Knorr combination stroller with baby car seat in comparison

Updated on: November 2nd, 2019

On Knorr combination stroller offers everything a parent’s heart desires, and even more: Lumi Lum, Classico, Noxxter, Voletto or Nizza are just a few of the high-quality examples from the product range of Knorr prams. Classic colors and designs make a Knorr stroller an elegant accessory.

A commodity like a stroller is stylishly and qualitatively equipped at Knorr. In principle, conversions from baby strollers to pushchairs are possible with all models. Numerous accessories allow the product to grow with your child, making it an investment that pays off in the long term, since you only have to buy a single car. Just take a look at the range of prams on the website, or Experienced See more about children’s station wagons in the text below.

Knorr combination stroller with lots of accessories

You come as a parent Knorr combination stroller benefit, at the latest when from the small Baby becomes a bigger toddler. You can expand and change the stroller accordingly for your child and do not need to buy another stroller again. Simply remove the baby seat and the pushchair seat and the journey can begin.

Other important accessories are also included, such as a color-matching diaper bag that easily accommodates the contents for a day trip and can be conveniently hung over the stroller. So you don’t have to carry a bag, the car does it for you.

In addition, the set includes a parasol and a rain protection film, so you can end your walk or shopping trip in wind and weather without endangering your child or offer the child’s eyes sufficient protection against glaring sun rays. If you want a model that not every second “drives” in the park, take a look at the limited editions of the Knorr combi stroller. The model "Voletto – Polka Dots Limited Editions white-black" is an example of the collection, which is available in limited quantities and can therefore most likely lead to the uniqueness of the car in the crawling group.

Not only a beautiful design is important for the Knorr pram, safety is also very important. All products are manufactured to the best of our knowledge and under European standards, which you can recognize from the various seals and awards. A two-year warranty on a new car from Knorr and the specialist dealer literally gives you the guarantee that she with will drive the stroller well.

The Knorr company

The Knorr GmbH company & Co. KG is a family business that is run by the third generation. Founded as a manufacturing company for strollers, Knorr is now an established company for strollers and dolls, which is at home on the international market. With new collections that are presented every year and a wide range of design ideas, Knorr forms a large product range on the market.

What is created in Germany is also manufactured according to German regulations: All articles are manufactured in accordance with the European safety standard EN 1888. Knorr sells the product range under the brands "Knorr-Pram-Maker" and "little Friends", which already has everything from children’s strollers to sports cars that make the hearts of parents and children beat faster. Even handy children’s suitcases and backpacks are part of the company’s colorful range. Use the dealer locator on the company’s website to find a contract partner near you.


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