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Fun for kids: the most beautiful children’s attractions

A sea vacation with children is pure bliss: Once on the beach, the little ones can keep themselves busy from morning to night, find friends and playmates. If you don’t want to spend a day on the beach in between, you have to offer the right program when it comes to delighting the youngsters. Luckily, from A for adventure park to Z for zoo, Lake Constance offers plenty of excursion destinations for families with children. We present the most beautiful ones here.

Lake Constance is the ideal destination for a family vacation. Numerous family-friendly attractions and excursion destinations guarantee a successful start to your vacation. Supervised bathing beaches allow parents to enjoy the beach and sun without worry, while their children splash around in the water. But not only on the water there are great offers for children! Many excursion destinations make children’s eyes shine and are the ideal leisure activity for the whole family.

There is something for everyone at Lake Constance

Of course, not every child wants to ride ponies or be impressed by the fascinating underwater world in the SEA LIFE Aquarium Constance. Our top 10 excursion destinations for children are therefore sorted by age: From very small to almost adult, we have selected the most beautiful children’s attractions around Lake Constance. Have fun!

Gut Hügle adventure farm (children between 4 and 15 years)

The "adventure barn" on the Gut Hügle adventure farm near Ravensburg is aimed primarily at very young guests. Great slides and the two mascots Max Mais and Kim Kirsche make for an entertaining day. A petting zoo and a corn maze complete the offer. Parents can join in or have fun with the older children playing disc golf, a combination of frisbee and golf.

Apartments can also be booked directly on the farm, the price for the children’s offers including disc golf is around 8.50 euros.

Book your stay on the Gut Hügle adventure farm

Adventure land Walter Zoo (children between 4 and 12 years)

Experience adventure and discover nature! Small researchers can do that near Lake Constance in Gossau (SG) in Switzerland. Animals from all over the world are at home here in the Adventure Land Walter Zoo – from chimpanzees to tigers and lions. A visit to the zoo theater is included in the admission price. With an exciting history and artistic interludes, the show brings a nature and species protection topic closer to children

The entrance fee is CHF 10.- for children and CHF 20.- for adults

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Sigmaringen Castle (children)

Sigmaringen Castle is located about 50 kilometers from Bodman-Ludwigshafen and is the seat of the Hohenzollern and offers a one-hour guided tour for children every day. Thanks to the castle feeling and princess clothes and armory for the boys, the castle is a popular travel destination for families with children. Idyllically situated on a hill above the city, with a magical castle courtyard and its own museum, the building has long been interesting not only for children.

The price for a tour is around 5 euros for children and 9 euros for adults. It is best to inquire about the times beforehand.

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Ravensburger Spieleland (children and teenagers between 4 and 16 years)

Discover over 70 attractions in eight themed worlds! In the amusement park on Lake Constance, the whole family experiences unforgettable shared moments: rush into the depths on alpine rafting, whiz up in the family free fall tower with the mouse and explore the largest "crazy labyrinth"! The eight themed worlds are exciting and varied: Participate, experience new things and learn through play. Experience pure thrills in the Reka Alpine Gorge, make Rotter Sport’s favorite chocolate yourself and get your own driver’s license at the MobileKids Children’s School. The playground is over 30 hectares – you will forget the time and find out: One day is not enough to experience the many unforgettable adventures!

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Aquastaad Immenstaad (children & Young people between 4 and 16 years)

The Aquastaad in Immenstaad is a beautiful indoor and beach pool. For children there is a playground and volleyball fields, for the very young there is a toddler area with a "real" pirate ship in the indoor pool. The restaurant with a large lake terrace offers a beautiful view and refreshment after the swim. The not too big indoor pool is well suited for a half-day trip. The prices are around 2 euros for children and 4 euros for adults!

More information: To the Aquastaad

Adventure park Immenstaad & Kressborn (children & Young people between 5 and 17 years)

The adventure parks in Immenstaad and Kressborn are an ideal destination for the whole family. High above the trees it goes from platform to platform over beams, suspension bridges and zip lines – of course permanently secured with hooks. There is a special children’s course for children from 5 to 7, families receive a special price. The climbing time is max. 3 hours, it is best to visit the park in the morning during the week, on the weekends it quickly gets crowded in the tree tops! The price for a family of four with two children is around 60 euros.

More information: To Adventure

Bodman Castle Ruins (Children & Young people between 8 and 14 years)

The Bodman castle ruins (Altbodman ruins) are the ideal adventure playground for children and young people, whose parents are not deterred by seeing the youngsters gymnastics on old walls. In the meantime closed to the public due to the risk of collapse, the castle ruin was renovated for a total of 1.5 million euros and is now open again. Beautiful landscape and an interesting history make the castle ruin an attractive destination not only for children.

More information: To the Bodman castle ruins

SEA LIFE Constance (children & Young people between 10 and 18 years)

You can experience the underwater world up close in the SEA LIFE Constance. More than 3,000 animals, including gentoo penguins, sea turtles and real sharks, ensure that children and adolescents in SEALIFE Konstanz do not get bored! The first turtle rescue station in Germany is particularly attractive. Here you can help the stranded turtles to recover and watch the recovery of your turtle. At interactive stations, you can even give the animals a name, weigh them, X-rays and learn more about their food. As soon as your turtle is better you can release it back into the sea.

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Zeppelin sightseeing flight (youngsters)

A Zeppelin sightseeing flight opens up completely new perspectives and is aimed primarily at young people and adults. A maximum of 12 people enjoy a unique view of the lake and the impressive Alpine panorama from an unusual perspective. The very gentle journey takes about 30 minutes and is easily the most expensive offer in our Top 10 Lake Constance activities for families with children at EUR 190 per person. An alternative is the much cheaper Altenrhein Aviation Museum, which offers guided tours for groups of up to 10 people (approx. 10 – 15 SFR per person). To make an appointment, you should definitely call beforehand.

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You can find many more great travel ideas, accommodations and tips for young and old in our Family vacation guide on the water.

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