Knorr baby voletto pushchair test – the test winner 2015

The Knorr Baby Voletto stroller is a combi model. It has integrated a seat unit and can be used as a stroller in the first phase of life in the six months and then converted into a stroller with an integrated seating position by a convertible seat unit (test report updated on 07.12.2016).

Knorr Baby Voletto pram

This means that it can be used for several years and is one of our favorite strollers. But what needs to be said right away: it is not one of the cheap models. Although it does not belong in the luxury price segment, but with about 550-600 € you are already there.

But the Knorr Baby Voletto has a lot to offer. And the model also looks good. With this combi stroller you can definitely be seen everywhere. With high quality sliders, which are adjustable in height, you can adjust the aluminum frame correctly for your purposes. It is extremely easy to fold, which we particularly liked in the test.

And the suspension is also impressive. Very large air wheels with a ball bearing ensure that your child is not shaken too much even on somewhat bumpy surfaces. Because Knorr has saved nothing here and also has a qualitative one very good telescopic suspension installed. This allows the degree of hardness to be adjusted. So the model moves very smoothly and well sprung on all surfaces.

The materials are also very high quality and are after Oeko-Tex standard checked (More about that Experienced You here). As a result, they ensure that it is very skin-friendly and breathable. This ensures that your child is optimally cared for even in very warm temperatures.

Test criterion 1: functionality and processing

The Knorr Baby Voletto combi stroller actually brings almost everything in functionality that the heart desires. On super light aluminum frame with a qualitative excellent telescopic suspension and generous fancy tire, with an attractive ball bearing, ensure excellent sliding and driving feel. The model is very smooth and easy to roll even by weaker people. Optimal.

Good brake

And when it goes downhill, the superbly fitting brakes apply quickly and without effort. How to get it Knorr Baby strollers quickly secured – even in sloping places. The baby lies comfortably padded in the carrycot and the head area can also be adjusted here.

In the first six months of your life, you can transport the baby comfortably and easily remove the carrycot when you switch to the car, for example. This remove is functionally flawless and is very easy. Cheaper models sometimes cause problems and it is very jerky and often wakes the baby up.

Sun protection and rain protection well solved

This is absolutely not the case here and your baby will continue to sleep peacefully. The hood is also easy to fold and sun protection and rain protection can be attached quickly if required. Converted as a sports car attachment, the backrest can be individually adjusted in different seating degrees. This also works quickly and easily. The same applies to the footrest.

The hood can be adjusted and removed on the sides. Everything done in seconds and no annoyance. An exemplary solution for this combi pushchair from Knorr. The manufacturers have also thought about shopping and attached a shopping basket that is very generous in volume, but is still not annoying.

Wonderful look

Knorr Baby with a great look

We especially liked the design and look of this model. It just looks great and cuts a fine figure in every situation. After all, even as a parent you don’t want to drive around the area with an ugly pram.

The Knorr Voletto stroller is available in various designs and numerous color variations. Of course, the manufacturer also thought of a pink version for mothers who love pink. In our experience, there are quite a few of them.

The materials are tested according to the Oeko-Tex standard and secure your child. Breathability is a must with Knorr Baby strollers and it can also get a little warmer.

Test criterion 2: handling and operation

The Knorr Baby stroller convinces us here its light weight of less than eleven kilos. The super functional aluminum frame, which is very light and the attachment is designed so that it is relatively light for a combi stroller. This greatly simplifies handling.

Many security functions

Especially when it comes to going uphill, this is a real help compared to heavier models. Safety bar and a 5-point seat belt with a nice padding secure your child and relieve you of a worry. Sun protection and rain protection are easy to attach and can be installed in seconds if required.

Baby tub easily removable

The carrycot can be removed very easily and the manufacturer even thought of a diaper bag including changing mat when it came with the delivery. The height-adjustable slide is very smooth and did not cause any problems in the test. Also not the adjustable backrest and the footrest. The pushchair attachment, like the carrycot, weighs 5.5 kg. The frame didn’t even weigh eleven kilos.

You can’t complain about that with a combination stroller. Of course there is buggy lighter, but this is a fully functional combination stroller of the premium middle class. Due to its good suspension properties, it is also suitable for limited off-road use and can also be used on hikes on normal paths without any problems. In handling and operation, this Knorr Baby model fully convinced us with a very high score.

Test criterion 3: customer ratings and reviews

The Knorr Baby Voletto combi stroller scores on various rating portals and also on Amazon consistently very high ratings by customers. And that with numerous reviews. The vast majority of buyers seem to be satisfied with this product and we found the same thing in our review. The Knorr Baby combi stroller brings everything that makes young parents happy.

Test criterion 4: price-performance ratio

The model is in the middle price segment. It is not a bargain, but it cannot offer this functionality and processing. Because if you want quality, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. And there are still many, much more expensive ones here models, but they also did not convince us with their overall concept with price like this Knorr Baby model. From a price-performance point of view, it falls for us rather and in the bargain category, because it belongs to the top strollers in terms of functionality, processing and handling.

Conclusion on the test

For us, the Knorr Baby Voletto stroller is one of the best combination strollers you can get in this price range. He convinced us in all test categories and that’s why he is our 2015 test winner in the combi stroller category become. We can fully recommend the purchase of this model and as a young parent you will enjoy this product for a long time.


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