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Whether you are sniffing ball house air for the first time during the day the open Door, in continuous dance courses from standard Latin to the club premium level or just want to try swinging, tango argentino, disco fox or salsa – in the dance school Ballhaus Walzerlinksstrickt you will find the perfect setting in Berlin Kreuzberg to learn to dance and feel good.

Welcome to the waltz of the 20s!

Freedom, life and pleasure breathe here – pure dance pleasure.

In 2020, we are going on a seductive, sparkling journey through time in the Ballhaus and are reviving the lifestyle of the golden 20s. Step inside and become part of a wonderfully tingling world: at CHARLESTON, the dance of the year, you can swing your endlessly long legs. Workshops will be available from February 2020.

And at the FLAPPERBALL in March, the sequin dresses will glitter in the evening light when the hot success numbers of the 20s electrify our halls. We can already promise that this night is a sin!

For the BEGINNERS, too, the sparks are sparkling at the beginning of the year: OPEN HOUSE is on Saturday January 11th and from January 12th beginners can start their dance course in the waltz.

Hard to believe . 100 years and so close: We will experience the next 20s together live and in color.

Let’s make it “golden”!

Last chance – we are almost fully booked!

You will find the last places on Wednesdays from January 15th and on Fridays from January 17th. Get it! The dance season is just around the corner .

Now join our new beginner courses Standard Latin flexibly and learn dances like slow waltz – Viennese waltz – Foxtrot – Discofox – Boogie – Cha Cha Cha – Salsa. Just start dancing in the most beautiful ball house in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

With 99 € for 9x 90 minutes you are there .


Special workshop with Gerd

Walking and standing in the standard
"You will never walk alone!" for club dancers

Sat / Sun 08/09/09 February 2020 13.00-15.00

Lindy Charleston

Special workshop with Maxi

The entry for Bloody Beginnner
in the Berlin scene dance!

Sat / Sun 15./16. February 2020 13.00-15.00

Viennese waltz

Special workshop with Inga & Hartmut

Vibrant gyroscope in three-quarter time
for club dancers

Sat / Sun 15./16. February 2020 13.00-15.00


Special workshop with Jesse

"Nearly & Furious" on the dance floor"
for club dancers

Sat / Sun 22./23. February 2020 13.00-15.00

Discofox and Swing "twice a week"

Due to the high demand, we offer Discofox and Swing twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Standard Latin

Kreuzberg dances standard Latin: learn to dance knitted in the waltz and knit a good figure on every floor – from beginners to professionals


We knew it: With the "all-rounder" of all dances, you always get on well with dance. You will learn the "Saturday Night Fever" in our Open Classes


SwingTime is FunTime! Swinging fever rules with original Lindy Hop knitted in the left waltz. More about our Swing Open Classes

Tango Argentino

The magic of Argentina, the tango on the Rio de la Plata and the tangoflair of Berlin – you can experience everything up close at our Tango Open Classes and the Tango Night


Knitted Salsa Cubana in waltz links: You can experience live how the Ballhaus becomes a Latino club in our new Salsa Open Classes and weekend workshops

Wedding Crash

In love, engaged, in the weighing step: our crash course for wedding couples, party guests & Co. serves waltz, foxtrot and discofox on a silver tray


Fast and compact on your free weekend: Our WorkShops Discofox, Tango Argentino, Salsa and Swing make you fit for the dance scenes in Berlin

Prices & Vouchers

How much the world costs …

… we don’t know exactly. The good news: the dance worlds knitted in the waltz are absolutely affordable. It starts at 8 euros for an open class


Give away three-four time? Good idea! Because with it you get your loved ones and friends in motion. Our vouchers are 1 year valid and transferable to all course formats

Your way to dance

Many roads lead to Rome and knitted in the waltz! Whether dance class, open class or work shop at the weekend: You can decide – and your schedule

To get to know

Come on in: Our ball house is a wonderful place to dance. Anyone who wants to sniff this atmosphere is always welcome – to watch and chill out at the bar

Open house

Open Doors on the Open Day on Saturday, March 7th, 2020: Immerse yourself in the colorful world of waltz links – with a free hour and information about the concept and courses

Tango Night

A must for all tango aficionados: The "Milonga" with Michael Rühl has been Berlin’s tango night classic since 1997 and guarantees the very best company

To practice & pleasure

Course participants, guests and strollers have fun in the Ballhaus with dance music that is simply fun makes – from “classics” to charts. Come and dance without registration!

20 years

20 years knitting waltz: we said “Thank you!” In 2017 – and reminisced for you. How about an insight into our commemorative publication?

Your company event

The atmosphere, the experience and the professionalism make it important: companies like to celebrate and meet knitted in the waltz. Our list of references is long

Your wedding party

Trust us: As a full service location, we offer everything from a single source – from a festive setting with our own catering, djay and all the ingredients for your party

Would you like a virtual tour knitted in the waltz? Yes, that is also possible. Welcome to the most beautiful ball house in Kreuzberg!


For us, dancing is simply part of life. Our newsletter contains news, offers – and gossip & Gossip about the dance scene. more …


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