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The Knorrtoys stroller list is really long. Because, as the parents’ experience reports confirm, the Knorrtoys range of doll strollers is just as diverse as you would expect from a manufacturer of regular strollers. In the comparison and in the Knorrtoys stroller test, the brand scores above all with the fact that some of the Knorrtoys doll strollers can even be converted like a real combination stroller. The Knorrtoys buggy also turns into a stroller for the baby and vice versa.

The pushchair attachment and the baby seat for the doll are of course cheap to buy as a set. In the Knorrtoys stroller test, the fact that these plastic baby strollers were also made for different designs was very positive > Test report for doll strollers was chosen as the test winner. Since these have been processed to a high quality, the Knorrtoys buggy test also confirms that the doll’s strollers can also be used without hesitation.

The Knorrtoys prams

In the Knorrtoys pram test, we put the doll combi prams in particular to the test. I agree like you Idol, with the you can transport real children, the doll’s prams are equipped with double swivel wheels. So even if you are transporting a doll instead of a child, the doll strollers from the Knorrtoys Buggy Test can be used to get around every corner. These innovative combination strollers can also be converted for your own children’s dolls in just a few simple steps. Even the doll mommy can switch between the carrycot and the make a fast sports seat very easily.

A footmuff is also included, so you don’t have to buy it separately, like the spare parts. The experiences of the parents show that the children enjoy the fact that they can take care of their doll or teddy with a Knorrtoys buggy just like a real child. After all, the doll shouldn’t have cold feet in winter either, so the footmuff that comes with the Knorrtoys buggy is very popular.

In the Knorrtoys buggy test, the shopping network for doll strollers also scored highly. Because here the children can even accommodate a few little things. Thanks to the soft covering of the slide, the doll’s strollers can be steered even more comfortably. The hood can also be folded back if necessary or can protect the doll from the sun. With the Knorrtoys doll buggies, most doll mums will have their real joy. For many toddler girls in particular, there could hardly be a more wonderful gift than such a doll’s pram plus doll.

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