Language courses for families

Language trips for the whole family – "intelligent" holidays, so to speak – are trendy. An active vacation with language lessons is a great opportunity for parents and children to experience an international environment and to make contacts. On the other hand, family ties are strengthened and family privacy is preserved. This page provides an overview of the trend topic and is intended to arouse curiosity about a relatively young form of family vacation.

For which families is family language vacation suitable??

Family language courses are ideal holidays for families who want to combine education with fun and relaxation. The family members have the common goal of learning a foreign language or expanding their knowledge. In addition, the individual members would also like to spend their holidays as a family, including personal freedom. This includes an attractive and good quality range of leisure activities from the areas "Culture", "Sports" and "fun" as well as interesting excursions in the area. Language courses for families are already available for families with children from 3 (and up to 17) years.

languages & Destinations of family language vacation

Language courses as part of family language courses mainly cover the languages ​​English, French, Italian and Spanish. Destinations in Europe include: Malta, England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and France. There are also offers – for example for English language courses – for Australia and the USA.

Family language stays: Experience community

A Family Course often promotes the exchange between parents and children – a (new) sense of community grows. Also an opportunity to relax difficult family relationships. In addition, there are usually nice contacts between individual families at the language holiday destination. It is exciting for everyone to meet course participants from all over the world. One arises quickly "Come-Together-Feeling": The language barrier is overcome and new, international acquaintances and friendships develop.

Language courses for the whole family: how we learn?

Each family member is taught in the respective foreign language in the mornings. parents and children generally receive instruction separately. The current level of knowledge of all participants is usually determined on the first day by means of a placement test. Depending on the result, all language students are divided into appropriate classes. The single ones Language courses are designed according to age groups. They enable individualized teaching that adapts to the goals as well as the learning rhythm of each individual. Priorities in classes are usually communication in the foreign language and the acquisition of practical language skills.

Language courses for the children

The language courses for children and teenagers have one general language focus and are divided into age groups. While the parents are learning together with other adults, the offspring receive targeted, age-appropriate language lessons – the youngest in a playful way. In this way, they can make considerable progress, which is often reflected in the grades in older children. A pleasant side effect of the relaxed environment during the language vacation – without any pressure to perform: Young language students enjoy learning, more knowledge remains "hang". The respective foreign language quickly gets a positive image among the kids. The number of lessons in children’s courses is lower than in adults, and the proportion of (supervised) leisure activities is correspondingly higher.

Language courses for adults

Parents have the opportunity to refresh their language skills or learn a new language during the language vacation. You can choose from a large selection of different language courses. Depending on the specific language school in the target country, for example Standard courses, intensive courses or business courses to select. Lessons are taught in mini groups or in individual lessons. As part of the chosen language trip, language courses should be offered that are optimally tailored to existing language skills and goals.

Language holidays for families: leisure activities for everyone

A good mediator of family language courses or parent-child language trips chooses travel destinations that offer a wide range of leisure options for children, parents and, if possible, for the whole family to offer.

During family language holidays, all family members usually have the afternoons and weekends at their leisure. Time to explore the area, go on excursions, pursue sporting, playful or cultural activities or simply relax. If the parents would like to spend their free time alone, for example to go on a longer excursion or just to relax, the children will be looked after in a qualified manner. These include games and entertainment, as well as age-appropriate excursions.

Family accommodation during the language course

Depending on the language school and the country of destination, the accommodations for family language courses vary. Ideally, however, the needs and composition of the family (how many adults, children, adolescents?) Are always taken into account. However, two options are most popular during family language vacation: Homestay or private apartment (self-catering) for more privacy. The greatest independence is offered by a hotel or bed & Breakfast, often used accommodation options for families.

Plus on a language vacation with family: individual service

Ideally, the language school on site will adapt both the teaching structure and the services offered to the individual wishes and needs of the individual family. For example, it should also be possible for additional family members or grandparents to join the family on language vacations or to travel instead of the parents.


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