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Since October 2014 you will find our new KU64 SMILE & swiss smile prophylaxis shop at Ku’damm 65. Here the KU64 SMILE specialists in cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer swiss smile offer you bleaching, prophylaxis and the exclusive dental care product range of the Swiss Premium Dental Care line.

Exclusive: The KU64 SMILE & swiss smile prophylaxis shop at Kudamm 65

Swiss smile opens its first flagship store in Germany on the ground floor of KU64 at Kurfürstendamm 65. swiss smile products could previously only be ordered online or from selected dentists.

Now patients and customers have the opportunity to test and purchase the complete range of the exclusive swiss smile line on site at KU64 SMILE & swiss smile with expert advice. In future, new products from the premium line will be available exclusively in Germany, initially in the flagship store.

Brighten your smile – with a bleaching at KU64

In addition to appropriate care products, the KU64 SMILE & swiss smile Prophylaxishop also offers aesthetic medical treatments and dental whitening. Chairside or power bleaching is carried out uncomplicatedly and with the most modern methods at KU64 and takes approx. 90 minutes. Several layers of a special gel are applied to the teeth and the active ingredient is activated by a special lamp. The lamp improves the result of tooth whitening by up to 8 shades.

Our gentle and very effective tooth whitening concept, in which you can of course determine the future colour of your teeth yourself, will convince you! The KU64 team, with its many years of experience and intensive training, will help you to achieve a brilliant white smile – now in partnership with swiss smile.

swiss smile: Exceptional care products from Switzerland

The premium line swiss smile stands for exquisite cosmetic products for dental care and dental cosmetics and has become the market leader in Switzerland for oral care products with aesthetic requirements over the past 7 years. In this way, the indispensable oral care becomes a sensual experience.

The products of the Swiss Premium Dental Care line are thus a perfect match for our bleachings: first, the discolouration of the teeth is whitened, for example by power bleaching, and then the special care products help to preserve the result for a long time.

swiss smile and CURAPROX: A combination of aesthetics and experience

The swiss smile products were developed together with the renowned oral hygiene specialist CURADEN/CURAPROX. CURADEN/CURAPROX has 40 years of experience and is active in 60 countries. The know-how of around 200,000 dentists with whom CURAPROX exchanges information also benefits the development of swiss smile products.

The product line is based on high-purity active ingredients produced using state-of-the-art technology. Peroxides, fruit acids and abrasive particles are not used.

The swiss smile dental care system – developed according to a professional clinic concept

swiss smile is the first professional dental care system based on a clinic concept. The swiss smile concept, as known from cosmetics, is based on different metabolic day and night needs (e.g. day and night creams): the brightly packaged “whitening” products are designed for the day – they mobilize energy. At night, the darkly packaged products, such as herbal herbal toothpaste, contribute to regeneration and relaxation and reduce nutrients.

The premium products also strike a balance between mildness and efficiency: due to their softness, the products can be used daily with the highest possible effectiveness. Discoloration can thus be easily prevented and after professional bleaching with KU64, swiss smile products offer the perfect protection so that you can enjoy the radiant result for longer.

Toothbrushes from swiss smile

The swiss smile toothbrushes are useful for daily dental care. The patented two-component toothbrushes in the “whitening” or “soft” versions have 6-10 times more bristles than a standard toothbrush, which means that the brushes adapt optimally to your tooth surface and clean it particularly thoroughly. This prevents bad breath.

To clean the interdental spaces, swiss smile has developed an innovative tooth band made of cures which, unlike nylon dental floss, does not change its structure when it comes into contact with moisture, as can be seen from the result of the cleaning.

The swiss smile Pearl Shine Conditioner – a world first

The Pearl Shine Conditioner is an absolute novelty, which loosens dirt, compensates for uneven teeth and permanently seals the surface of your teeth. The foam with micronized oyster mother-of-pearl made of calcium hydroxyl apatite creates a lotus effect, so that new dirt such as lipstick no longer adheres and your teeth get a natural pearlescent effect.

The Pearl Shine Conditioner, all other swiss smile products and the complete CURAPROX product range (including the innovative black whitening toothpaste with activated carbon) are available from the KU64 SMILE & swiss smile prophylaxis shop, Kurfürstendamm 65 (ground floor).

The KU64 SMILE & swiss smile Prophylaxishop – Swiss Premium Dental Care meets Berlin Premium Dentistry from KU64.

swiss smile d’Or – the golden tooth gel

The new transparent d’Or tooth gel contains 23.75 carats of pure gold in the form of filigree gold dust.

Gold has been used medically since time immemorial, i.e. from antiquity to the present day – it is considered a strong antioxidant, protects cells and their function and thus promotes cell regeneration when susceptible to and . In homeopathy, gold is also used to treat gingivitis and has anti-bacterial properties.

In addition, d’Or contains a physiological protein found in saliva, which stabilizes the saliva film and thus protects the teeth against demineralization, e.g. by acids or bases. You can find more information here!

Here you will find more information about bleaching/professional teeth whitening.

KU64 SMILE & swiss smile -Aesthetics, Bleaching, Cosmetics-

Kurfürstendamm 65 (ground floor)10707 Berlin-Charlottenburg (between Olivaer and Adenauer Platz)Tel: 030 – 88 71 95 81E-mail: info @ ku64.deWeb: www.KU64.de/smile

Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Saturdays by appointment)

Photos: Kris van Dorn, Petros Prontis

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