Klimperklein onlineshop – sewing patterns as ebooks to make children’s clothing very easy

eBook wrap shirt

Sew a cute and practical wrap shirt in sizes 44-104 with snap fasteners, ties or simply with a cute wrap look with this eBook.

eBook cuddly suit

The cuddly suit lives up to its name in all situations: Sewn from sweat, nicki, stretch terry or the like, your little one is always wrapped up cuddly.
No slipping up, no pinching and pushing. Whether on the sofa, for sleeping or just around the clock, suits are for babies and toddlers simply the perfect garment!

eBook Kinderkle >

The children’s dress is a cute dress with a slip neckline, also called an American neckline. It comes in individual sizes from 44 to 134, sits narrow in the chest area and swings downwards in the A-line.

eBook checker pants

The checker pants are a casually cut pair of pants with only a low crotch, which gives babies and toddlers lots of freedom of movement and space for even the thickest diaper package.

Wide cuffs on the abdomen and legs guarantee a comfortable fit and long growth.

With an optional saddle and real or fake bags, you can always create new ones models design and top up the wardrobe within minutes with the basic version.

eBook wrap body

Baby bodysuits are cute and practical at the same time: no annoying pulling over your head, just unbutton, button up, done.
After this eBook you can sew wrap bodies from size 44 to 104.

eBook jacket

The jacket is a basic pattern that can be used in all situations: whether as a cozy sweat jacket, a lined transition jacket or even as a warm winter jacket.
Only minimal adaptations are necessary to adapt the pattern to all your wishes and all fabrics.

The focus is on professional workmanship: jackets that look “as if they were bought”, but in your very own design!
Vouchers, stripes and attractive pocket variants make it possible.

Sleeves, hood and fanny pack for the strap >

Now the strap dress is closed everyone Season: This addition comes with sleeves, hood and fanny pack and makes your clothes fit for autumn, winter and spring!

eBook carrier adhesive >

Well dressed for all occasions, this eBook is guaranteed.
The strap dress that is absolutely suitable for beginners is sewn from stretchy fabrics and is extraordinarily versatile: Whether as a simple A-line dress, as a tunic, with ruffles or valance, with insert and decorative button placket, it always varies.
To top it off, there are two sleeves to choose from, for which the eBook has a complete extra pattern with optimized armholes:
The cap sleeves cover the shoulders in a smart and straight cut, the cap sleeves are romantically gathered at the base and look particularly cute.


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