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Understand technology through your own design

Why doesn’t a high tower overturn? How do you build a bridge so that it doesn’t collapse? Children are fascinated by technical contexts and try to understand them early on. At "KiTec – Children discover technology", these questions are answered in an age-appropriate manner. An exciting journey begins ….!

Whether cycling, in the company or at home: technology surrounds us and shapes our everyday life. KiTec helps children in daycare, primary school and the first years of secondary schools to quench their thirst for knowledge in the field of technology and to become creative themselves.

Children want to be active shape. Practical, technical work gives the children joy and makes the context of everyday life understandable. With age-appropriate tool and material boxes, KiTec leaves plenty of scope for your own ideas and creativity. In this way, projects in the areas of construction, vehicle and electrical engineering can be implemented. The children create their own building – thereby expanding their knowledge and inventiveness.

The goals of KiTec:

Children and teenagers …

  • are enthusiastic and fascinated by technical contexts
  • understand physical-technical relationships
  • solve technical challenges independently, creatively and team-oriented

Effective seal from Phineo for KiTec

The knowledge factory is awarded the Phineo effect seal for particularly effective work in STEM education. KiTec is fun and fit for the future, is the conclusion of the analysts of the consulting firm.

Another reason for awarding the seal was the scientific evaluation of the project. What is the impact of the hands-on project? What experiences do children and teachers have in the implementation of KiTec? With the evaluation through scientist the Justus Liebig University Gießen was able to demonstrate that the project has increased interest in technical issues. The project makes schoolchildren more interested and open to technology and they also use tools more often at home. The study demonstrates the enormously important further development of children’s skills and actions in the field of technology, based on the offer of the knowledge factory and its network companies. Read more in the summary of the evaluation under Downloads.

This is how the project is implemented

The Knowledge Factory is based on the concept of an educational partnership. Members of the network partner with a daycare, elementary or secondary school. In the case of further training, the teachers or educators are introduced to the project. The company provides the haptic materials for the implementation. There are no costs for educational institutions.

Good practice examples

Find out here You more about the successful implementation of our KiTec projects. Send us your success stories and promote the good practice exchange!

Trumpf and the children’s and family center in Hemmingen: The children’s and family center has been implemented by KiTec together with the Trumpf company since 2016. The children build with a lot of fun and also learn about technical issues. During a tour of the Trumpf factory, the children were able to discover even more technology.

Bosch and the KiGa St. Anna in Bamberg as well as the Regenbogen Mittagsbetreuung in Memmelsdorf: The Bosch company successfully implements KiTec in several daycare centers in the region. In the KiGa St. Anna the children built their own wagons, in the rainbow lunchtime supervision a crib with a hut, star singers and animals was built.

Storopack and the Uhland school in Glems: the EKII class held a fairy tale KiTec day, in which each student recreated a fairy tale figure as a stick puppet. Storopack is also implementing the KiTec project with other schools in the area and has put together a few implementation examples. You can find more examples here.

BASF and the Friedrich elementary school in Weinheim: BASF used KiTec as a peer-to-peer project in which high school students design and build together with primary school students.

Bosch Rexroth and four primary schools near Lohr: Bosch Rexroth supports the transfer of basic technical knowledge to primary schools in the area with the help of the KiTec project.


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