La digue – all information on the top sights, arrival – accommodation

La Digue: Everything you need to know about the dream island (Sights, directions & Accommodation)

La Digue is the dream island bad way. With its white sand beaches and turquoise bays, fenced by picturesque granite cliffs, it houses the most beautiful beaches in the world. We felt right at La Digue directly! In this article, I’ll show you how to get to the island, where to sleep and what to see.

Arrival – this is how you get to the dream island

From Germany, your journey will take you via the Seychelles International Airport to Mahé. There is no airport on La Digue itself, so you have to find an alternative to travel to this beautiful island.

The cheapest option is the Fast ferry from Mahé or Praslin. The fast catamaran Cat Cocos drives daily direct route or via Praslin from Mahé to La Digue. For the approximately 70-minute drive from Mahe to La Digue costs a ticket from 64 euros. However, the way from Mahé to the two smaller islands is not entirely without. If you get seasick fast, it would be one Domestic flight from Mahé to Praslin an alternative to the fast ferry. In addition, the view from a bird’s eye view down to the small islands is breathtakingly beautiful!

Between Praslin and La Digue commutes several times a day Ferry Cat Rose. The 15-minute drive is also fast, but much more relaxed than the one to Mahé. You get a ticket from 14 Euro per person.

The fastest, but most expensive way to travel from Mahé to La Digue is by helicopter. Zil Air offers direct flights from Mahé Airport to Heli Landing on La Digue. In only 20 minutes you are on La Digue and also had a really unique transfer experience.

We are from Mahé on a five-day Catamaran tour started and settled on the last day on La Digue. If you are planning a multi-day catamaran trip, then you can see if you can use the tour as a transfer between two island visits.

Transportation on site

Arrived on La Digue, you will definitely want to go to your accommodation first. The island is so small that there are no buses and only a few cars. There are only a few island taxis and especially minibuses or vans with benches on the loading area. It is best to check with your hosts prior to arrival whether you will be picked up or they can offer you a transfer if you live a little further away from the harbor.

La Digue is one bike island. It’s great fun to explore the area by bike. If you stay a few days on La Digue, you can also discover everything on foot.

You must have seen these places on La Digue

1. Take a bike ride along the north coast to Anse Severe and Anse Patates

Perfect for a bike ride is exploring the beaches north of La Digue. Here, most of the island is surrounded by a coral reef and therefore very well suited for swimming and snorkeling. If you follow the road north from the harbor, the trail will take you past a posh resort and a colorfully decorated cemetery. After overcoming the hill, you will reach the first beautiful beach Anse Severe. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot sea turtles snorkeling and two giant turtles roaming freely on land. Under the takamaka trees you will find shady places, so it can last longer here.

From now on, you always drive along the water. After you reach the northern tip and have passed the right-hand bend, you can reach the small beach Anse Patates see. This dream bay framed by granite rocks seems to come from a picture book. Next to it you will find the two hotels L’Océan and Patatran Village.

Continue along the unsettled east coast until the road ends at Steinen. From here you can continue over the rocks to Anse Coco. However, the path is rather dangerous and not easy to find. I recommend you go back the route by bike and explore the bays from the other side.

But before you go on the way back, you should still look at the beach at the end of the road. Here at Anse Formis The sea is rougher and less suitable for swimming, but you meet only a few other tourists. We loved it here! Most of the time I spent walking along the beach looking at a variety of shells. Also this palm, which is great as a photo motive, you will find at the end of the Anse Formis:

2. Walk to Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Cocos in southeast La Digue

Fantastically beautiful beaches and bays can be found in the southeast of the island. However, these are partially only to explore on foot. A pass road to the southeast of the inhabited area will take you to the other side of the island. This is the only part of La Digue that is not surrounded by a coral reef. Especially from May to September, the current here is very strong, so you really have to be careful, if you still want to swim in the sea.

Already from far you can hear how the waves in the Grand Anse break. Up to this first bay, the road is feasible by bicycle, but from here you have to continue on foot. In the northeast of the Grand Anse a path leads you over rocks to the next bay.

The Petite Anse is not as small as her name pretends. Now you can either walk along the beach or take the path parallel to the beach inland. Continue through high grasslands, past bushes and coconut trees back up the mountain.

After overcoming the second headland, you will reach my favorite of the three bays: the Anse Coco. If you follow the beach to the north end, you will find large granite rocks in the water that have created a natural pool. Here the sea is a bit more sheltered and in August we were able to refresh ourselves well here. With a little luck, one of the few shady spots will be free. Otherwise it looks rather scarce with shadows at the bays.

The hike to the three bays in the southeast of the islands was an absolute highlight of our La Digue stay. If you have the time for this tour, then we can only recommend the trek! Please make sure that you have enough food and enough water with you. On the way there are no restaurants, maximum one coconut seller.

3. Watch rare birds in the Veuve Reserve

In the middle of the inhabited western part of the island is a very special bird sanctuary, which is dedicated to only one species. Here is the endemic Paradiesschnäpper home, one of the rarest bird species on earth. Since it is threatened with extinction, here a narrow strip of forest was created as a reserve to give the paradise flycatcher a retreat area. The park is freely accessible, at the entrance there is an information building, which unfortunately had already closed. We were the only guests in the afternoon in the small forest and otherwise only a few tourists seem to get lost here. Watch out for it as you walk along the paths. We almost ran into a huge web of palm spiders.

Take some time in the park. I had seen a male paradise flycatcher right off the road, but it took a while in the park to spot the first one. Our patience was rewarded by experiencing a very special moment. We watched as the black males with their conspicuously long cock vied for a female. Again and again they performed their dances to impress the female.

4. Enjoy the sunset at the picture book beach Anse Source d’Argent

The photogenic beaches with sand, coconut palms and the unique granite cliffs attract not only tourists, but also advertising photographers. The Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is a must for all Seychelles visitors. The unique backdrop has already been captured for various advertising campaigns. Presumably you recognize the one or the other image of posters again.

The photo wallpaper beach can only be reached through the park L’Union Estate at the southern end of the coastal road. This was declared a national heritage. Here you can visit preserved colonial buildings, vanilla plantations and an old cemetery, where the first settlers found their last rest. You can also see giant tortoises here, however, we found it very sad to see how closely kept the animals are kept here.

From the beach entrance, a path meanders through the mighty granite cliffs, with individual coconut palms rising up in between. Between the stones one discovers again and again small, inviting sandy bays. Try to plan your visit so that you reach the Anse Source d’Argent in the afternoon before sunset. Then most of the day trippers have disappeared and you have the bays partly completely for you alone. As a culmination highlight your visit will be rewarded with a fantastic sunset.

Park entrance: 100 SCR (There is also an unofficial entrance via Heli Square or the path to the southeast of the park, but pssst, do not get caught!)

Everything in one card

In this map I have drawn all the interesting and important places on La Digue:

Our tip: If you mark the map with the star, you’ll have it with you everywhere in your Google Maps app!

Fantastic stay – that was our accommodation on La Digue

We can only advise you to spend at least two nights on La Digue. So you not only have more time to explore the island in peace, but also experience it in the morning and evening. Then most day trippers are not yet on the island and you can get to know La Digue from its most idyllic side.

We looked for a chic, authentic accommodation, which was further inland and found by far the most beautiful night of our Seychelles trip. Since we were traveling with my family and friends, we booked a house completely for us.

Villa Pasyon is a large wooden house built by the owner himself. The love he put into the masterpiece can be seen on every corner. His wife was also very friendly and helpful. There were bicycles for everyone to borrow and in the evening they prepared a big barbecue for us. But the best thing was the two giant tortoises that walked the whole day comfortably through the garden. If you are traveling with a larger group to La Digue, I can only recommend Villa Pasyon to you!

Of course, there are other terrific accommodations on La Digue, where there are also wonderful rooms for two people. On you’ll find the perfect night for you:

3 nights on La Digue – that’s what your travel plan might look like

Now you know what there is to discover on La Digue. We stayed three nights on La Digue and can absolutely recommend this length of stay. If you have the time, then hang still a day ran. You will not regret it!

For three nights on La Digue, your excursion planning might look like this:

  • Day 1: Arrival and stroll through the main town La Passe
  • Day 2: Walk in the southeast to three beaches Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Cocos
  • Day 3: Bike ride along the north coast, visit the Veuve Reserve and end the day at Anse Source d’Argent
  • Day 4: departure
Do you still have questions about La Digue? Have you been to this paradise island? What did you like most? We look forward to your comment!

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That sounds fantastic! We are currently considering whether to head for the Sychelles next year.
LG, Sabine

Hey Sabine,
ohh does that !! The Seychelles are really beautiful, like a little paradise! We can absolutely recommend a trip to the islands :)
Sunny greetings, Bina

We went island hopping a couple of years ago. Mahe, Praslin, La Digue. On every island we were 7 days, just fantastic. In La Digue we were picked up with the oxcart and taken to the hotel. Villa Mon Reve was the name of the small guesthouse, we will never forget it.
We have been traveling by ferry, by light aircraft and also by helicopter.
Such a dream trip you can recommend everyone.
Best regards, Hotte from Erfurt

Hehe, you know almost all transportation possibilities! : D I’ve often read that with the ox cart. However, during our La Digue stay, we did not see a single one and guessed that this may not exist anymore …

Three weeks for the main islands are really perfect! We were so long in the Seychelles and found it neither too long nor too short. :)

Thank you for your comment!
Best regards to Erfurt, Bina

At some point it will work for me once in the Seychelles. You’ve been making me mouth watering for a long time ;-)

Hello Andrea,
I think a Seychelles holiday is also something special. Since you can also like to work on it longer;)
Greetings, Francis

Hello you two
Thank you for the many tips. With me it is so far in November and I’m looking forward to mega.
How long is the walk from Grand Anse to Anse Cocos on La Digue??
Many greetings

Hello Doris,
Well, we wish you a wonderful time in the Seychelles! We were very relaxed on the way and have actually left us the whole day for the trip. But you can certainly do it in half a day.
best regards,

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