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in Wädenswil near Zurich are planning success
Your treatment carefully.


continuing research activities of the doctors.

Your advantage: we offer you the entire spectrum of orthodontics

You will benefit from the knowledge and the entire spectrum of orthodontics during your treatment.
On the occasion of the first consultation, your orthodontist will discuss the current starting position of your current tooth position and jaw position, your ideas and advise you in detail about the possible orthodontic treatment techniques and the expected duration of your treatment.
Invisible braces such as Invisalign or lingual techniques such as incognito braces are particularly conceivable for adults.

SCANNER: The simple and quick way to measure your tooth position


Scanning allows doctors to work with the greatest comfort for patients.

As one of the first orthodontic practices in Switzerland, LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO has the most modern and powerful intraoral scanner, the 3SHAPE TRIOS®.

Instead of conventional methods, pain-free and precise technologies are used that dramatically increase the comfort of our patients. Wherever possible, intraoral scanning replaces traditional dental impressions. Patients in particular, where conventional impressions lead to gag reflex, can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

The digital tooth impressions with TRIOS® make it possible to eliminate the gag reflex and allow the doctors to work very carefully. The entire orthodontic treatment is carried out completely digitally from the practice to the dental laboratory.

Orthodontics and braces for children (7 to 10 years old)

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Correction of the cross bite after the successful orthodontic treatment by LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO

With certain tooth and jaw misalignments (e.g. cross bites or larger space problems), you should not wait until all permanent teeth have broken through.
The school dentist usually advises you when an early orthodontic consultation is necessary. The treating orthodontists and the LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO team are mostly parents themselves and take care of the little patients.

Orthodontics and braces for adolescents (11 to 18 years old)

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Correction of the deep bite after the successful orthodontic treatment by LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO in Wädenswil near Zurich.

Most orthodontic problems are treated in adolescence to regulate the permanent teeth while still taking advantage of the jaw growth of the upper jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible).

Most teenagers and young adults have inhibitions about wearing braces, let alone laughing with braces. For this reason, we at LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO work with the latest generations of braces (only self-ligating brackets).

Instead of the conventional, solid products, also colloquially called "garden fences", our braces are much smaller and less visible when needed using tooth-colored ceramic brackets.

Orthodontics and braces for adults

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Incognito braces are ideal for adults because they are placed behind the teeth and are therefore worn very discreetly.

Let us advise you when you finally have the desire to bewitched with a brilliant smile. A tooth correction can also be carried out in adulthood and often almost invisibly (invisalign or lingual technique, incognito).

A natural and relaxed smile after successful orthodontic treatment works wonders in dealing with others and can have a positive impact on your working life.

Your orthodontist will discuss in detail your current tooth position, your ideas, the time frame of the treatment, the costs and possible solutions that best suit you.

The word "braces" triggers memories of metal braces from other children at your school?
For this reason, we at LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO work with the latest technologies such as practically invisible braces such as Invisalign, Incognito or ceramic brackets that hide orthodontic interventions for the environment.
We look forward to advising you if you too want to change the world smile after smile

the first steps of your orthodontic treatment:

  1. The first session is for general information. After an examination, we explain the existing tooth and jaw position problems and the need for possible therapies, including approximate costs and schedule.
  2. Before starting treatment, digital documents of tooth position and facial structure are created in a second session, which we measure and analyze for individual treatment planning.
  3. In the third session, we take the time to discuss the planned treatment and possible alternatives with you. If you agree with the proposed orthodontic treatment, it starts!

LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO in Wädenswil is the leading orthodontic practice in the canton of Zurich and the surrounding area of ​​Richterswil, Au, Horgen, Oberrieden, Thalwil, Kilchberg, Rüschlikon, Schönenberg and Adliswil. State-of-the-art technologies in the treatment of tooth position corrections using braces such as Invisalign, Incognito (lingual technique) or other aesthetic devices are developed by the experienced orthodontist Doctores Dr. med. dent. Alexander Dudic and Odyssia Dudic Houstis, as well as their multilingual team of orthodontists and dental assistants. LAKESIDE KIEFERORTHO also treats patients from Baar, Cham and Zug, Rapperswil-Jona or Wollerau, Bäch, Freienbach, Pfäffikon, Schindellegi, Feusisberg and Altendorf in the canton of Schwyz.

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