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Parents lament injustice: tips for daycare registration

Updated: 8/5/17 1:09 PM

Many parents believe that the allocation of daycare places is unfair, but the rules are actually clear. What you need to consider.

Munich – Until January 2017, there was a loophole that caused many parents to resort to unfair methods in search of a day care center. Because: Who gave false information about the working hours of the parents – and their chances on one Space so increased only had to expect to be exposed in exceptional cases. In the meantime, when the child is admitted to the crèche, kindergarten or after-school care, the city demands and verifies working times across the board. Nevertheless, some parents still doubt that everything is done correctly when the places are allocated.

For example Besa Zaskoku and Yvonne Siegl. Both Munich residents live in the Au and are currently looking for a crèche place for their youngest. Together they wrote a letter to OB Dieter Reiter, explaining that "the allocation of places often has nothing to do with justice".

In the thicket of the registration process, there are still some things that parents need to know in order to take advantage of their chances of finding a childcare place.

You need to know this for a daycare registration in Munich

  • Even if the registration for two thirds of all places in daycare centers and after-school care centers now runs via the daycare finder: The city expressly recommends that you contact the facilities in question before registering online – “to get an impression of the To provide premises, from the house concept and from the sponsor ”, as the educational department says. For all day care centers that occupy their places according to the municipal statutes, a personal visit has no effect on the occupancy of the places. These are only awarded according to urgency.
  • Also, constant calls and inquiries to establishments, which prove according to the municipal statutes, may – contrary to the assumption of many – have no effect on the allocation of a place.
  • Independent organizations and in particular parent-child initiatives (Eki) can but make participation in an "open day" a requirement for parents who want a place. However, according to the education department, this must also be stated in the parent portal of the daycare finder. Since the primary tasks in Ekis are carried out by parents on a voluntary basis, they also decide on the allocation of places.

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  • Institutions and sponsors that are not bound by the municipal statutes are responsible for allocating the places in their institutions. It should be explained which criteria apply to the award here. Besa Zaskoku and Yvonne Siegl have been told in various such facilities that registration only makes sense for eight to nine hours five days a week, i.e. 40 to 45 hours per week, for a crèche child. Zaskoku, who works full-time but can divide up the time, criticizes the fact that "you are punished if you want to spend time with your children".
  • Proof of the parents’ working hours must first can be provided when the child is admitted to a crèche, kindergarten or after-school care. According to Ulrich Lobinger, spokesman for the education department, it makes no sense that information about the job is checked as soon as you register, because "the urgency does not have to exist at this point in time". Many mothers only start working again when the child goes to the crèche.

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