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Monday September 8, 2008


May I present you? Simply, my first scarf according to my own instructions.
Yarn from Steffis Wollzauber 200gr., A gift from dear Marlies. As a sock yarn, it was too beautiful for me. The yarn is wonderfully soft and a fine sheen brings out the colors even better.
Cast on 80 stitches
Nd. 4.5; 45×200 cm unstressed.
Despite hours of trying, I unfortunately did not manage to make the instructions really nice and as you are used to. I can definitely knit better (without sounding arrogant) than working with the pc. Maybe there will still be a victim and otherwise I will set her up as I wrote it by hand. * If desired at all *
Addendum: Many thanks to everyone who offered to help me. I am truly overwhelmed: specificallyMarliesand mineSohnemann(click on the band; the one with the cool t-shirt) who sacrificed their time for me.
The instructions are now online in the right blog section :-)
The 2 patterns are very easy to knit. Very suitable for beginners :-)

I can very well imagine the scarf knitted with Uru wool. The pattern will be even more delicate with this wool.


the scarf is so beautiful. great. and I would take the instructions straight away, whether handwritten or. no matter.
dear greetings from brigitte

Dear Nina,
I also really like the scarf. I still have wool and could use some instructions. Just a little time for all my projects would also be great.
LG, Catrin.

Hoi Nina
wowww super beautiful scarf. Heee that with the You can easily create instructions if I can. just try. Liebs Grüessli Marlies

Hi Nina,
the scarf has just become beautiful. I also like the color very much.
best regards

I also like the scarf very much! The instructions can also be handwritten. but if you want, i would help you to put it in written form ;-)
Just get in touch if you want my help!

Liebi Grüess – ZiZi

I’m excited. You designed and knitted a great scarf.

The scarf has become great and this nice warm color is still – to cuddle in.

i don’t know what to say except great! Simply great, in the truest sense of the word :-).

Hello Nina,
there is so much new to see! When can you do it all? Simply adorable, your new scarf!
best regards,

Person Nina, it looks soooo great what you designed there. Chapeau.

Greetings from the ANdrea

Dear Nina
Congratulations on your first (hopefully not last) own instructions. This scarf is something of a class, I copy the pattern, even if it is written by hand :-)

I wish you a nice day

another wonderful piece.

Hello Nina,
the scarf is beautiful, great color !! I would want the pattern right away.

Your Simply is beautiful – congratulations! I would also be happy to receive the instructions.
best regards,

please set the instructions; o)
The scarf looks really great and I would also like to knit it!

Hello Nina,
the scarf really looks soooo beautiful! I would therefore be very interested in the instructions.

So you and your towels, really great. You have succeeded in a beautiful cloth again, great :-)

Hello Nina!
It has become a beautiful scarf.
My "To do list" gets a little bit longer again.
best regards
moon Elbe

As they say . "The simply the best" or something * grin * your scarf is really great and I also like the color, my taste :-)

It has become incredibly beautiful, absolutely fantastic!

You really feel like knitting lace again when you see such beautiful results.

Hello Nina,
thanks for your comment on the little elephant – that’s how I discovered your wonderful blog;
your works make you want to knit it with the cloth
Best regards and a good day

It has become beautiful.
I downloaded the instructions immediately, thanks for that!

Hello Nina, the scarf is awesome, thanks to everyone who helped you with the instructions, but also a big compliment, just great.

thanks for the instructions, great job. again something new on my list :-(
greetings from brigitte

congratulations to you, you young designer !!
Very nice, your first guide. Just keep it up ;-))

Oh wow, the scarf looks great, the color is great too.
Very very nice.

LG from Netty [who will get the instructions for sure :-)]

the cloth has become beautiful again!

P.S. But there are 2 guys in the band with the same surname. The cool t-shirt can only be HD. Or? *G*

I am heavy impressed.class.

Wow. The scarf has become beautiful. Congratulations. And that you have also written a manual for it I find terrific * smile. I think I already know what I’m going to knit there soon * smile.

Best wishes and many more creative Wishes you ideas


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