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Maldives with children: Our top 5 children’s resorts

If you want to experience the Maldives with children, there are a few things to consider. Because actually the Maldives not a classic goal, for a Maldives family vacation. And yet you can design a Maldives vacation with children so that it is for everyone involved real pleasure on every island. Because which child doesn’t like to travel to paradise with his parents.

Maldives with children – the most important things at a glance

  • The Maldives are a holiday destination that is also suitable for families
  • There are specially recommended resorts for a family vacation
  • Trained childcare, often even in German, looks after the children
  • The villas for families are often a little distant from pure couple houses

Maldives with children: is it really going well??

Yes it works. Especially if you consider a few important things beforehand and think about how to make your holiday in the Maldives with children as perfect as possible.

The flight: No problem for children, with the right preparation

In any case, it is important that you are sufficiently prepared for a holiday in the Maldives and the island with children. The right travel purchase is of course very important. It starts with the flight, for which you should take care that you are especially for children who may have never flown before, stud should carry, which simplify the pressure equalization in the ear. Also beverages, which you can of course only buy expensive after checking in in the duty free area should be in your hand luggage. Because at take-off and landing, drinks are not served by the on-board personnel, but drinking often helps to equalize the pressure if, regardless of age, you just can’t get it yourself. And of course one should be sufficient employment to care.

An overnight flight is more suitable for children

The flight to the Maldives takes around 10 – 12 hours, depending on the departure airport. This means an endlessly long time for children – some adults find it difficult to bridge such a long period of inactivity. Especially children who cannot read yet have a hard time finding suitable employment. On Overnight flight makes things a lot easier. But if you have to bridge a time of boredom, one or the other is worthwhile coloring book in hand luggage, as well as a MP3 player With Audiobooks and radio plays for children.

If you want to give the child the feeling of reading something to them themselves, which is of course difficult to do in a full airplane due to the interference factor, you can record the child’s favorite story with a simple headset and then copy the file created on the notebook or PC to the Drag the MP3 player. Mom or dad’s voice in the ear can be soothing on such a trip.

If you plan correctly, you have a smooth flight ahead of you

What you should definitely take with you on the trip

If you think ahead in the plan and look for a resort in the Maldives, it is best to choose a resort and offer that is geared towards children. children’s entertainment has not been around in the Maldives for long. In the past, the Maldives were more of a dream destination for couples in the Maldives honeymoon, an excellent destination for dream weddings on the beach or for divers, snorkelers, surfers or sailors.

But the makers behind many resorts have found that families with children are also increasingly willing to take money in hand and spend a vacation a little further away from home. Long-distance trips with children are becoming more and more modern. In a globalized world, it is no longer a problem to bring even the smallest into contact with the big wide world. And this is, to the surprise of most parents, with a few tricks and tricks even for relatively little money. That means: with the right one background knowledge is also a cheap Maldives vacation for families with children!

Interesting: parents spend more on toys than they travel

Plan more luggage for small children

And when you have the Maldives booking in your pocket and planning your vacation, you should definitely pack the right things. If you want to travel to the Maldives with a child when the child is a little smaller and diapers are still required for toilets, you should have enough diapers and suitable ones swimming diapers carry. Here the principle applies: Better a few diapers too much than too little. diaper packages take up quite a bit of space in the suitcase – luckily, diapers don’t really weigh much.

Then it makes sense to pack one or the other pap powder take. Because even in the best resort, the day will come when your child is tired of the hotel meal and would rather eat something well-known. If mom or dad can conjure up a glass or a pack of the favorite porridge, they will quickly become the heroes of the evening.

Sun protection cream with sun protection factor 50

It is very important, especially on a Maldives holiday with a child, to carry enough sun protection cream. Because above all children’s skin responds to UV radiation very sensitive. And in the immediate vicinity of the equator, the exposure to sunlight is significantly higher for the skin than in Germany at home.

Child-friendly resorts

Are you looking for resorts that are child-friendly? Then scroll down to the top 5 or search yourself in our resorts & save up to 50%!

Sun protection factor 50 should be a matter of course, at least for children up to adolescence. Are suitable for very small children UV protective garments particularly good. The upper body and legs are well protected from the sun here, but the clothing is so comfortable that the child can still move around easily on the beach, in the sea or in the pool.

Swimming shoes are needed on the beach

Are also very important swimming Shoes. The Maldives are coral islands – even if the finest coral sand can be found on the beach, you can always find one here or there somewhere sharp piece of coral between. Without swimming shoes you run the risk of injuring yourself. Not the most pleasant feeling, especially for small children, if you cut yourself under the little feet in the salt water.

This has to be clarified before the trip

Above all, if you travel to the Maldives with children, you should definitely inquire about a necessary vaccination Maldives. To do this, go to your family doctor with your vaccination card or to the pediatrician for the children and have them check which ones vaccinations maybe here necessary could be. In principle, it also applies that, especially if you are planning a Maldives holiday with a child, you should take out foreign health insurance and check the relevant offers beforehand.

Tip: Secure repatriation with an accompanying person

What should you pay attention to when booking?

But before you start thinking about what you have to bring with you and what you should definitely think about when you are on a Maldives holiday with children, the booking must first be correct. And of course there are a few things that you shouldn’t forget when booking.

The location of the resort

We have already mentioned that it should be a resort that is geared towards dealing with children. But what also makes sense when choosing the resort is the question of the location. When you arrive in the Maldives, the transfer from the airport to the hotel island follows. Depending on the distance between the airport and the hotel island, either a speedboat or even a seaplane must be selected. Of course, the flight is with one seaplane a real adventure for children of all ages. But also a considerable cost factor. Since a seaplane flight can cost up to € 500 per person, even if the costs for a Maldives package tour are somewhat cheaper, you can save a lot if you choose a resort that you can also use one speedboat can reach.

In addition, there is the fact that the Maldives Islands are all different in nature – also and above all when it comes to the beach. From soft, brilliant white, absolutely fine coral sand to rather coarse coral sand with individual sharp-edged pieces of coral in between, everything is here. A resort with fine coral sand is more the right choice for a vacation with small children. To do this, you should find out beforehand whether the Beach flat into the sea falls or whether it goes straight down to a house reef.

The catering

If you want to go on a Maldives vacation with children, you should also choose the right type of catering. Half or full board is mostly offered in the Maldives. The problem with these types of catering is, above all, the fact that Drinks outside the inclusive services were very expensive are. A glass quickly costs between $ 3.00 and $ 12.00. With a two-week stay, this can quickly lead to a very frightening final bill, which would go beyond the imagination of costs. It is worth taking a few euros more in hand and deciding to book a Maldives all-inclusive vacation.

Top 5 resorts for Maldives vacation with children

In the Maldives there are about hundred hotel islands. Here is a small selection of resorts that are perfectly prepared for a Maldives vacation with children.

Kuramathi Island Resort

Kuramathi is one of the larger hotel islands in the Maldives and therefore not necessarily typically Maldivian. But what is typical of the Maldives is that dreamlike beach and the beautiful house reef, which also offers mom and dad the best opportunities for snorkeling or for guided diving trips. And if you want to have some time for two, you can have the kids in the time from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Kidz Club be looked after accordingly.

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