Large hole in the front tooth – what does the dentist do? (Teeth, incisor)

Large hole in the front tooth - what does the dentist do? (Teeth, incisor)

Large hole in the front tooth – what the dentist does?

Hey, I have a problem. Have had a hole in one of the two front teeth in the upper jaw for a long time. The hole is pretty big, maybe 1 centimeter in diameter. I don’t know if you can call it a ‘hole’ but in any case the tooth in front is damaged, with a deeper level inside. I finally took my courage together and got an appointment with the dentist before it got worse. Still have animal fear and would like to know if you have any experience with this. What does the dentist do in such a situation? Is that still possible with a filling? If so, does it hurt? I also read that the tooth may have to be extracted, that would be my biggest nightmare. Thanks in advance for the answers.

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I do not think that the tooth will be pulled due to the damage, unless it has died and has an inflammation at the root tip that can no longer be remedied with a root tip resection, then the tooth should be pulled and you get a bridge or get an implant do.

Another option would be, depending on the size of the damage, a plastic filling or a crown.

A tooth that is so badly damaged should already be in pain. That he is not doing this is not a good sign. It suggests that the nerve has already been damaged. In this case, the tooth could at best be treated with roots and possibly crowned. However, if the tooth substance no longer gives this away, it would have to be pulled. Depending on the bone substance and financial possibilities, an implant or a bridge could then be placed. The second option is cheaper, but the respective neighboring teeth would have to be sharply ground in order to fill the gap.

1 centimeter? For sure? I think you measured yourself there. Before the whole tooth is pulled, the dentist looks at it first. Maybe the tooth will still be X-rayed to see what the root looks like. Maybe the tooth will be ground off from the outside and you will get a crown.

Yes, just remember, 1 centimeter was exaggerated. Is about 5 millimeters. Sorry. : D

A centimeter in diameter seems very large to me. The dentist will always try to save the tooth.

drill out a little more and insert a blombe (filling). that’s how it was with me

Was the hole a little bigger or smaller for you??

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She just said I shouldn’t chew on it and stuff.

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I am 23 years old, live in Switzerland and receive financial support from the social welfare office. I currently live in a shared apartment with a daily structure and have been doing work training in a workshop for 2 years. I am also in a pension exam for disability insurance because I have a psychosis and I am learning disabled.

I have been under treatment at a dentist for 8-10 months. With this I had 3 fillings and 4 dental cleanings made with an estimate, which resulted in a total invoice of 2500 Swiss Francs. This bill was supposed to be paid by the social welfare office, but because I had not yet fulfilled the requirement of 18 months of treatment at the dentist, the payment was refused. An application was also made to the health insurance company for the treatment of two wisdom teeth that had to be extracted, but was rejected. Since the bill of CHF 2,500 is now open, the dentist says that he can no longer treat me (except dental hygiene & Possibly inferior fillings) and have to wait until the treatment period of 18 months has ended, in order to then be able to submit a payment application to the social welfare office again, or stop at another dentist.

Now to the real problem. During the last visit to the dentist, a new hole was discovered, which according to the dentist was not that bad and you could still wait. Now 2 months have passed and the hole has become significantly larger despite regular dental care. The hole is on the front side of the last molar tooth (before the wisdom tooth) and is about 2-3 millimeters in size, which is about twice as large as before. But could it also be that this is the tooth that was filled 5 months ago and the filling broke? – can’t remember exactly. In any case, I’m starting to get worried because the next appointment is only in October and I can’t really assess how bad and urgent it is. I don’t have any pain now, but when I press my fingernail into the hole, I feel a slight stabbing pain in the tooth.

Since I am not sure whether my current dentist would treat the hole at all because of the open amount – and if, only with inferior fillings – and also do not know if he has time, I ask myself whether I should simply go to another one Should go to the dentist and get me treated there; with a single filling I could perhaps pay the bill myself. I could still go to the current dentist anyway, right? Or would the treatment time have expired?

What do you think? Call another dentist or prefer?

HELP: My tooth has to be pulled because of a hole?

Hello, I have a hole in the front tooth and it’s a bit big and "black" Outside, I made a dentist appointment but I am afraid that the tooth will be pulled and I have to run with an empty mouth in the front, I know that you can make implants or whatever that means but that will probably also cost a lot of money (I’m 15 Years old): / The tooth didn’t hurt me until now .. I know that I have to take better care of my teeth but now I can’t undo it .. Weis vlt. someone what the dentist will do or whether the tooth will be pulled? I thank everyone in advance. lg.

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