Kvw münster, information for children over the age of 18

While there is a right to child benefit up to the age of 18, you can about that In addition, child benefits are paid when the adult child

in an apprenticeship (also studying) or

Child benefit can continue to be paid for a child over the age of 18 if it is trained for a profession. This includes training for a future profession. It encompasses all training measures through which knowledge, skills and experience are acquired which are suitable as the basis for the pursuit of the desired profession. The child must seriously prepare for the career goal. Training for a profession includes e.g. B. attending general education schools, completing internships, in-company training or studying.

in a transitional period – e.g. between two training phases,

Child benefit can also be paid for a transition period of up to four months. B. between school leaving and the start of vocational training. Transition times are unavoidable mandatory breaks in a child’s career, because individual training sections do not line up seamlessly.

does a statutory voluntary service or

Entitlement to child benefit exists while a eligible volunteer service is being performed. These include e.g. a voluntary social or ecological year within the meaning of the Youth Voluntary Service Act, the federal voluntary service or an international youth voluntary service.

the training cannot continue due to a lack of training place.

Child benefit can also be paid if a child wants to start vocational training but cannot start or continue it due to a lack of training place. Consideration as a child without an apprenticeship position presupposes that, despite serious efforts, the search for an apprenticeship place has so far been unsuccessful.

After completing initial vocational training or a first degree, the children will only be taken into account if they have no gainful employment in addition to the aforementioned requirements.

  • with up to 20 hours of regular weekly working hours,
  • who are part of a training contract or
  • is exercised in the context of a marginal employment relationship within the meaning of Sections 8.8a SGB IV,

is harmless.

Regardless of the conditions outlined above, a child up to the age of 21 can be considered for child benefit payments if it is not in an employment relationship and is registered as a job seeker with an employment agency in Germany.

Regardless of the eligibility requirements already presented is for a child over the age of 18 is paid child benefit if they are unable to support themselves due to a physical, mental or mental disability, i.e. if, with the means at its disposal, it cannot ensure all of its necessary living needs. The disability must have occurred before the age of 25.

Further information can be found in section 4.6 of the child benefit information sheet.

If a child turns 18, the payment of child benefit for this child is automatically discontinued. If you continue to claim child benefit afterwards, you must reapply for child benefit and provide evidence (e.g. school or matriculation certificate or training contract) to prove that the special requirements have been met. The kvw family fund will send you the necessary forms in good time before you turn 18. As a rule, child benefit is paid up to the age of 25 at the most.

Please contact the "frequently asked questions" (FAQ´s) and in the child benefit information sheet.


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