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Celebrate each birthday as if it were the last and remember that love is the only gift that is really worth giving.

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

A new year of life means: new grace, new light, new thoughts, new ways to the goal of the new ways.

If you want to know how old you are, ask not the years you have lived, but the moment you are enjoying.

I don’t want to choose my wishes for long, shit > Eduard Mörike

It is becoming increasingly clear that life is only a time of sowing and the harvest is not here.

Vincent van Gogh

It is good if the passing time does not appear to us as something that consumes or destroys us, but as something that accomplishes us.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If happiness wants to give you something good according to its meaning, say thank you and accept it without much hesitation.

Age: this is still the only means that has been discovered to live long.

Daniel Francois Esprit Auber

Life is like money: you have to be > Emil Goett

Time is like a picture of a mosaic, viewed too closely, it only confuses the view; if you want to understand the whole nature and meaning, you must see it, friend, from the right.

The age you want to have spoils the age you have.

What does not happen today is not done tomorrow, and you should not miss a day, the possible decision should be taken courageously at once. Then he does not want to let it go and continues to work because he has to.

When a dear person celebrates his day of honor, it is only normal for him to be thought of in different ways. In addition to the birthday cake, a nice get-together and a nice celebration, birthday congratulations should not be missing. A gift is only half as personal if a few nice lines are missing.

Birthday greetings have been transmitted since ancient times, but by no means in such a modern variety as today. You don’t even have to include a gift, with the right words it can be expressed that the day of honor was commemorated.

The tradition of birthday wishes

Birthday wishes don’t just belong in the present day, they have a long tradition. Even in ancient times, it was customary for heads of state and well-known personalities to be given gifts and, above all, blessings and congratulations. This tradition continues today, albeit much more modern.

Select birthday wishes individually

Of course there is no suitable birthday wish for everyone, a little bit of individuality should already be there. Different relationships are maintained with different groups of people, which should be taken into account when choosing a birthday wish. Basically, there are suitable wishes for every person.

Congratulations from well-known poets or writers are well suited, there are numerous verses and messages for different occasions. But even pre-defined birthday wishes that do not come from a famous personality spice up a birthday card and the like.

What congratulations for whom?

There are many birthdays a year and almost everyone knows a handful of people who should be given a birthday wish. It is good if the right verse, dialogue or sentence is thought out for each person. With inappropriate wishes you can easily get into discredit, so choosing the right saying is very important.

Birthday wishes for the boss

The manager is a sensitive person when it comes to sending congratulations. The demands on the transmitted lines are high. Under no circumstances should they be too personal, because there is usually a healthy distance between the boss and the employee. Of course there are cases in which the boss and employee maintain friendship and funny, more personal birthday wishes are no problem. In the classic employment relationship, distance is of great importance.

So there are some demands that are made on the right birthday saying for the boss. First of all, of course, the good wishes must be conveyed. In addition, the recipient should be informed that his day of honor has not been forgotten. It is important that the words are not chosen too personally, private life, funny phrases or sayings under the belt should be left out.

Appropriate congratulations for the partner

The life partner is also the recipient of congratulations once a year. Here, of course, there are completely different demands on birthday wishes. The day of honor of the dearest person in life should be celebrated and enjoyed. The partner should be conveyed in words, how important he is for one. It is a form of appreciation when special wishes are communicated on a birthday. Words can be used to express how many feelings the partner has and how grateful you are for your attention.

Numerous poets and thinkers, but also private individuals have created wonderful sayings that are suitable as a birthday wish for the partner. Nicely decorated on a birthday card, written down as a document, there are many ways to send congratulations to your loved one.

Special birthdays require special sayings

Birthdays are always something special, but there are occasions that are even more special. This includes round birthdays as well as the 18th birthday in a person’s life. Of course, a special birthday saying is needed here, because a standard saying cannot express what is desired.

The 18th birthday is something special in the life of a young person. In the future, he will be solely responsible for his life, new ways and possibilities will open up. For this new way, the best wishes are given to the birthday child. On this special occasion it is nice to convey a few wishes tailored to the other. Not just the classic birthday wishes, but an attention that relates exactly to the day of honor.

A round birthday is also something special. The highlight is not the 39th, not the 41st but the 40th. On this day of honor, of course, good wishes are also conveyed. There are extra congratulations for this, which are particularly suitable for a milestone birthday.

Children’s birthdays

When children celebrate their birthday, of course, it is celebrated differently than with adults. For children, birthday sayings can be funny, humorous and loving. Requests that are communicated to the children should be child-friendly and easy to understand. Parents often do not write a card to their child or convey personal words. It is often underestimated how much joy these words trigger in small people.

Of course, the sayings must match childhood. Children won’t have much fun with old-fashioned poems that are more suitable for distant acquaintances.

On a children’s birthday, the sayings can also be wrapped creatively. Balloons filled with a piece of paper are welcome. The child can then burst the balloon and take his wishes from it.

What is the best way to convey birthday sayings?

In the past there was only the classic way of congratulations. The speech is of course in writing, on a document. Whether a classic birthday card or even in earlier times on antique papyrus rolls.

Yet today classic cards are often used when it comes to spreading a few dear wishes. Very much appreciated are self-made cards, those with special jewelry that individually match the recipient. There are many design options here, but retailers also have wonderful birthday cards.

But there are other options for how birthday greetings can be stylishly delivered.

Send birthday wishes via e-card

The e-card is the electronic form of the birthday card, it is sent as an e-mail and displayed to the recipient directly on the computer. After receipt, the recipient has the option to save the e-card he has received or even print it out. Printed, it can then be displayed or stored in a pretty frame.

In most cases it is not necessary to register to send an E-Card. There are many portals where everyone can send electronic greeting cards. All you need to do is enter an email address. Of course, the recipient’s email address must also be known.

A greeting card consists of a front and back. On the front you can see a motif of what the sender can choose from the – usually large – database. The motifs are sorted according to the occasion and you can choose a suitable greeting card very quickly.

Then the back can be personalized just like a postcard. There is the possibility to write your own texts and congratulations, some cards can even be underlaid with music or with a colorful animation on the screen.

At almost every provider of free greeting cards, the sender receives confirmation when the recipient has looked at the greeting card. In this way, the sender can see exactly when his congratulations have arrived.

Send birthday wishes by flowers

A great way to combine personal wishes with a small gift is to send a flower greeting. A bouquet of flowers can be ordered online, which can be upgraded with a personal greeting. The dealer transmits the Embassy then on the card and sent it along with the flowers.

It is often possible to choose an additional, small gift. This can be a soft toy or a box of chocolates. Depending on the provider, an individual selection is offered, but the personal saying or birthday greeting is very important, because this makes the gift something special.

Birthday greetings via social media and chats

Of course, social media should not be forgotten. Almost every second has a profile on Facebook, most people also use chat programs such as Whatsapp and co. Birthday greetings can also be sent here, also in combination with pictures, a personal voice message and much more.

On Facebook, for example, birthday greetings can be posted either as a private message or publicly on the wall. Optionally, only the recipient or his friends can access it.

In chats like Whatsapp, text can of course also be transmitted, so birthday congratulations can be handed over in real time. This is particularly advantageous if the right time for sending a card by post has been missed. Whatsapp also enables pictures and photos to be attached, so that the birthday wish can be personalized as desired.

Important tips for sending birthday wishes

When delivering congratulations, it is important to pay attention to a few details. The first step is to choose the right text. Since not everyone is equipped with the skills of a Goethe, predefined birthday sayings are recommended, which can be selected individually for the recipient.

There are child-friendly sayings, formal and polite birthday greetings, but also loving and personal wishes, all of which can be selected according to the personality of the recipient.

If a suitable saying is found, it still depends on the transmission. Regardless of how the requests are transmitted, it is very important to pay attention to the spelling. Small mistakes happen quickly, so it is advisable to check again before sending the card or the message.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than a birthday card or other wishes when they are riddled with careless mistakes. It is also advisable to find a personal salutation, maybe add a few more personal words and then add the wishes.

With a little skill you can create an individual birthday greeting that will make the recipient happy.

It is not that difficult to wish the birthday child all the best. Whether you send the birthday request via a birthday card, via Facebook, via email or directly in person – the medium is not so important. The content for it all the more. Often you make the birthday child happy by adding a card with individual wishes to the gift. You should pay attention to the relationship with the birthday person. Is it a friend, a member of the family or a work colleague? Happy birthday wishes are written a little more personally for close people than if the relationship is somewhat more distant. On your special day, wish the person all the best for the future and good luck for the coming year. A lot of health can also be desired in older age (stay healthy). At the end of the congratulatory text it can also be mentioned that something is drunk on the well-being of the person and that one wishes all the best from the heart. There is more information about the birthday at Wikipedia.

Frequently asked questions about birthday wishes:

⭐ How do I write birthday wishes?

How you write birthday wishes mainly depends on the recipient. Congratulations for family and friends are usually written more personally than birthday wishes for work colleagues or superiors. The personal relationship to the person who has a birthday is the biggest determining factor for how much emotion and how much honesty are included in the birthday wishes. With close friends or family members you can e.g. respond to the positive qualities of the person for you. Emotions are in demand here and not standard phrases. Congratulations for work colleagues and superiors, on the other hand, are somewhat more formal, due to the tendency towards a more distant relationship. However, if you have a very good relationship with your colleagues and bosses, it is entirely possible to write funny birthday wishes, or even incorporate some black humor.

⭐ How long can you subsequently congratulate on your birthday?

It has become so common that you can still congratulate without problems within a week of your actual birthday. In the vernacular they also say ‘Within an octave’ or in apologetic form ‘Oh, that’s still in the octave ..’

⭐ When do you congratulate people whose birthday is on February 29??

Strictly speaking, anyone born on February 29th has a birthday only about every four years, because this date only exists within a leap year. In Germany there are around 55,000 leap year children or 0.07 percent of the total population. In Germany, according to section 187 (2) sentence 2 BGB, one year of life applies when the day before the anniversary is reached. For leap year children, this means that the official birthday in common years falls on March 1, since it follows February 28 – the day before the birth date. If there is no leap year and therefore cannot be congratulated on February 29th, the birthday wishes should be delivered on March 1st.

Wann How long have people been celebrating their birthday?

Birthday celebrations arose in the Christian world around the 4th and 5th centuries. Private birthday parties remained isolated until the 19th century and were more likely to be encountered in higher social classes.


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