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Play, learn, laugh outside: Children’s birthday in direct contact with nature

"Animal helps people" – according to our motto, our animals help you to make your children’s birthday party something very special. In LandPark, the children experience their birthday with all their senses. The direct contact with our tame animals creates unforgettable moments. So will everyone Birthday for a special experience. The program is rounded off by the opportunities to explore the LandPark on the back of the donkey, to enjoy sweet and savory delights in the LandHof, to romp on the playgrounds and in the park.

We offer supervised children’s birthday programs from Monday to Saturday, on Sundays – with due regard to the employees’ free time – only after individual consultation.

If you have any requests that are not yet in our offer, please contact us. We develop a special program for you for your unique, individual children’s birthday party.

And when it rains? Then we experience the park in the rain. There is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing!

Reduced admission prices for children’s birthday groups from 5 children:

Adults (14 years and older): € 7.50

Children (from 2 years old): € 6.00 (the birthday child gets free entry)

Animal feed: € 1.50

We also charge supervised programs.

Park Rally

We have developed various multi-page rally sheets for you. There is something for every age: With numerous questions and activities related to the flora and fauna of the LandPark, the children discover the zoo and landpark. Registration is required.

duration: approx. 90 min.

Price: 2.50 € per Ralley sheet on site (We will be happy to send you a free copy by email)

Just contact us via this form, to plan the children’s birthday.

The group rents a donkey that is led through the park. The children take turns riding. Of course, you will stop at the various exercise and play landscapes: rest and romp alternate. The donkeys are managed by an adult. This tour conveys an experience and experience in dealing with the Animal, for riders and donkey guides alike.

duration: 90 minutes

Price: € 6.00 per donkey

Age: up to 12 years

Just contact us via this form, to plan the children’s birthday.

Our nature experience educators or animal keepers will guide you and your children through the park. The children are allowed into the enclosure and help feed and care for the animals. They experience the animals up close and learn a lot of interesting facts about individual animals and the animal species. A parking experience for the whole family.
The group size for this tour is open so that the children can actively participate up to 15 children limited. We are happy to offer one for larger groups guided tour to donkey, bee, deer & Co on.

duration: approx. 2 hours.

Price: 60.00 € flat rate plus admission

Just contact us via this Form to plan the children’s birthday.

The children experience this tour "be outside" with all your senses. They learn the material in a group "Wood" when carving, tinkering and building. Together they build a camp, learn how to make a campfire and what else there is to discover in the forest in the flora and fauna.

Age: from 8 years

duration: approx. 3 hours.

Price: € 75.00 flat rate plus admission

Just contact us via this Form to plan the children’s birthday.

Your child wants their birthday themed "Winnetou, Robin Wood or Ritter & Burgfräulein" celebrate and romp in disguise through the LandPark?
With pleasure! You can borrow the appropriate costumes from us with the motto:

Winnetou for children up to 12 years 5, – € rental fee / per costume
Robin Wood for children up to 8 years 5, – € rental fee / per costume
Knight & Burgfräulein for children from 4 years 5, – € rental fee / per costume

Further care by us is not planned, but the parents can get involved and e.g. B. looking for a storage space and telling stories on the theme.

Just contact us via this Form to plan the children’s birthday.

Why not try something healthy?

The LandHof offers a special program for groups of children:

Under the guidance of the LandHof kitchen "Cooking healthy yourself"!

We only offer this program on weekdays from Monday to Friday.
Prices on request, offers individually from 10 children.

We also offer the following small and large dishes on request:

Fruit buffet with seasonal fruit € 4.50 p. P.
Vegetable all sorts, raw food with dip € 4.50 p. P.
on request with bread, rolls, pretzel, butter plus 2.50 p. P.
Pretzels fresh from the oven 2.00 € p. P.
1 scoop of ice cream in the waffle € 1.20 p. P.
Giant LandHof donkey or tree biscuit € 2.50 p. P.
Crumble cake from the tray € 2.30 p. P.
Sheet cake with seasonal fruits € 2.90 p. P.
Whole grain pasta with minced meat sauce € 6.50 p. P.
Pasta with tomato sauce, 1/2 portion € 3.90 p. P.
Potatoes with herb curd € 5.50 p. P.
Chicken fricassee with rice, 1/2 portion 5.00 € p. P.
Chicken crispy schnitzel, rice & vegetables € 9.90 p. P.
French fries, ketchup & Majo € 2.30 p. P.
2 potato pancakes with apple sauce € 5.90 p. P.

Barbecue from 10 people – € 7.50 p. P.
(1 sausage, 1 meatball, potato salad, ketchup, mustard, sauces. Please do the grilling with the accompanying adults. The grill is provided by the LandHof.)

Really hot – grilling food you’ve brought with you
on our grill, grill rental flat rate: € 50.00
at the open stick bread fire / fire basket rental: € 50.00

If you have any questions or requests, please call us: 04267-954760.
Your country house-team


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