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La Sportiva children’s shoes Flash in the test have been through some violent months. Our tester put on these outdoor shoes for children at every opportunity. This La Sportiva model convinced in several points, but also showed a weakness. This La Sportiva children’s shoe Flash was used as versatile as a pocket knife.

Flash, a-ah, savior of the universe
Flash, a-ah, he’ll save everyone of us

In 1980 the British rock band Queen sang for the soundtrack for the newly filmed “Flash Gordon”. This intergalactic superhero was probably the inspiration for the name of the La Sportiva children’s shoe. This versatile model is made for little heroes. At the beginning we were a bit baffled as to what the flash can be used for. As a boarding shoe? For running? For leisure time? Or as a companion for outdoor adventures? In our tester, the flash has proven itself in everyday life as well as on a hike to the mountain pasture. What immediately convinced our tester is the walking comfort. This is what La Sportiva is known for with its mountain shoes and consistently implemented this with the Flash. This is where the Italian mountain specialists rely on Zero-Press Construction ™. It can be used to prevent pressing points where the children’s feet grow. The shaft is extra soft in these problematic zones. This is where La Sportiva uses Thermo Tech Application ™ technology. What about the children’s shoe too strikes: It has minimal seams. What convinced our tester in everyday life and also her parents, how quickly the La Sportiva Flash can be put on. Instead of fiddling with shoe straps for a long time, the children’s outdoor shoe is equipped with the Boa Disk. By turning, the shoe can be perfectly and individually adjusted to the children’s feet. As with a racing shoe for ski mountaineering or mountain running, the Italian mountain cobbler has also consistently reduced the weight of this model. As a result, the children’s shoe is also suitable for running. Our tester even attracted him to school sports and caused a big hello. The Flash was also convincing with the Sensor-Max Concept ™: This means that the children always have optimal grip on the ground. Even on slippery surfaces, the outsole with the FriXion AT compound grips for the necessary grip. With the soles, La Sportiva sets color contrasts and therefore the Flash is an eye-catcher. The Ortholite insole provides the necessary stability.

La Sportiva children’s shoes Flash in the test: an all-rounder that was convincing. To on one Point…..
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La Sportiva children’s shoes Flash in the test: Blitz und Donner

The La Sportiva convinced our tester in many situations. Until the big rain came. The shaft of this flat shoe is made of a light and comfortable fabric. It is even scratch-resistant. Unfortunately it soon gets wet in children’s shoes. No child likes to travel with wet feet. A membrane would have significantly upgraded this otherwise high-quality shoe. In the light of light rain, our tester’s experience, the upper material from the shaft kept tight for a certain time. If it rained heavily, water entered the shoe. The otherwise breathable children’s shoe was not very convincing on this point. Actually La Sportiva has put together a successful overall package: a light all-rounder that weighs little, is stable and has a non-slip sole. In addition, regardless of the color, the flash is a real eye-catcher. La Sportiva offers this versatile children’s shoe in six different color combinations. When walking or running, the flash shows its whole class: it rolls off harmoniously and supports the children in their movements. A good shoe for the little outdoor heroes.

Flash, a-ah, savior of the universe
Flash, a-ah, he’ll save everyone of us

Our rating: Five out of six possible compasses

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