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ADHD, the attention deficit disorder associated with hyperactivity, is a keyword that is becoming more common. While it was not an issue a few years ago, more and more parents, teachers and doctors are talking about ADD and ADHD in children and adolescents. But also adults le >

ADS is when someone is affected by Attention Deficit Disorder, and ADHD when there is additional hyperactivity. It is a mental disorder that can often be seen in childhood. One speaks of the Zappelphillipp syndrome, because these children, for example, find it difficult to sit still. In addition, those affected often find it difficult to concentrate on one thing, which for example makes learning difficult, but also everyday life. ADHD can also get in the way of social contacts. For example, the children often have a very low tolerance for frustration, for example, they cannot lose when they are not playing with people. They have a high need for movement, although the fine motor skills are often not well developed. A big problem for many people affected is that they cannot filter out the most important ones from the numerous stimuli from the environment. This works automatically for non-sick people. On the other hand, those with ADHD can easily be distracted from the unimportant stimulus from the essential. Therefore can don’t focus on one thing for long.

A cure can remedy these problems. There are numerous treatments here, especially for children and teenagers-deals. To participate in a cure, ADS or ADHD must have been diagnosed by a specialist. In addition, health insurance companies only pay for this measure after applying. Parents are also often included in the child’s cure. Seminars are designed to teach them how to best deal with their child and what measures are good for them. For example, these children need a fixed daily schedule that they can rely on. Less distracting stimuli during homework help with learning, as do fixed rituals. The children themselves should come to rest during therapy. Therefore, most cures have a fixed daily schedule with exact times, on which, for example, breakfast is served. In addition, riding therapies are used in some health resorts. Children should be able to control and concentrate better through contact with the animal. The rooms in the cure should not distract too much from the essentials and should have a calming effect. Soothing colors support the therapy.

Cure at ADHD @ photo / Claudia Dewald

Anyone who has a child who has ADD knows how difficult everyday life can be. Therefore is a Cure just the thing, especially if the parents are involved. Tips from experts can make everyday life easier for yourself and your child.


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