing and making music together in day-to-day nursery life
  • Exercise options: children’s sports, children’s soccer, daycare center sports festival, annual Flizzy sports badge, participation in tots’ Olympics
  • Joint projects with parents, sports afternoons, hikes, cooking and baking together
form of care care time Zählkind family single parent
crib maximum 9 hours 1 child € 180.00 € 162.00
2nd child € 108.00 € 97.00
3rd child € 36.00 € 32.00
4th child
6 hours maximum 1 child € 120.00 € 108.00
2nd child € 72.00 € 65.00
3rd child € 24.00 € 22.00
4th child
maximum 4.5 hours 1 child € 90.00 € 81.00
2nd child € 54.00 € 49.00
3rd child € 18.00 € 16.00
4th child
kindergarten maximum 9 hours 1 child € 95.00 € 86.00
2nd child € 57.00 € 52.00
3rd child € 19.00 € 17.00
4th child
6 hours maximum 1 child € 63.00 € 57.00
2nd child € 38.00 € 34.00
3rd child € 13.00 € 11.00
4th child
maximum 4.5 hours 1 child € 48.00 € 43.00
2nd child € 29.00 € 26.00
3rd child € 10.00 € 9.00
4th child


Sabine Jung

AWO day care center "Dandelion"
Alte Strasse 8, 01909 Frankenthal


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